Pic of Brian

Brian and his brother's were asked to play at a wedding ceremony, today. So this is how he looked when he left. He cleans up good :).. LOL

Quilt is sew together! WOOHOO!

WOOHOO! All the blocks are stitched together! And talk about work! I love it! Next week in class I will be putting on the borders.

Sorry about the picture since the quilt is large, I had to hang it on the clothes line so I could take pictures. Well its quite windy out, so it was moving, and I had to keep taking pictures.. LOL

This pattern is called "Sea Of Storm", its pattern and directions are by Laurie Jean Brown ~ Golden Needle Quilt Studio in Iron River, Michigan. (She is also the one that is teaching this class.)

Please click on the picture to make it bigger :)

Halloween Party @ ALKHC

Yesterday at work, we had our Halloween party for the residents, and trick a treating for the kids (the school kids came over and enjoyed the trick a treating as much as the residents enjoyed passing out the candy.)

Each department was asked to carve a pumpkin to be in the pumpkin decorating contest. Well I had offered to do one for the Activity Dept. My coworkers pointed out a pumpkin that they thought would be neat to have done up. Well I looked at the magazine, and thought oh boy.. LOL It was a picture of a cat made out of a pumpkin and different gourds. Well my supervisor picked up the different gourds that she could get that resembled the ones in the pictures.

Brian helped me on Thursday night. We did alittle brainstorming, and with the help of the picture, we came up with this...

CatPumpkin won the prize for the most creative. I received alot of compliments on the pumpkin that it was too cute. And they enjoyed looking at it.

I also dressed up in my annual Scarecrow costume. I think some of the residents didnt know who I was, cause one of the residents asked me after I took off my costume.. "Oh, when did you get here?"... LOL


Rest of the quilt blocks...

This is the material, and what 13 of the quilt blocks will look like. Everything went great with working on these final blocks, didnt have any wacks or anything.. LOL


Best Witches!

This is a design by Lizzie*Kate, called Best Witches! Its an adorable design. I did alittle changing on the pattern. I stitched the star in DMC Glow In The Dark Threads. Stitched for a Halloween SAL.


Quilt Class ~ 10/20

This is the block I worked on yesterday. It was alittle of a challenge. But I also had some disappointment. The outer corners ~ I was short material for 10 full blocks, and in my frustration of it all, I wacked up 3 blocks. Last night I went back to where the class is held, to see if I had mistakenly left some of the my material that I had cut somewhere, nope. I also thought that the store where I bought the material would be open, last night. Nope. Well I went back up to Iron River today, and searched, but nope. Word of the wise, dont ask the ppl that work in fabric if they have seen or sold out of the fabric, or you will get a dirty look.. LOL

Couldnt find the exact same material at the same store where I originally bought the material. So the 13 blocks are going to have a different outer design. I stuck with the same theme. The extra material is a similar print, but a different color. I have looked at the layout of the quilt, and I have found a soulution to where to place the "odd blocks". Besides this quilt is for me :).

I will scan the block probably on Tuesday, after I finish them (thats my next day off). Just need to have them done by Thursday.


Went "Home" For the Weekend

What a weekend! We had 3 main reasons to go south for the weekend. 1- welcome our new niece, Katie 2 - celebrate my niece Natalie's 2nd birthday, and 3 - just to have a mini vacation.

*NOTE* ~ Please click on the pictures to open them up to see them in another page.

It all started on Thursday when Brian and I headed down to see my family. If you have been reading, I had a new niece born on Monday. We got to see her on Thursday, she is so precious! Such a a good girl! She has a full head of hair, with the dark hair already past her ears.

Friday we went for lunch, and later in the day we went shopping to Hobby Lobby and Walmart. We went for dinner on Friday, Natty even got a candle in her icecream. I think I have seen everything with the Cinderella name on this past weekend, cause Natty has gone nutts with Cinderella.

I wish I had a camcorder @ midnight on Saturday ~ which was Natalie's birthday. She was so excited, she was jumping up and down, and shouting "Im 2". She was clapping, and dancing, and running around the house just like a 2 yr old should be.. but she just too anxious.

On Saturday morning, we got up and headed to the party venue, the famous family gathering place, the Winchester Town Hall.
If you havent guessed what the party theme was, well, Im going to let you know.. LOL It was a Cinderella (Disney Princess) party. Natalie even received a Cinderella dress, and the glass (plastitc slippers). She receieved the Cinderella DVD (from us), and lots of other Cinderella themed items. She got lots of new toys, and clothes. She was so excited that everytime she openned a present, she wanted to play. So Amy finally had to "help" her along, or we would have been there for alot longer.. LOL.

