Flag by Paul Jamieson from Mystic Stitch. It was stitched on 25ct over one with one strand of DMC floss. It measures 11.25" by 9 inches. LOVE IT!!


Cabin The Woods - COMPLETED 11.11.13

ITS DONE!!  I cant believe it!!  I have truely enjoyed stitching and looking forward to starting another BAP!!  WOOT WOOT

Cabin in the Woods - Heaven And Earth Designs - Began on 07/17/2008 Completed 11/11/13 (dont worry there were months of not working on design, especially in the summers). Measures 14" X 19 1/2" Stitched on 25ct, over one, with one strand of thread. Thank you to Vickie for always asking about Cabin and giving me the inspiration to keep at it. THANK YOU VICKIE!!


Cabin In The Woods - WIP 06.29.13

I had to take the Cabin off the QSnap to show Vickie, who was vacationing in Wisconsin a week ago.  We met up for a few hours, and did some shopping.  I had to pick up some much needed DMC floss to finish up on Cabin.

So, here is the updated view of cabin... and I have to say I havent stitched on it in almost 2 weeks!  Love the progress, as I finished up another page since the last post.


Cabin in The Woods - WIP 06.07.13

With the weather warming up, and the need to be outside has struck.  My stitching has been suffering.  But that is good... I think.. LOL

I just finished page 1 on Cabin, and as you can see have alot already stitched on page 2.  I have 26 out of the 30 pages completed.  Where the stitching ends on the right is the end of page 2.  LOTS of confetti stitching going on... and I even found myself frogging as I had not marked off a stitched square on my pattern and it through me off.  But its all good now. :)


Cabin In The Woods - WIP 04.27.13

Its been a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnng winter, and I think it showed in my stitching (which Im pretty dang exicted!).  I finished up another row on Cabin, and Ive moved up to start working on the final row, only FIVE pages to go!!  33,250 stitches to go!!  Ive already completed 135,800 stitches into Cabin!  I have 76% of the design stitched, with 24% to go!

Here is what it looked like the other day when I had to take it off the QSnaps to adjust to the stitching area.  I did finish off the corner with stitching.

And here is what it looks like right now, with the rest of the stitches put in, and Im onto a new page.


Getting Old! Lizzie*Kate Finish

Last year, I signed up to be apart of Sarah's Traveling Pattern.  We receive the pattern, stitch it, and send it on to the next person.

I received the pattern from Mouse (UK)  and I get to send it to Judith in Germany.  Here is the list of stitchers that have/will be participating in the Traveling Pattern

I stitched with DMC on 32ct scrap of linen I had here.  Not sure how Im going to finish.


Cabin In The Woods - WIP 02.07.13

Here is the next installment picture of Cabin... stitching right along!!  I hope this ambition keeps kicking my butt to stitch on it!! LOL


Cabin In The Woods - WIP 01.01.13

I have to say first off, its amazing how much stitching I have accomplished in the past 12 days (and I didnt stitch every day)!!  Having to stitch the star slowed me down with all the colors changes, but having lots of solid colors in the blues is making the stitching enjoyable!

Here is my updated progress of Cabin  -- appx 3300 stitches since 12 days ago!!


Cabin in the Woods - WIP

When I was looking for a comparison as to how much I have stitched on Cabin the past two years -- I found it.  Alittle more than 2 yrs (and 5 days ago) I posted an update here http://www.upnorthxstitching.blogspot.com/2010/12/cabin-in-woods-wip.html

And I had to take it off the QSnaps to move as I REACHED the end of the row!!!  WOOT WOOT!!

So, here is what 20 of 30 pages look like!  (Please excuse the wrinkles and the fact it looks not straight -- it is *both actually, LOL*)

Had to look up when I started this design -- 07/17/08 -- probably will take another 4 yrs to finish.. LOL


12/12/12 Aaron Rodgers Day

If you live in Wisconsin, and are a Packer fan... here you go!

L*K RR #4

Here is my final contribution to the Lizzie*Kate Round Robin

My assigned stitching was from the white arrows and below.   I got to stitch legs and feet/shoes.  Loved the results and the fact it stitched up fast!

