25 Years Ago Today

I was in the first grade, and we had just moved to Winchester in February, and for some reason, we had the day off from school.

It was Friday, April, 27, when I had my first experience with a Tornado that was the closest to touch down in the area I grew up in. About 4 miles from where I was first raised, the tornado went thru the field behind the trailer park that we had just moved from. Since we were living in Winchester, our mobile home was empty. Just moments before the tornado past thru the field, my cousin witnessed the neighbors house crumble to pieces. My cousin along with my other cousin, and my aunt took shelter in the basement, of their home.

I know we were in my Dad's office, which was a cistern. I remember going down in the basement as there was a tornado warning, as we had heard over the tv, and then at the time had the radio. I cant remember if we lost power, but I do remember to this day what the sky looked like after we were given the all clear to leave the basement.

I remember seeing the destruction first hand. Seeing the house next to my Aunt and Uncle's, second story destroyed. I remember seeing the barn across the street from the trailer park were I grew up, gone. A mile away, down Oakwood, a home's roof gone. A barn totally gone... and the cows (from what I was told, were found scattered thru out the area). I remember seeing the house where one person lost their life, as they were heading downstairs to take cover. I remember the few other houses that were moved off their foundations.

And I remember going with my Dad as they set fire to a home that was destroyed by the tornado.

And here it is... 25 years later! I had seen it on the local news this morning, brought back memories.


Catching up on this Saturday

WOW, amazing I have been home since Wednesday, and finally getting a chance to update. For those that didn't know - I was in Branson last weekend, and I had the wonderful opportunity to take the trip with my Mom, sister, Amy, her two girls, and my future step niece. We had a blast! We left at 10pm on Thursday and made it down to Branson around 9:30am, Friday morning. Driving at night was the best, but when we came home we were able to see what we missed along the way.... seems like a bunch of wind turbines..LOL

We were able to check into our hotel about an hour after we arrived. If you have never been to Branson, you will soon find out that its very hilly. Our hotel was on the 4th floor, and from ground level, we only had to go up one flight of stairs. The bad part of the hotel was that there was NO WIFI in the room itself. It sucked! We had to go outside and sit in a corridor to pick up the internet from the main building. Friday afternoon, the little girls of course had to go swimming. We were able to sneak in some sight seeing, ate at Joe's Crab Shack, explored Branson Landing. Friday night I met up with Vickie and her Mom at a Cracker Barrell, and after went back to her hotel room to exchange our goodies. She brought with her ABC Lessons from Lizzie Kate - its a kit I had her purchase for me at her LNS.

Saturday morning, Mom and I had to go to our presentation - gosh they are suckers! Cant take no for your final answer. What gave me a red flag is when I asked to see a local map of the area, they didn't even have a map.. LOL Crazy! After we were finished with that, we went back to the hotel to find the girls just waking up, and we had to meet up with Vickie at 11, and they had 10 minutes to get ready! We went to Celicia's Samplers in Branson. I purchased a piece of fabric for ABC Lessons, and LHN - Yesteryear chart. I didn't buy much as I really didn't have time to look around and explore. And besides I already have enough to stitch for a lifetime! After that we went to Olive Garden for lunch. Vickie and her Mom took off after lunch, and we hit the outlet mall. We went to the Disney Store, and to Old Navy. After that we did the Ride The Ducks, we had a blast on the Duck. Natalie even got to drive the duck in the water. Lots of laughs were had on that attraction.

We walked into Old Navy in Branson, and Kaylee's mouth dropped! From watching the commercial, she couldnt believe what she saw! She had to have her picture taken with her new friend! She even had to touch their feet to see if they were real or not.. too cute!! I wonder if we were the only ones to have pictures taken with store displays..LOL

And - for fun, we took a drive down to Arkansas. My future step niece would love to visit every state in the U.S. So she was able to visit AR for about a minute... LOL We came back to our hotel, and rested for awhile, and then went to eat at Shorty Small's which was a good place to eat.

