Just had a finish ...

But I can't share - well I suppose I could give you a sneak peek. And that's that.

Its a cute design!! Taught me the alphabet, built a house, grew a flower, built a brick wall, and bordered it all in.

I was able to get it stitched up in less than 2 weeks.. but I had the frog visit me last week - seems like I was off a stitch.. and well I had to stitch the letters A - G and N - T all over again.

Its a model for Glory Bee. Will post more info when I can.


Think living "up north" would be cooler,

I think otherwise.

People are always asking, "is it cooler living "up north"?" See "up north" is any area north of Hwy 29 in Wisconsin. And I have heard that 'God's Country' is any area north of Hwy 8. Well where we live, we classify for both.

But I think its about the same temps... as the picture can justify the temperature we are having today. Was to get about 89 here today. I think otherwise, there's my proof!

Edited to add -
I guess I should have waited to post the temperature - little hot out there!!


Happy Father's Day in Heaven, Dad

Dad, first, Happy Father's Day!

Dad, this will be our first Father's Day without you. I still miss you with all my being, although I know that you are in a much better place. It has been a rough four months without you. So many thing have happened that I wish you would of been here for.

I think most people stop celebrating this day after their father has died but I will mark this day. Each and every year. Like it or not, I can't pretend Father’s Day won’t bring a flood of memories to the surface.

Dear Dad,

For all the help you always were. For loving me unconditionally, for being an example I can hold high to live by (even as a daughter). For being the most awesome provider, father, friend and helper. For strong shoulders and being the one man in my life that loved me no matter what!

I love you. I will always miss you, until one day when we can reunite with our Heavenly Father. I pray every day that He takes good care of you, for me (I know He is).

Everyone misses you - and we have so much to look forward to seeing your name once again, being memorialized. I hope you can hear us saying "hi" to you everytime we stop by your grave. The grandkids really miss you, frankly we all really miss you.

Someone told us that our first Father's Day with out you will be the hardest. And here it is. And I'm heartbroken.

The memories will never leave me. The laughter, the joy, the good, and the bad. We pulled through it all, except when it was time for you to leave. But you haven't really left us, Dad. You will always be thought about every second, minute, week and month of every year. I love you very much. It's just not fair that your golden heart gave up.

All our love....

If you're reading this and you have your Father in your life...take every single moment to let him know what he means in your life. I praise God that I did. God Bless All Fathers.

The picture of my Dad and I was taken 17 days before my Dad died. And two days later I had seen him for the last time. And I will forever remember my last hug from him. Love you, Dad!


My Lizzie*Kate Quilt!!

My email went something like this:


But, OMG!!


I'm crying here!!


This couldn't be for me!!!

I cant believe it!!!!

This was for someone else, right??


I wasn't expecting this quilt!!

OMG, this isn't possible!!

Vickie - now I know why you were so upset that I couldn't make retreat.


Its going on my bed!!

Colleen - thanks for calling too!!

OMG, I just shake my head.


Thats what the big box was for - Brian thought it was his knife he ordered off Ebay!

I still can't believe it!


And thanks to whoever assembled the quilt!!

And to whom quilted it.


This is a dream... right!!

Gosh, Im balling like a baby here.

Man oh Man!!!!!


Love ya all!!!
I was the recipient for an Angel Project that is held on ILCS - I still cant believe this. This quilt came at such a time that I needed alittle up in life.. and I think that this quilt really put the cherry on top!

All the stitched designs are of Lizzie*Kate designs - one of my favorite designers! The quilt was assembled and quilted and its laying on my bed. (I know all you have gone through to get this quilt assembled!!!!)

I love each individual stitched squares, all the nine patch blocks, the colors (green and black AWESOME color selection!!), and the quilting.

I thank all that took the time to stitch a square, for the person who assembled and quilted the quilt. And thanks to Debra for sending the quilt to me! I'm just so excited. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Blogging live -

I said. "I was crampy."

He heard me say 'crabby', and agreed.

He told me "That hurt."


Alittle after 4, the big brown truck pulled into the drive way.

Got the DSL wireless router, got it all set up, its already to go. It was talking to the two laptops, asking for the passwords. But we have a problem.

