Mylene's SFE

I received Mylene's SFE. She used a part of the Stitcher's Prayer from Little House Needleworks, and make this cute pin cushion.

Ive really enjoyed this exchange (as always)!


Dad update 4/27/08

Friday night I found out that my Mom, Sister, and her two girls were out in Minnesota by Dad.

Yep, he is still there!

Amy (my sis) called today about noon and told me they plan to stay a couple more days, as dad *may* be coming home on Tuesday. (Ya!! If its true) My dad had heart surgery in June '04, where he had a mechanical valve replaced, and Dad & Mom are seeing if the can get the surgery done again by the same surgeon that did the previous surgery (and another good thing about the surgeon, he had come from Mayo Clinic). Which would make it take place in Appleton, which is like 15 miles from my parents house - rather than 226 miles.

So, I guess they (DRs and my parents) were weighing the pros and cons of my dad leaving on Tuesday. He will need to have his surgery within a 3 month time. But I guess they are going to contact the Surgeon in Appleton to see if he can do the surgery. So fingers crossed!

Since he has been in the hospital, he has lost another 14 lbs (in 11 days)! And... he said last night during our phone conversation that he was feeling better in his stomach area (the reason we had gone to Mayo in the first place).

I found out that my niece Kaylee wanted to know if I could come over, so she could sleep with me while at the hotel..LOL Ahh.. if only it wasnt a 6 hr drive!

Thanks for the ones that keep asking how my dad is.. its great to know that people care!! The prayers and thoughts are doing their work!! THANK YOU!

Received Sarah' SFE

Yesterday I received Sarah's SFE that she made for me! Its too cute! My theme is "Saltbox Houses".

Thank you Sarah! I love the floss color you selected! Great job!!

Listen & Learn Double Flips from Lizzie*Kate FINISH

Here is an update of the Double Flips by Lizzie Kate. I just LOVE this series!!

I finished Listen about a week ago already, and Learn was finished last night.

So here is my progress of the Double Flips. Going to start on Believe and Care soon!

Stitching with a VIEW!

While I was in Rochester, MN at Mayo Clinic.. there was alot of times where I needed to wait in the waiting room while my dad was having some test done.

If you have been to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, you may know what I'm talking about. There are two buildings, (Mayo Building and the Gonda Building), and on the east side of the buildings they share a corridor between the two buildings. One side is the wall, where the elevators are, and the other is panes of glass. Yes Windows!! Boy did I take advantage of the view! We had appointments on the 3rd, 6th, and 19th floor. So we had to stop at each floor and check out the view.

While my dad was at his echocardigram test, I had 2 hrs to stitch. There was a waiting area, and well it was dark. And guess what, there were sitting areas in the corridors, and I found a nice comfy spot, and got out my model and started stitching away! I was on the 6th floor.

It was SUPER windy that day, and there were two guys on the side of the building doing repairs. CRAZY!

While stitching, I did have a lady come up to me and asked what I was doing. I showed her what I was doing, and what the design looked like on paper, and my stitching so far. She laughed at the saying I was stitching for the model, and she left with a smile.
The last pictures are from the 19th Floor of the Mayo Building.

You will have to click on the pictures to make them bigger, as I selected the "small" feature for the pictures.

SBQ - Catching Up!

April 3rd - This week's SBQ was suggested by Terri and is:

What items do you consider essential to your needlework that you keep in your stitching bag?

What I use as a "stitching bag" is what you would carry a Bible in. Its works great! I can fit a 8" QSnap inside, and zip it up. Its not that bulky like a bag. Inside the bag when its not carrying a project you would find... scissors, extra needles, fray check, pencil/pen,

April 10th - This week's SBQ was suggested by Jennifer and is:

What is the most complicated piece you've ever completed?

Humm, good question. I would have to say a model I did for Moonflower Designs. The reason it was complicating as I was stitching it in hand dyed fibers, and what I wanted to achieve for the model was when it turned, the stitching would turn also. So I sat with the design and worked out where I wanted to "turn" the stitching. I think it turned out wonderful!!