Natalie even had a cupcake cake that was the shape as Cinderella's carriage. It was too cute! She had a blast at her party! Her cousins Conway, and Katie, and along with a friend were there to help her enjoy all her new toys.

Later in the evening, Mom, Dad, Brian, Natalie and I went out for dinner. We went to one of our favorite resturants when we are down to visit. Since they had a band, Natty was able to do some dancing. Give that girl music, and she is shaking her thang... LOL Since Amy and Gregg had gone to a wedding, once Brian, Nat and I got back to Nat's house (since that is where we stayed for the weekend). The plan was to watch Cinderella, and Nat was able to be Cinderella. Well, problem was, when it came to bedtime, Nat insisted on having Cinderella on the tv.. LOL So she could sleep with her. But I did manage to convince her to hold on to the DVD box, cause Cinderella was inside. Oh, and she had to wear her glass slippers to bed.. LOL It was alot of fun, even though she finally crashed about 1am!

On Sunday we woke up, and went over and visited with my Grandma. Natalie of course had to be Cinderella again, and showed off her dress to Grandma. On our way home, we stopped again, and said our goodbyes to my parents, had a little visit also. We got home about 3 this afternoon.
I have placed some pictures on this blog, hope they turn out ok. I love pictures (if you havent noticed)

Picture on Left: Lisa, Katie, Glen
Picture On Right: Conway

Picture on Left: Brian, Katie, Kim
Picture On Right: Scott, Conway, Amy, Natalie, Glen, Katie

Picture on Left: Dad, Conway, Natalie, Katie, Mom (Picture of the grandparents and grandchildren)
Picture On Right:Glen, Grandma W, Katie, Mom (Four generations)
The Birthday girl, dances the night away


Quilt Class ~ 10/13

This is the quilt block I worked on today in class. I need to have 30 of them completed, by next class. I almost had them all completed but time ran out. I will have to take it down to my sister's this weekend, and work on it (if I find the time).

Yes the trees are going to be crooked.. but from the distance it looks like a green blur.. LOL


Katie Marie

Katie Marie was born today! October 10, 2005 @ 2:17pm ~ 7lbs 4ozs ~ 19 inches long. Grandma Sharon said that she has a head of hair, already down to her ears. My mom said that she has been crying alot though. My mom and my sister, Amy with with my brother and Lisa during the delivery.

Parents Glen (my brother) & Lisa are doing great!

Aunt Kim cant wait to see Katie on Thursday! :)



Yes I said it.. thats when it did here today. It was snowing!
It was snowing as I left for work this morning, and it was snowing
off and on this afternoon.

It was just enough to notice, no drifts or shoveling... yet ... LOL


Quilt Class - 10/06

This is what I did in class today! And I came home and worked on my homework ~ the rest of the 19 (only took me 6 hrs!) blocks So I spent about 9 hrs today on the quilt.

Click on the picture to see it get bigger... Also, the block is actually about 125% larger than this picture.

I had to fussy cut the middle block - cause I was going for the moose in each block.. well I was successful in about 13 of them, and some of the blocks have trees, and mostly brown background. I had to cut, and triangle the other two prints. Before I left class I had one of the blocks completed. The teacher and another student had asked if I wanted to go for lunch, and I said I would love too, but I should get working on the blocks so I for sure had them done by next weeks class. Well Im glad I came home and worked on them.. I had thought about sewing them together next Wednesday night, but that would have been a sleepless night, since I spent 6hrs on it at home!

So today, I cut (at class), pieced the 20 blocks together (pieced on pattern, sew, cut the raw edges, iron, pieced, sew, cut, iron, pieced, sew, cut, iron, pieced, sew, cut, iron, cut, one block). My neck hurts the most, and my butt.. LOL

Well I should get going, I have a mess to clean up from all the work.. LOL Check back next week for a quilting update :)

Plaid Pumpkin

This is a freebie from Hillside Samplings. Stitched on 14 ct white aida. Lots of mixed DMC floss. Stitched for a Halloween SAL.


Bingo Surprise Goodie

In the mail today I received a bubbled envelope in the mail, I know who the return address belongs too, and I excitedly (if that is even a word, but Im going to use it anyways.. LOL) openned the envelope up. And inside was the most adorable Snowman fob! Its just too cute. I now have it hanging off a pair of my favorite scissors.

I "won" it playing Bingo, I was the last person to get their words to the bingo caller, before the game started.. LOL Go me!.. LOL

I just hope it doesnt jinx the weather any, but tonight, coming home, I heard the naughty "S" word in the forcast. Possibly tomorrow night, and into Friday morning.