Guess what! No DSL. In the instructions it says to wait till after 5pm on the date on the box, that I did. And still no DSL. Called tech help, and we determined that we have no DSL.


Seems like the lady that got me set up with DSL didnt know what she was talking about. We need to have a phone tech come to our house and play in the phone box outside, and maybe at the junction box that I like to beat up when I mow around it

The tech better get here tomorrow - I'm so sick of our current internet provider! But its a good thing I didn't cancel before I got it hooked up, or I wouldn't be here.

Dont look at the time of this post..

Cause I should be sleeping.

This morning I had a icon on the computer saying that I needed to install the Windows update - no big deal. Well it didn't make our day go any better.

Well that update put us in Fair Act Policy (FAP) - which thru our internet provider (HughesNet), puts us at below dial up speeds for the next 24 hrs. I couldnt load webpages without it saying it was done, and it barely even loaded the page. And I needed to harvest on Farm Town, darn it!

That's the only thing I could think of that when the update had to download Internet Explorer 8 onto my laptop (which I swear I already had) put me into mega bandwidth speed. We do get unlimited upload bandwidth from 2am -5am, so that's why I'm here.

I'm hoping the brown truck pulls into the driveway tomorrow - cause we are switching to DSL! We have gotten so sick of the internet provider, and the weather causing the internet not to load properly, and getting these FAPs!

So, the day was spent cleaning, dishes, sprucing up the plants, painting my nails, and stitching on a model, so its been productive. I guess I did have one success with the update - Im able to see the Google feeds in the correct feed location! WOOHOO!

Off to check my farm, and then off to bed.


What kids say.. grab a tissue!

I just got off the phone with my Mom, and this is worth blogging about!

As most of you know, our Dad passed away in February. The grand kids are a little to young to really understand about death, and that Grandpa is not coming back anymore.

My Mom had received a book, I Love You More Than Rainbows from someone. This evening, one of the granddaughter's "K" (who is 3) is spending the evening with Grandma. K misses her Grandpa so much, and she talks about him almost every day since he passed.

My Mom and K sat down to read the book, and out of the book fell two cards.

K picked up the two cards, and said to my Mom.

"Look Grandma, we have two tickets to get Grandpa out of heaven"


Fab Shop Winner

In April, I participated in a online fabric shop hunt, Fab Shop Hop where you need to find all the bunnies you can. Well I got lucky and found 130 out of 160 some.

A week ago, I was really excited to find out that I was a winner of the $10 Gift Certificate. I got to shop online at Loose Threads. I just didn't know what I wanted, but then I saw a great deal for fat quarters, and all I had to do was pay the shipping.

The arrived yesterday - and what to do with them now.. he he

Fabric Report

Here are some fabrics I recently picked up -

As you can see, I have been buying some fabric to add to my stash - but really, I have ideas with 3 of the pictures..LOL

The above is planned to be used with an online block of the month quilt called - Bear Paw Sampler. Last night I spent about 3 hrs, figuring out all the cuts. I have all my numbers and I'm ready to cut the fabric - might work on that later today as I have a model to work on, as time got away from me yesterday. Opps.

This is just some of the fabric I saw, and I thought - humm I probably might use that sometime in the not so quite future, and its such a good deal not to pass up.

Looking for fabric to work on while I'm on vacation, is where the next two pictures came to. And while they are still sitting on the counter all folded up, doesn't get them to their final destinations faster.. he he.



Another recent change I made after the wedding was a hair cut! I had been growing my hair out for the wedding, and every time I had gotten it cut before, I was told - " just a trim. You need the length for the wedding." Well, Monday after the wedding it all came off!

Before - (of course its not styled, just had the crap combed out of it.. LOL)

After -

Kaylee, my niece, said she didnt like it - cause all she has known me to have was long hair.. LOL

I love the new cut, cause it shows the highlights really well now. And its so fun to get out of the shower, dry and go style.

Tattoo In Honor of Our Dad

The Wednesday before the wedding, my sister was offered the chance to get a tattoo. She had been wanting to get a memory tattoo in honor of our Dad. She had taken the memory sticker and added her details that she wanted to include.