April 23rd - This week's SBQ was suggested by Christine and is:

How do you handle blended threads? Do you kit the blends up before you start a piece, or do you grab what colors you need and blend when the need arises? If you kit up the blends beforehand, how do you store them? Do you have another option for blends to share?

Ok, this question is kinda confusing to me. I'm assuming they are referring to two colors being used to give another look. Like example, using 726 and 745 together. What I would do is, cut the threads as I needed them. Cut them the same length, and use 1 strand of each color, and stitch with them. Nothing spectacular, I guess.. LOL

The Wedding Spot by The Trilogy FINISH

Last year at the ILCS retreat, we swapped charts, and this is one of them that I selected from someone's stash.

We are invited to a wedding of a family friend next month. So I thought I would stitch something up for them, and this is what I selected.

Its called Wedding Spots from The Trilogy, stitched on 28ct Natural -Zweigart Quaker Linen with DMC floss.

I will be finishing it off as a pillow in the next week, as I have to send it. It sucks, I sent our RSVP as we were invited to dinner. Come to find out I work that weekend! Rats! So I sent an email saying sorry we wont be able to make it.. but I requested their address to send a gift. So I will send this, along with a gift card. :)

Computer Problem

Can I get an ....ARGH!!

Yesterday, Brian goes. "Kim, there is something wrong with the computer". I use my laptop, while Brian uses the desktop computer. If you read the previous post about me finding out how to use a paper clip to get cd drawer open? Well the saga continues.

Brian used the computer Friday night, and said that that computer needed to do a Windows Update... so I said, go ahead and install it. Well... he went to go and turn it on yesterday.. and while it had the Windows XP window showing with the status bar. Well the status bar STOPPED! I remember having problems in the past when the status bar stopped. And that meant.. bad, bad, bad. Im not sure if it was the Windows update, or the fact that I put the sound card in it a few days before.

So I restarted it.. and well I tried to start it up in safe mode. I couldn't get past a file that froze up the start up. I got out the Windows XP cd, and tried to boot up the computer that way. Nope, no luck at all. Tried to reintsall Windows XP to the computer. Nope, froze up again.

Long story short, I swapped out the faster computer for the old, slow computer. I did a check disk, and actually the old computer is running faster. And then last night.. we some how exceeded the Fair Access Policy with HughesNet (Your service provider implements a Fair Access Policy in order to guarantee a fair share of available bandwidth to all users). So our internet speed is slower than our dialup was! And today I have spent alot of time on the computer.. go figure!

So, I have a sound card, that is well, useless, grr! $30, and I could have spent it on STASH!


If I had known then what I know now

Ever have that feeling?! Where you wished you would have known something that would have made your life so, so, so much simpler, but it was like a OMG, check this out moment"?

I just had one.

Sit back, you might learn it too.

Ok, I had some how had another computer added to our fleet, and well my old computer (which Brian uses for a computer, and I use the laptop) just wasn't adding up to Brian's expectations anymore. I was getting sick of hearing about the computer being so slow, and what not. So I had swapped out the old computer.. (remember the day we bought it.. was the day we lost Columbia {the space shuttle}) for the computer that my Mom had given us. (Never can have enough desktop towers!) So, a year already I swapped them, only to have it swapped back, since some how the CD rom door didn't open. So, when we had the satellite internet installed, the old computer was put back into commission.

So about 2 or 3 weeks ago.. I switched the computers again. Got great results, except for the sound, in Brian's words... "sucked". So the other day I was out shopping, and I picked up a new sound card to replace the one that's in the computer.

Installed the sound card, went to go to install the software.

And this is where I went... "Oh crap"

The CD door does not open... how will I install the software. I thought oh wait, I have a external CD burner somewhere around here. Found it... wouldn't read that it was connected. So I started looking for drivers for the sound card, online. Actually found them, and started downloading them. Then I thought what the heck, I'm going to do a search on the net for advice on how open the stuck CD Rom door.

Ok, look at your CD room, see the tiny hole? Find a paper clip and straighten it out. Now put the paper clip in the hole. Give it alittle push in, and feel the force, and then pull your CD room drawer out! Wah la!

Learned something new today! Software in the CD Rom is installing. Fingers crossed I have sound in the end!!


Guess who...

