Viv's SFE

Viv's theme for her SFE (Small Finish Exchange) was Celtic.

I found the freebie design from Ink Circles - I stitched it over 1 on 28ct with DMC (726) on white jobelan. Viv said that her favorite color was Yellow. The sun charm was just to fill in the middle.

I finished as a hanging pinkeep. Loved the results. Viv said that it was her first pinkeep she has ever seen.

And we're.. Back

And we did it ourselves!

We figured out the problem to be the cable. Brian's brother called Tuesday night at 9:50pm to say he was looking at the cable, told us the price. I told him get it! He told me he would be here in about 2 hrs, to drop it off.

11:45pm, he was here, outside with a flashlight, by 12:25am, we were surfing the internet!!

WOOHOO!! Best $34 Ive spent in a long time.. LOL


Crud! M.I.A. for a few days...

Well, after a day of waiting for the Internet to find itself.. I decided to call the help center.

First time - wait 10 - 15 minutes, and you should be on the Internet.

An hour later, nothing...

Second call to the help center - after 30 minutes... we found the problem. Damaged cable!

We have satellite Internet thru Hughes Net, and you have two cables that goes from the satellite dish to the modem (see sidebar for picture of dish on the outhouse). Well, one cable has a cut (we have no idea how) But its corroded and shot.

3 - 5 business days before the tech will call to set up an appointment. I cant wait that long!

So thanks to the BIL, I'm sitting on their couch, downloaded emails, and wrote this post.

And your thinking.. just think of the stitching time! And I'm thinking.. YES! (*cough*)

I nominate we have Saturdays and Sundays...


That way stock holders do not have to work... and the price of a barrel of gas does not keep reaching an all time record high!

Do I get a 2nd?!


Inspirations WIP Progress

The other night, I was to the point, I didn't know what to do.. start a new project, or work on something that I have.

I have a model that is due to arrive any day.. so I didn't want to start something too big, but then I didn't want to start something too small. Cause once I get the model, I concentrate on it till its done.

I was chatting with Vickie, and she has been faithfully chuggin away on her Inspirations (Rosewood Manor), and she should be finished with it in the next week or two. Well she mentioned that she should inspire me to do something.. and it hit me... I will pull out my Inspiration, which Vickie and I are doing a SAL on.

So, the below picture is what I started out with on Tuesday.. and yes its been since 12/04/07 since I have put a stitch in it. (Remember I had that BAP model show up then.) So today I spent alot of time on it, and I reached my goal of getting to a point to have it stitched up. I did finish up 3 pages of it.. and now I have 8 of the 30 finished. Almost have 2 more finished, but I need to finish stitch in some of the areas yet.

I really like stitching on Inspirations, LOTs of color changes through out. But Ive taught myself to break off and travel my threads, which was hard for me. But I'm doing good, and its progressing along well.

Well, I'm off to bed, have to work the next 3 days.


Happy 40th Birthday Brian!!

Gosh, hard to believe Brian is 40!! Sure doesnt look it, (or act it at times.. LOL)!!

We are spending his bday at home.. having his favorite Hot Wings, pizza, and he gets to control the remote (when he is in the room)..LOL We had some chocolate brownies yesterday for a bday treat.

Love you baby!


Remember when...

I remember when we were young.. when we wanted something from the store.. and we would ask Mom for money.

"With what, buttons?!"

Do you think I could cash my buttons in!?! Wait I need to find the money tree, yeah.. better yet!

Anyone plant one yet!?!


Double Flips... FINISHED!!

Yea! Excuse me... allow me to ..LOL Sorry too much ice tea today- and no it wasn't spiked!

I have a finish to report! I finished up on the Double Flips from Lizzie Kate!! Yeah!

I stitched it on 28ct white linen (omg, where the holes awful at times!), with good ole' DMC floss. I LOVE how it all turned out!!
I'm really excited about finishing this project! Love going online stash shopping every time the charts came out.


I had an awesome experience today...

Its amazing how you just never know who you will meet out and about!

I had to take my MIL to the Dr this morning in a town 60 miles from here.. while MIL was at her appt. Brian and I took off, to waste some time.

We (thanks Brian for letting me stop... I know how you just LOVE going to places like that!) stopped at a quilt shop in downtown Rhinelander. We went inside and just looked around. Its amazing... something just said I had to stop there and see if I could find anything, and I did. There was a lady that was talking, who sounded like a coworker that quilts, so we just continued to browse.

I heard "Kim?"

I turned around, and there was a lady there ... she said who she was.

She is a lady that is on my WisconsinStitching group! Just out of the blue she recognized me/us. We had not met before, and she said she usually doesnt speak up like that, but was glad she did.

She said that she thought it was me, but she recognized Brian... then she knew it was me. We talked for about 10 minutes at the quilt shop (where she teaches classes - which I wasnt aware of). She asked about my dad.. and said that she follows my blog, and was curious. We just talked about a few things, and then we were off.

Brian and I went back to our car, and started talking about the meeting, we thought it was just great! Now I hope that we can get together, and either stitch or quilt!

Thanks Donna!!


Two Weeks after... an update!

Sorry, I haven't updated on my Dad lately, and I have people asking..

Yes he is home, he came home a week ago Thursday. He called to let me know he was on the way home, and called again Friday morning to report that he had slept in their bed, and slept great!

This heart surgery is what he really needed!! He bounced back wonderfully. I talked with him on the phone tonight, and he said that he feels great. The problem with his stomach is gone. It was his heart the whole time. Its just a sad case as he was misdiagnosed, he didn't have what they determined him to have. And I'm so grateful to the Mayo Clinic staff in Rochester for getting to the bottom of this whole situation!