The tattoo artist did a wonderful job, and she was able to proudly show it off at the wedding. It was placed on her back, close to her heart, where Dad will forever be. And at the wedding, the way our dresses were, showed it off perfectly!

Wedding Pictures

Here are some pictures from my younger brother's and new sister inlaw's wedding. I had the honor to be apart of the wedding as a bridesmaid. From my brother's side of the family, my younger older brother was best man, my sister was bridesmaid, and her daughter was the flower girl. And my nephew (who is their son together) was the ring bearer. The bride's daughter was also a Junior bride.

The ring bearer and flower girl had matching attire to the wedding couple, they were both cute!
Here is the wedding party - as you can see its always hard to get a good picture when there are so many involved.
I love this picture here - its a picture of all the siblings - well minus one brother of the brides that left before we took the picture. As you can see, the bride has a little brother that is 4, and a sister that is 2. Too cute!

This picture was the favorite of all the pictures taken. While we were getting pictures taken in the church - we only had a few more to go. Someone all of a sudden yelled, "Someone call 911, someone is hurt." The ring bearer (the couple's son) had run head first into the bubbler (for those that don't know - water fountain or drinking fountain). He bounced off the bubbler, hitting the back of his head on the floor hard. Someone that heard and went to go see what happen found him walking towards him, and he just went limp and was unconscious for about 10 seconds. Well, the bride is a First Responder, and she was the first on the scene, which was just outside the sanctuary. She held her son's head straight while 2 other first responders went to their trucks to grab their bags. The ambulance arrived and he was strapped to the board and taken to the hospital for a CAT scan, and then a MRI since they found something on the CAT scan. Jenny rode in the ambulance to the hospital, while my brother drove himself in their truck. They weren't able to go bar hopping, and arrived at the reception 4 hrs later.

EDITED TO ADD - Conway was fine afterwards - nothing came of the head injury. When my brother and SIL arrived to the reception, Conway was running around like nothing happen.

Ring Bearer's Pillow

For the wedding, I was asked to make a ring bearer's pillow.

Going with the theme of fire - I made this ring bearer's pillow. It was so easy and fun to make. I studied the one that they had at WalMart, and the hardest part of it all, was getting the heart the right size from cutting it out on paper.

I made it so it had a little handle so the ring bearer could hold on to it.

Ahh -

I think I'm back.

I needed this break. Life has been giving me bumps lately - and it really has shown me to take life at its best. I cant always control what is going to happen in my day - but to tackle it like it could be my last.

I have been dealing with alot of emotions lately - I wouldn't call it depression. I just needed a mental break. I have been dealing with work issues, and while it may have been getting better, they are still there. And with Father's Day coming up on Sunday - I have been thinking of my Dad alot lately - well I really have thought of him everyday since he left us. And I have to say I miss him so much!

I have had some family issues, both sad and happy. The sad part I'm not going to go into - but the happy part was watching my brother and his wife get married on the 6th.. and then enjoying a few days with the family after. I had to make 2 trips home before the wedding - one for a dress fitting, and another emergency trip home for a phone call I never wish to receive again.

I have been off since the 5th, and don't go back till this Saturday - so I have had a few days to myself (well with Brian here with me), and I have gone fishing, back road driving, attempted to camp, till Mother Nature thought otherwise, and left us wet. So I'm enjoying this 2 weeks of vacation.

Was suppose to go and attend a retreat in Tennessee - but a letter from the county invited me to attend jury duty.. so that put a damper into traveling. And with going out of state, Mom and I didn't think it was a good idea at the time (with everything going on).

I have a model here that is keeping me company, and the computer where I have become addicted to a game on Facebook. Last week when I was home, I went fabric shopping and purchased some fabric to make a few things with.

Its really starting to turn into summer here, and I look forward to sitting outside more and enjoying the sunshine.

I hope to get online later again, after I have a good cry and post some pictures of what has been going on here while I was quiet.

Thanks to all that have left a comment or emailed me - its so comforting to know that there are people out there that you have never met that care about you.. and to that I'm fortunate! THANK YOU!


Im off ...

to see my brother and his fiancee get married! Yahoo!!

Congrats Scott and Jenny!


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