Patriotic Challenge - 05.31.11

Tonight, I sewed on the lines that I made last night. I just worked on the bigger block, got two corners done. Sewed on 64 blocks, trimmed off the excess, and then ironed them open. Man, I can tell Im out of the loop of ironing - I wonder if I will wake up with blisters in the morning.. LOL

Said Goodbye..

This morning had to say goodbye to a sweet angel. This is not goodbye, its a I'll see you again, someday. Love you Kayla!!


Patriotic Challenge - 05.30.11 Part 3

This is how I spent my time watching The Bachelorette...

Drawing a line from corner to corner - got them all done - all 248 of them. WOOT WOOT!

Patriotic Challenge - 05.30.11 Part 2

Got everything cut but the borders (dont like them to fray on me, better to stay uncut till I need them.) The two on the left, need to be sewn together, then I cut them again - easy peasy. :)

Love the colors!!

Patriotic Challenge - 05.30.11 Part 1

Ever buy anything that when you see it, it brings the "mojo" back? But when you get it home, you've lost the "mojo".

Well, I have created the "Patriotic Challenge". I had seen this David Textile pattern online, and then I found all the fabrics to go with it at WalMart! WalMart had it has their project of the month, I was happy and minutes later the bolts where in my cart. (I know, some of you cringe when you hear buying fabric at WalMart - but its David Textile - you can get the same stuff at a quilt store for more!)

So, being Memorial Day today - I have challenged myself to a "Patriotic Challenge". My challenge to myself, is to get the quilt top DONE by another patriotic holiday - July 4th.

Crazy of me? Nah, I think I will be successful. I need to get back into the quilting again - need to prioritize my time more - cut out the silly tasks I do (like play games on Facebook... LOL)

Ok, on my marks, get cutting, PATRIOTIC CHALLENGE has begun!

Memorial Day 2011

The fam went to go and visit hubby's Grandfather's grave - he was in World War I.

Happy Memorial Day - God Bless those that lost their lives, so I can live mine, free. God Bless America!


Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my little guy Stewie! Hard to believe its been a year already! Have a great day with your chew bone!


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