Here is Berly's RR with my stitched part. :)


L*K RR #3

My contribution to the Lizzie*Kate Round Robin Im apart of.

I stitched this as part of Vicki's RR request.  I picked this design - A Good Night - Santa '04.

I have to say -- Im not a fan of Wisper W88!! UGH!
Not to work on my reward..... CABIN!!


Bradley's Baby Sampler

Here is the birth sampler I made for my new nephew, Bradley Dean.

My sister picked out the sampler and gave it to me to stitch.  I think it turned out cute!

Baby Blocks Birth Record - Dimensions


L*K RR # 2

My contribution to the Lizzie*Kate Round Robin Im apart.

Spring Alphabet.  I stitched the lower row.  Vickie stitched the upper row.


Snapshots - Quilt finish

Its called "Snapshots" from Atkinson Designs book Happy Hour. I used 12 fat quarter (one of the FQ was less then 18" & then I needed to substitute another color) to make this lap size quilt. I did a 6 X 6 row lay out. The blocks are 9" square. TURNED OUT AWESOME!!

As for the backing and bind, its just a basic black with some flecking.  As for the quilting I just did a 1/4" stitch from the ditch on both sides of the seams.

These colors are so me, and its so contemporary looking!


L*K RR # 1

WOW, I have to say this is the first time I have done a post with this new format, hope it plays nice!!

Hi, remember me?!  Im sure most of you dont..LOL  Well, as you can see, I have gone alittle quiet on this blogging.  Its not that I dont have anything to share, its just that it seems my time is spent more on/at Facebook.

I recently did join a Lizzie*Kate Round Robin, and just sent my first installment off to the next person.  The RR I just finished, belongs to Vickie.

Here is my contribution to the RR --
Im also working on a baby sampler for my new (as of 07-02-12) nephew.  My sister picked out the kit, so Im stitching it up for her.
Ive also been plugging along on Cabin In the Woods... LOVE it!


Yes, our Pugs are ...


Runs like a Deere...

Lately I have been seeing John Deere green & yellow.  About a month ago I finished up a John Deere quilt for my soon to arrive nephew (any day now). (Remember this post showing the birth of a quilt - here.)  I used the Baby Lattice quilt pattern on Moda Bake Shop.  Of course I dug into my stash of John Deere fabric and did alot of fussy cutting.  Here is the result

I gave the quilt at the baby shower for my sister.

So, while visiting with my Mom before the baby shower, my Mom came across the John Deere soft books.  Into the cart they went.  The plan was to get them done before the shower... ya right!  Well Im leaving in a few days to visit with my family, so I was able to get them finished.  I have to say -- I HATE printed fabrics like this.  The printing is so off, and to cut a straight line, you have to fussy cut the fabric, which of course makes it off, totally off.  The first book I made (Farm Sounds), was really bad with the crookedness of the fabric, but I made due.  Counting with John Deere went so smoothly.  I actually enjoyed putting it together.

I started and finished the Counting book this evening, and I got to thinking of making one of those ribbon blankets.  I have no ribbon, so I just used scraps!  All those little JD scraps I held onto worked out great!


Cabin In The Woods - 05.08.12

Tonight I needed to move over Cabin as my wrist were starting to cramp from the design being too close to the QSnap. So I thought I would snap a picture.

Here is a previous of Cabin, what is looked like at the last post So, here it as of today -- only 11ish pages to go!


Almost burnt the house down...

I have the Ultimate Table Top Lamp -- and while using it yesterday afternoon. The daylight bulb started flickering, and I looked up to find smoke coming from under the lampshade!!

I quickly turned off and unplugged the lamp. I found a burn mark on the base of the bulb.

Thank God I was right there with the light on, and caught it in time, or I dont want to think of what would have happen. Counting my blessings.

Here are some pictures of the bulb. I had phoned contacted Daylight to let them know of this happening. Was kinda shocked that they didnt want to take my info at first, till I asked if I could leave it with them. The rep did take my name, location & phone number. I also did send an email to the company with info of what happen, and the pictures of the bulb. My brother who is a Fire chief has already asked for the bulb if the company does not wish to have the bulb. He would share it with the fire investigation unit, he is involved with.


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