We had a funny thing happen @ Shorty Small's. As part of the meal, they served me pork n beans, well Kaylee wanted some of my beans. We were not served any spoons, and my Mom asked a waitress for a spoon, and the waitress didn't understand my Mom, and said back to my mom, "a spoon, whats a spoon"? We didn't know if she was serious, or playing with us, come to find out she was serious.. and we just cracked up laughing. I apologized when she came back with the spoon. It was one of those moments where you had to be there.

Sunday morning we were up early as we wanted to drive atleast half way home, and spend the night. Of course, about two miles out of Branson, the Expedition started to act up! It was something to do with the acceleration, were were thinking (Mom got it checked out when we got home - all it needed was a tune up! All my praying paided off, I suppose!) Half way put us in Springfield, IL. We ate at Cracker Barrell, and I had the best dinner there!! We spent the night at the hotel next door, and it was much better than the one we stayed at in Branson, for sure! I woke up Natalie, Monday morning, letting her know that Bart Simpson had called to talk with her, but I told him that I wasn't waking her up... LOL And she believed me!

We arrived home on Monday afternoon, and I had direct orders that everyone was going to go and pick up Princess and P.J. from the kennel - boy was Princess happy to see Mom!
Tuesday was spent shopping and going out for Chinese. And I even came home with a new laptop! Now I'm working on getting the files off the old laptop and on to the new. I came home on Wednesday after going to Alltel to get my Dad's phone disconnected :(. But I was happy to find out that Mom and I were able to stay on the same plan as we had. And - I got my name changed for caller ID on my phone. Wont show my Dad calling when I use my cell phone. And my mom treated me to T.G.I.Friday's.
I stopped at a LQS while I was waiting for my sister to get up on Wednesday morning so I could say good bye to the girls, before I headed home. I picked up "Let's Do Lunch" from Atkinson Designs, and then of course I had to stop at Hobby Lobby to pick up some DMC, and some fabric to work some patterns with that I found in the book.

I had to work on Thursday and Friday... and here it is Saturday. I slept for 13 hrs last night, and we had some bad storms go thru. So far, I have played on the computer, and working on laundry, and picked up the house.

Gas for trip to Branson - $200
Meals in Branson - $300
Ride The Ducks - $92
Shopping at Celicia's Samplers with Vickie - $36.78
Spending time with family - PRICELESS


Live from Branson

After the 12 hour car ride.... which I drove the whole way!! Nonstop, except for potty breaks of course! We arrived yesterday morning around 9:30am... and we have been none stop since!

So we are having super fun in Branson! Thanks again to Vickie for making the trip over to meet up with my family! We had alot of fun!

Vickie - thanks for the tip to hit the Disney Store... the girls got new Minnie's. And we left alot of plastic in that store - but saved alot!


Grandpa's Girls

Feeling really bummed yesterday as I was at work... I had texted my sister to send me a picture to cheer me up. Well the picture never was received, and I found out later it was a picture of my brother's butt crack (so typical of my family).

And this morning I went on Facebook, and I found the picture that just melted my heart.

Here are Grandpa's Girls, visiting grandpa at his grave. They left him bears and bunnies for Easter. Don't they ALL look cute!!


The New Toy!

Im so excited! Can you tell!

The new toy is here!! Its a 2009 Polaris Ranger XP. Too bad it has to be parked at BIL's...LOL


Braided Starburst Wallhanging

I finished the hand stitching of the binding for the Braided Starburst wallhanging that I recently finished the quilt top for.

I pinned it all together on Wednesday, had it quilted that evening. Worked on the binding and the hanging sleeve yesterday. Got the binding and sleeve on the quilt top yesterday, began the hand stitching.

And finished up the hand stitching this afternoon. Its now hanging in our bedroom.

While I was taking the picture... Brian came in and wanted a picture of me with the wallhanging, not the best, but I will post it here.


Brother made the local news

My sister sent this to me... how exciting is this! You will have to click on the picture to enlarge it to read it.

Our Dad would be proud! Along with the rest of the family!!


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