Taking a break

I'm having too much life drama going on right now, so Im taking a break from stitching, blogging, and dealing with life problems.


I'm Here (I think)

Ive been checking out everyone else's blogs, and reading emails, so Im in the loop.. but some days I dont know if Im coming or going..LOL

I don't know where the time goes, but its going fast for me! I have been off from work for the past three days - but I did have to work on Wednesday at Wardo's (my part time job), and then yesterday I had to go work to take a test. I had to drive 70 miles round trip to take a 10 minute test... grr! I had to wait a few minutes so I could atleast get 15 minutes of pay. Good thing I get mileage to work, or I would have been fuming! Today was spent doing laundry for next week, as I'm going down state to get alterations on the bridesmaid dress I will be wearing in 3 weeks for my brother's wedding. And I did major stitching today.

The test was for a course that I took to state certify me to legally feed the residents I work with. Crazy, huh? But I'm sure that my CNA coworkers will be happy to have me helping out with feeding, as it get crazy.

What else... last weekend when I had off the weekend off ... well I worked on Saturday at Wardo's.. so on Sunday I sat down at the sewing machine and quilted the Fast Food table runner I had completed. I have the binding stitched on, but haven't even started the hand stitching of the binding.

Today for my stitching I worked on ABC Lessons -- I'm 1/2 finished with the design. I absolutely love this design! I have an idea for a word change, and I'm going to to do. And then I will have to show it off when I have it finished. See if you can find it.
Well, that's about it for now. I work this weekend, and then it will be a mini vacation before I work Memorial Day weekend. Gosh hard to believe its next week already! This year is speeding by! I will try not to be a stranger to my own blog.


ABC Lessons WIP

Well, since I had the camera out, I thought I would snap a WIP picture of ABC Lessons. There is more stitched to the right, but I was too lazy to take it off the QSnap, but I had more ambition to type it out to explain.. LOL I will post again when I get the rest of the left stitched.

Life Lesson #783023

Tip to the wise, since I learned from experience ----

Don't put your arm on the stove top where the pilot light is burning.. cause you might end up like I.

Don't ask me how I got it... long story


Quaker Seasons - FINISH!

YEA!! I was able to finish Quaker Seasons from My Big Toe Designs just after it began the new month. I stitched this as a 'grieving' piece in memory of my Dad.

It really got to the point where I didn't want to finish it. Its not that I'm over my grieving, but its brought so much comfort to me as I have stitched it. It even made the trip to Branson with us. The verse meant alot of me.. and made me think of seasons of our life.

So, here is the info - Quaker Seasons - My Big Toe Designs, stitched with DMC fibers on 28ct Creamy Cocoa from Sassy Fabrics. The plan is to have it framed.

For some reason - the picture makes the top look bigger than the bottom, but I guess its giving a fun house mirror affect..LOL I'm sure its to do with my picture taking skills.

Now.. I'm on to my next project - ABC Lessons

Fast Food Table Runner WIP

This WIP table runner design is called "Fast Food", from the "Let's Do Lunch" (Atkinson Designs). I had picked up the fabric for the table runner while at Hobby Lobby last week, and guess what! With the selvages strips I have - I don't have a name for the fabric. But what I needed was a stripe and a coordinating fabric... so I saw the two fabrics and it was a must have!

It was a breeze to cut out, but for some reason, the directions got alittle backwards on me. But I was able to think it out, and had success with it. I picked up the backing material today, and I had a remnant of batting here... so I hope to pin it together today, and get machine quilting with it. And then attach the binding, and of course hand stitch it.

Another laptop joined our household....

This is what our kitchen table has been looking like for the past week. Ive had the lovely job of transferring from the old to the new. And then it came time to transfer some email addresses .... and I was stumped! Thanks to short cuts that I found on the internet I was successful in the transfers.

LOVING the new laptop. Brian has taken claim of the old laptop (which was the plan). Its been well broken into.. so much that the cover has to be propped up to use.. LOL


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