Guess WHO my 3 year old nephew got to shake hands with... you will never guess...

Their comment to Conway was.. "Wow, your hands are warm."

Actually, so did my future sis in law, and niece!! All the while I was in MN. I was so jealous!!

Happy Belated Blogday to me!

Gosh, I cant believe it... I missed my blog birthday! It was April 21st.. and I missed it. I cant believe it!

So, Happy 3rd Blogyear to me!

Thanks for all that take the time to stop by, and a special thank you for the ones thats leave a comment, it means alot!

Update on Dad - 04/22/08

My dad called me tonight to see how I liked the truck.. since I had gotten it back today.

He told me that the surgeon was by, and told my dad that he wasn't sure when or if they would be doing surgery. It may be next week, next month... It sounds like having it done the 2nd time, is harder on the body than the first. He had cath done yesterday. Today he had some test, and found out that his lungs are only functioning 40%. So now he needs to start walking more, and he will have to do the treadmill tomorrow with more test.

So, he still resides in Minnesota. Not sure when he will be coming home. My sister and Mom maybe heading back out there again soon. I would love to go out there, and stay a few more days.. but there is that thing called....$$$$.


My Goodness... where did the past week go?!?

Gosh, it seems like its all a blur...

Where to start. Well since getting home Friday night, I was exhausted, and went to bed pretty much right away, after getting home. Saturday & Sunday I had to work - Saturday was a very hard day. I was still exhausted from the previous week. But I made it through. Sunday was a much better day, and when I got home, I had enough energy to do some stitching.

I finished up on a model that I had gotten the previous Monday (actually stopped at the post office on the way down state to pick it up.) I stitched about 2/3's of the design while waiting for appts, or in the hotel room relaxing. I put the last stitch in the design about midnight Sat night, and mailed it off on Monday. The rest of the day was spent doing laundry. Actually was able to hang the clothes out on the line for the first time this year! About time! Spent alittle time outside doing alittle yard work. The rest of the evening was spent stitching on a wedding design for a wedding next week, and watching Little People, Big World, and Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Today, I had to go and pick up my new truck. I had to meet my brother half way. My youngest brother had kept it while I was down there last week, and he was able to put on the deer slayerbrush guard on the front of the truck. He also put on a bug shield, mud flaps, and some door edge protectors! I will have to get a picture, when its not raining out. It was quite cute, my nephew Conway was so excited to see me, and then he invited me to Burger King, and he had to ride with Aunt Kim. Had breakfast at BK with them, and then I headed over to Shawano to do some shopping. I stopped at WalMart and shopped for some deals. I found a different FM transmitter for my truck to listen to my MP3 player in the truck. I got home about 2:30pm. Put the items away, and then started on the hitch and ball for my truck. Found out that I purchased the wrong size ball for the hitch. So after running to the store in Long Lake to get the right ball, I was all set. I need to haul some wood from a coworker.. so I needed to get a hitch and ball set for the truck.

I went to go and try out my FM transmitter in my truck. Went to go and get the mp3 player, and I know I packed it for the trip to MN, but I couldn't find it. I swear I packed it in my clothes bag. I found the cord for the mp3 player, but I couldn't find the player in the pocket of the bag. I checked all the other bags, thinking maybe I put it in a different bag. Nope. Couldn't find it. Checked some of the bags 3 times, and the luggage bag 4 times. I felt so upset. It got to the point where I called the hotel asking if they may have seen the player. They didn't have anything there that was misplaced or found. GRR! Called my mom to see if she could check in their Expedition to see if maybe it was on the floor, that it had fallen out of the bag. Nope. I felt so bad.

Brian felt really bad for me.. and guess what. He wanted to take me out to dinner, and we some how came home with a new mp3 player..LOL So the new player works wonderfully with the fm transmitter.

So, if you see a Philips 2GB (black front, and white back) mp3 player with ear buds, in a "sock" (white, lite green, blue variegated) that my Mom made for me. It belongs to me!

Joke - May Offend

While in MN, my brother sent a text funny via the cell phone. And it went something like this....

Gas stations are going to start showing porn at the pumps. That way, you actually get excited for getting raped at the pump.

$3.69 here!!

