Cabin in the Woods - WIP

I had the joy of having a 3 day weekend, with no plans. Well I did have plans, it involved a needle, Cabin, and whatever was on tv. I planned on staying home, and going nowhere - well, just going to town was all I managed. And... thinking that our washer crapped out on us, only to believe I think I loaded it with too much. Cause it was working fine, after I tinkered with it alittle. Reminder to cancel repairman ASAP in the morning.

And stitch I did! Well, it got to the point where I was stitching in between commercials today..LOL

The last update I had on Cabin (as its referred too)was on Jan. 22 - pic here.

So...here is an update on Cabin after I spent some more stitching time on it this weekend.

And, here is a closeup of Cabin, see the needle?! That's how far yet till the end of the design. From the furthest out stitch - 47 stitches (the needle is approx.) I was getting nervous to see if I had enough fabric on the right side. And it looks like I will... about 3 inches..LOL CLOSE!

Anyone wanna join me for a Friday Night Sew-In?

March 19th, your place, your quilt/sewing project.

Just time set aside to work on those projects on your to do list.

I already know I have the day off, so Im going to start early, and work thru the evening.

Can't wait! Jammies will be on here, for sure! I those days!

Check out the link to see what is going on...


All back to normal.... Update on Square Dance

Here is a WIP picture of Square Dance - its a free pattern from P&B Textile - LINK TO PATTERN It was a model I saw at a quilt store - and well, the fabrics had to come home with me. I had to change up a couple of the fabrics (since they were out of the bolt).

I'm liking how its turning out. I still need to attach some squares with fusible web. I have no idea what is going to happen with this quilt once its done.

Not been the best sewing afternoon

I was chugging along on the Square Dance pattern, and I went to put the rows together, got them to the ironing board. Thats where it was discovered!

*Insert few choice words*!

Had to rip out the brown blocks, and the 4 patch blocks... sewed the 4 blocks on the wrong side... all 18 of them. Thank God for speed seam ripping! But my pointer finger is paying for it.

Back to the Brother to put them back together

Corn And Beans - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week

Wow, block 8 already! These Wednesdays have been fun looking forward to. Seeing what Jen has planned for the block, is like Christmas morning. She gave a heads up on the block yesterday - so I got to see what was in store. I really enjoyed this block. Didn't give me any problems. I love the colors on this block. But I don't understand how they get "corn and beans" out of it.. he he

Block #8 – Corn And Beans – Green County
Pattern is here - Corn And Beans

Find out more about the "Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week" @ Cre8tive Quilter


By the time you read this..

These fabrics will have met the rotary cutter, making plans for its new destination.

A "Square Dance" quilt - (fabrics (well all but 2 are from the Pop Parade 2 collection from P&B Textiles) are in its future. :)

Those darn store models at the quilt shop - Quilt Essentials in Oshkosh made me do it! That's my testimony!! Wait til you see what else was seen as a model and produced from that store too.. thanks to the nieces!

Round Robin about to take an airplane

I'm participating in a Round Robin with the Stitch-it-Quick Yahoo group. The sad part is... there are only 3 of us participating. Ive spent the past umm (OMG) 5 hrs on putting it together. Gosh, now I know where my days off go!

EDITED TO ADD - I have been informed that the 3rd participant in our Round Robin has been advised by her DR, that she should not be stitching for awhile now. So... that just leaves the 2 of us. So, it will be sooner now, for those interested in stitching on my Round Robin for me. Thanks!!

I selected a design that has 12 parts. Its a variety of quilt blocks (quilt motif designs from the Treasured Memories Quilt Afghan). I plan to make a wallhanging, when they all get stitched.

So, if anyone is interested.. and wouldn't mind stitching on a Round Robin of mine, please leave a comment below. Its only a design of 40 X 40. I supply everything - you just supply your stitching abilities. It wont be available till after it returns back to me... and that should be about late April March sometime.

Invested in a Wii - and now Hubby is paying for it...

in body aches..LOL

For the past few months I have been searching the stores for a Wii. Yeah I know some of you have had yours for years (my sister has). Well, this past week, I was in the area where I had the opportunity to get to several stores. And several stores I did.