Yes Geckos, but a different type of Geckos, stitched Geckos!.. LOL

I stitched this block for a friend's quilt, the theme is reptiles. I found this freebie on the net. The actual colors of the picture does not do it justice! I stitched on the black with Rayon thread, I dont know what was worse, the black or the thread... LOL But I enjoyed stitching it!

Its stitched on 14ct black aida, with Green, Red, and Blue Rayon threads.

A Day in the life of .. Me :)

What a day! Well it all really started last night. I was using my laptop, put it down onto the chair, so I could go and use the bathroom. I noticed that when I put it down, the screen went darker than normal ~ meaning that the power supply came loose. Well with having a battery on the laptop, it says on. Well I didn't think much of it, so I went to the bathroom, came back to work on the laptop again. Still after trying to get the computer to recognize the power adapter, it didn't. Well I was feeling bummed about that, and I told Bri since I was going to Rhinelander, I would stop at OfficeMax, and get a replacement adaptor, no big deal.. Well stay tune to the rest of the story.

Today I had...
... woke up to it thundering and down pouring, so I sat down and stitched for awhile, while I waited a little while before I would take a shower. Left the house about 9am to drive to Eagle River (35 miles away)
.... a dentist appt. (10am) ~ just the cleaning, well it turned into the cleaning from heck.. LOL I had to have the “sonic deep cleaning”, and have to go back in 2 weeks to have medicine put between my teeth and gums. If you have met me ~ you will notice that my teeth are not perfect lots of crowding ~ well this is suppose to help my teeth and gums, from well, falling out. Only $663 later (thank goodness for insurance - but I think I need to correct them on that, cause I believe they over charged the insurance 3 procedures!) And when I go on the 20th, I have to have the medicine put in, and I was informed that my insurance may not pay for it..
and that is could cost about $207!?! Gosh, give me a pliers, and get it over with.. I don't think that my teeth are worth this much.. LOL
....drove to Rhinelander (about 20 miles)..
....stopped @ Wal-Mart to see if they sold any of the power adapters I needed, since I had bought the laptop from Wal-Mart, I figured they would, but they didn't.
....went over to Office Max, nope, directed me to go to this one computer place ~ which she gave me the wrong directions, but now I know where the Rhinelander High School is.. LOL
....found the computer place, gosh $22.50 for 30 minutes of service, man oh man, I'm in the wrong business. I explained the problem ~ that I was pretty sure it was the power adapter, but he keep it to “check it out”
.... treated myself to the #2 @ McD Supper Club - they started the Monopoly game today.
.... as I was eating my lunch, I drove around Rhinelander and didn't get lost.
.... stopped at Ben Franklin and they are closing, so they had a 40% off everything in the store, didn't do to bad .. LOL Did get some DMC floss, but I wish I had my list, cause I would have gotten more to add to the stash, but I was good.
....went back to the computer place to pick up the laptop. Yes I was right! It was the power adapter, and that I needed to contact HP to get a new one. He didn’t charge me for looking at the laptop. (WOOHOO)
....did grocery shopping at Aldi’s
.... back to Wal-Mart to pick up the odds and ends I still needed for quilting class.
.... had to go to Hancock Fabrics to get a special ruler I need for Thursday.
.... got home about 4:30p, it was raining most of the day - hard - but it wasn't when I got home, thank goodness.
.... unpacked the truck, put the groceries away.
.... called HP ~ new adapter is going to be here in about a day or two (WOOHOO)
....here I am, on the old PC, well not really old.. LOL but I miss the typing on the laptop, and I miss everything on my laptop, cause its more convient, cause I know where everything is.. LOL
Well, I guess time to read thru my emails.


Swirly Heart

Gosh I love having the day off and getting something accomplished, you guessed it, I had another finish.. LOL Another "goal" crossed off the list.

I finished Swirly Heart - a freebie from Twisted Threads Stitched on lite pink 14ct aida with varigated DMC floss. It was stitched for a friend's quilt. The theme is hearts. :)


Steeple Sampler

Hot doggie dog! Two finishes in one day! Man oh man.. I need a life.. LOL Well I totally enjoyed relaxing today!

I did Steeple Sampler - a design from Heart In Hand. Stitched on 16ct Tumbleweed aida.

It will be finished into a picture frame, and will be donated to my home church for their baazar this November. :)

Pumpkin Patch

This is a freebie from The Useful Needle, called Pumpkin Patch - stitched on 14ct fiddlers aida. Stitched for a Halloween SAL.


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