And to think we were in Rochester two weeks ago, dreading the worst. And here he is.. attending his 4th meeting in a week! He will start Cardiac Rehab next week, and walk the treadmill. He said tonight, that he hasn't needed to use his heart pillow when he coughs. He still cant drive... my mom piped up in the background... she is counting the days... 13. He feels alot better than he did the last time he had the valve replacement surgery. He was told that this surgery would be more stress on his body, but it doesn't seem to be that way.

Thanks to everyone that have sent their comments and thoughts! Means the world! Now we are in the planning stages of planning a benefit for my Dad (on Sept. 13th - at the Winchester Town Hall.. more details soon). From his first hospital stay in Mayo, the bill was $71,000 for 15 days of care. And his insurance will cover 90%. And to think of what this next bill for the stay and surgery will be - (I'm guessing $200,000 plus!). My parents have to pay their own insurance, since my dad was forced into retirement, under the cobra insurance. He did sign up for Social Security, but that just covers the insurance premium.

So every night I go to bed, and I thank the heavens for the wonderful work the DRs and Nurse did to get my dad back out there, and on with life.

Hot Diggity Dog - Two finishes in one day!

This morning I wanted to make it a day of stitching, since we had rain forcasted.

Well I gave myself till 1pm to cross stitch, which turned into 2:30pm - since I had spent some "break time" on the computer during my precious stitching time (posting about the model being released). Good quality time there!

Well I finished up "Encourage", part of the Lizzie Kate Double Flips series.... and I had the urge to work on the quilt - Ok... Brian was working out and I couldn't quite see the tv, and I didn't want to be a bother.

So I said, well I can go and work in the other room - I have a quilt top I can put together. Well it started out like this.... and it ended up like this!

It only took me less than 4 hrs to sew this quilt top together - and that includes the fussy cutting of the flower strips and the borders. I love the quilt's colors, and will be making another one soon! This one is going to the quilt shop as a model to showcase the new material we have. The pattern is called Cottage Blossoms, and I found the pattern online free.

The Cottage Blossoms quilt is actually 1/2 of what the actual pattern called. It would make a great throw for the back on the couch.

Its June.. that means it been RELEASED!

Way back at the beginning of the year, heck maybe it was last December.. how time has slipped away...

Anyways.. my wonderful friend Vickie (which she also model stitches for the designer), supplied my name to a designer of X's and Oh's. Well I was contacted and ask if I was interested in stitching a model. It wasn't just a model for show, as it was going to be a model that was going to have sentimental value in the end to the designer. I was shown a computer image of the model, and I accepted. I was sent the supplies, and once it arrived. I dug right into stitching.

Well, if you have been a blog reader of mine, you may have seen way back in December, January, February, where I was talking about I had a B.A.P. model I was working on, and it was taking alot of my stitching time?! Well, if you remember this post... Excuse Me... I had finished the model on Feb. 13th, and I had done something groovy with the picture as to not give it away.

Well here is that picture now with out the whited out area.

Today I was checking out the X's & Oh's site, and there, right on the front page was my model turned into a stocking! WOW!! Joanne is the name of the designer, and she used the nutcrackers in her collection to make her own stocking. Well, then she had me stitch it. So I hope she enjoys her stocking for years to come! Here is the link to the website showing the finished model as a stocking. Check it out!!


Double Flips WIP progress

Remember Ive been stitching on Double Flips from Lizzie Kate?! Well, geez whiz, guess what I have been working on today!!

Yep, pulled out the D.F.s and have been cruising along. I finished up Care today... and I don't think I have posted a finish picture of Believe.... so here is it!

Progress so far... just 4 more words to go.

All Cut out... a new quilt in the works

Well, since I finished up on the Shade Cascade quilt top last Thursday, and had to work Friday - Monday at the nursing home. I finally had a day off. What did I do!?!

Well I got up about 10:30am (I was exhausted ok!), put away the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, played on the computer some.. and then started ironing, and ironing.

I'm getting ready to put another quilt together. This one is called Cottage Blossoms by Kim Schaefer which I found on the Andover Fabrics site in the free quilt patterns section. We have gotten in some of the fabric that are featured in this quilt design. So I took the fabrics that we had from this line, and I went about the store finding other fabrics to go with this quilt. I think I had a total of 25 different colors/themes. I had to cut each fabric from the bolt (which I had done the last time I worked), and the pattern said I could use fat 1/8"s. So this morning I had to cut the fabric to a fat 1/8th" and had to iron each fabric.

I then had to cut out the fabrics alternating into either a 1.5", 2", 2.25", 2.5", 3", 3.25", 3.5" or 4" strips. And then cut them to be 9.5". And I needed to have 8 of each cut (see the tally marks??). So I have enough to make half of the quilt - since I'm only making it half the size, as its going to be a model for the quilt shop. So here is the results so far!

But... I'm tired of being on my legs, so I'm going to go and do some stitching! I think that's a far trade off!

He got me.... a plant!

Not just any kind of plant.. but Hen and Chicks!!

I came home from work last night, and I found this container sitting on the kitchen table.. waiting for me to see it.

Brian had gone up to Iron River yesterday to get plants for the garden, and Brian spied this plant, and knew he had to buy it.

So it will be going out in the flower bed later today, as it looks like it might rain any minute.


Please stop by Stitch Pink

There is a contest going on right now at Stitch Pink to win M Designs "Survivor" chart, and a couple pens. Look for the May 25th post. Good luck!


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