I had gone to Walmarts looking through out the week, and then the week was coming to a close. So on Friday, I went to Best Buy & Shopko, and I stopped by a store called Game Stop... they had Wii's but they were reserved for ppl. And well, I was waiting for the guy to find out if they had any at a different store... well someone came up to me and said that they were at Target this morning and bought a Wii - and they had like 8 or 9 left.

I kid you not, I ran from that store..LOL So, off to Target we went. I walked out with 2 Wii (what is the plural for 2 Wii??). I bought one for myself, and one for my Mom.

And here comes the exciting part... another gem I have been looking for... a Wii Fit with a balance board! See, my sister bought one, and didn't seem to either like it or, just didn't have the interested it in. Well, we were coming home from dinner on Saturday - and I just mentioned to my sister about borrowing to see if I liked the Wii Fit & board. She said I could. And well, since, that "could" has turned in to a "you can have it"! WOOT WOOT!!

I was able to pick up Wii Fit Plus, Rec Room Games, & Wii Play (which I didn't really care for - but came with the extra Wii remote we needed). And the rechargeable battery thingy for the controllers. Spent alittle money pimping it out. (Thank you Uncle Sam for giving me, my $$ back.)

So, I came home on Sunday - hooked it up. And I just played a few games of bowling and Tennis. Hooked up the Wii Fit on Monday night, skipped it Tuesday, as I was so tired. Yesterday I hit it hard. The only problem I had was the Wii balance board was telling me to lift my left leg, and it was lifted..LOL Umm had to turn it around.

So.. yesterday (this is where the blog's title comes into play). Brian, got the nerve to practice his bowling. I'm in the other room working on my Block of the Weeks. And I keep here - "I got a strike", "I got another strike", "come look at this score."

Well, last night, I was challenged to a few games of Wii bowling. Well I got my butt whooped, but it was a good time! Brian did end up with a high score, so he was happy about that.

And today - Brian is paying for his hard work on the bowling.. his shoulder is sore. He he!


Wild Goose Chase & Bear Paw - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week

Ok, here is the scoop, why there are two blocks this week... well for those that didn't follow along -- I was away caring for my nieces last week, while my sister and her hubby were soaking up the sights of Cozumel, Mexico. I didn't even think well I did, think of bringing the sewing machine - next time I will of bringing the sewing machine. So today I sat down and spent.... HOURS on these two blocks... wow! What a work out!

Block #6 – Wild Goose Chase – Racine County
Pattern is here - Wild Goose Chase

Block #7 – Bear Paw – Racine County
Pattern is here - Bear Paw

Find out more about the "Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week" @ Cre8tive Quilter


100th Day of Schoo!

Here is the Kindergartener sporting her 100 tshirt.

Natalie is pretty excited to see what Zero The Hero looks like. She picked out the colors of the 100, I did the rest. Even took off the pocket on the shirt, to make it fit!


"100" Shirt

Ok, here is the scoop.

Im currently sitting on my sister's couch, 140 miles from home. Watching my nieces for the week, while sis & BIL are floating the waters of the Gulf of Mexico as I type this.

So, anyways - I got word that tomorrow is "Zero The Hero" Day at school, AKA - the 100th day of the school year.

Well, the Kindergartener will be supporting this shirt to school tomorrow.

The shirt had a pocket on, and I ripped it off, and I attached the 100 to the shirt. Nat picked out the color, and I did the rest.


Be Mine Valentine - Lizzie Kate FINISH

1st finish of 2010! Woot Woot!

Here is "Be Mine Valentine" from Lizzie Kate. I stitched it over 1 on 28ct rement linen, with DMC floss. The heart was stitched with Carrie's Threads - Bubble Gum

Love how it turned out!

Churn Dash - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week

This week's block is called Churn Dash. I love the colors for this block! And I got it done just in time to leave to take MIL to the DR.. WOOT WOOT!

Block #5 – Churn Dash – Racine County
Pattern is here - Churn Dash

Find out more about the "Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week" @ Cre8tive Quilter


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