You see..

You see 4 Amelia charm packs, I see a quilt. :)


Another project I havent blogged about. But of course I have posted it on Facebook..LOL

I was asked by a friend that lives in Thailand to make some aprons for her and her family. For her to order the amount of aprons would have gone over her budget, so I said yes. First of all, Ive never made an apron before, so I just found some directions, and went from there. Her request be that they were going to be durable, and could hold the dirt well, and to have a hammer hook.

She has received them and putting hers to good use as she was waiting for Christmas to give the children theirs.

So, here are the results.. LOVE how they turned out. She is going to be ordering more when the budget allows.


I was invited to a bridal shower (actually was last month already - seems Im really lacking in this blogging). I was looking for a quick and easy tablerunner - and I knew I had some scraps from a quilt I had made (you know you need to keep those scraps, never know when you will need them).

Well here the results, and I even quilted the tablerunner with Press n Seals :)


Cuddle Me Quilt Top

Thought I would get back in the game, and participate in

So, I thought I would finish up the quilt that I just cut out on umm I think it was Sunday. So here is Cuddle Me, by clairebella - the pattern is here. I had gotten the fabric at WalMart, as it was a quilt of the month.. I think last year sometime. VERY easy to put together!

So tonight all I had to do was finish putting on the borders. DONE! Will be given as a baby shower gift soon. So I just have to find some backing material, get the batting, quilt & bind!


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