SFE from Vicky, Debra, Viv, & Elaine

How exciting is this!!

For this round of Small Finish Exchange on ILCS, I selected "salt box house" for my theme. The mail date was April 20th, and check out the finishes I have received so far!!

Debra mailed me my SFE almost 2 months ago (it seems), and I had to share. Finished off as a trivet. Too cute!

Vicky sent me this adorable BDD. Its finished off as a coaster.

Viv sent me an spiritual book mark. I will be using it with my devotional bible.

Elaine made this adorable pillow, complete with our last name! How cool is that!

Thanks ladies!! I really enjoy this exchange!!



but I had to leave my Dad in Rochester, MN. He is there to have heart surgery.. which may have been the cause of the other reason we were there. We were pretty much told that he was suffering from heart failure.

We are not sure of when he will have the surgery, but the doctor was for sure he was going to have it. So it its going to be interesting in the near future.

My email is so backed up.. I don't know where to start. While I was gone, I received my SFEs from Vicky and Viv. Thank you so much ladies!! I will get some photos on my blog in the near future, when the dust settles.

So life will be tough for a bit. Please bare with me.


In Rochester!

Greetings from Rochester, Minnesota.

We made it! It was a beautiful ride here. Took us 4 hrs. But we are here! The Mayo Clinic is amazing to look at.. and I hope doctors bring us some courage and information we need to help my dad.

I wanna say THANK you for all the comments and the emails that were sent to me. You people are WONDERFUL! Thanks for making a person's life alittle brighter!

Will keep you posted!


Its Official

I'm heading on Monday to Rochester, MN with my Dad.

He has an appointment at 7:30am on Tuesday (April 15th), at the Mayo Clinic. At this time he is going to be an outpatient.. but things could change. When I first found out about the chance that he might be going to Mayo, I said I would go. Well I got the call this afternoon. My Dad and I would have to leave on Monday, stay at a hotel over night, so we can get to his early morning appt. And just play it by ear as the time goes on, if he would be needing more test and such.

So, I have called work, and I will work on my Sunday off, so I can have a coworker switch with me, so she would work for me on Monday.. and my boss will be covering for me on Wednesday. I would have off Mon - Friday. I will leave early Monday morning, stop and pick up my dad, and drive the 4 hr trip from my parents, to Rochester. So I will spend at least 7hrs in the truck on Monday. As of right now, they don't know if it will be 1 or 3 - 5 days, before we could head home.
For those wondering, why Mayo? My dad has been sick since Jan '07. Over the time he has been put thru the wringer on test after test, without any results, as to why he feels the way he does. He always has a rolling in his stomach, and has been off of work since Dec 3rd. Couple of weeks ago he was forced into retirement. Back in January, he spent 4 days at University Hospital in Madison for tests.. but they could only come to the conclusion that he had a very rare symptoms of a side affect of his diabetes. Its to do with his bowels. Just very painful and very unpleasant to live with. Some days it takes him awhile to get going.. and he has lost alot of weight. We were down to visit my family at the beginning of March, and I was aware that he had lost alot of weight, but if we weren't in a public place at the time, I wouldn't have controlled my tears. He had lost 95lbs.. they said over a course of months, but I felt it was more like since Christmas. It was so sad to see him in the shape he was.

So, if you could think some good thoughts and if acceptable, a few prayers as we make this journey.. it would be greatly appreciated!

As of right now.. this trip to Mayo Clinic, is his last option, so to speak. We are so ready to hear what is wrong with my Dad. Its sad to see a person live this way.


2 Teach A Life - LK FINISH

Ever have a design that just takes a bit to stitch, but its so simple?! This was one of them! I think it was cause I have been so involved with the other (sewing) needle.

So last night I sat down and finished the stitching on this cute design! I was pluggin away on the border to discover I was off a 1/2 stitch. So I had to rip out about 1/4 of the border.. I can blame that on the black fabric.

Here is 2 Teach A Life by Lizzie*Kate stitched on black 28ct fabric using DMC floss. This design is a thank you gift for my niece's teacher. Will be framed.



Ok.. I have to tell you all about this little story.. and its true.

My sister called last night...

Sis: "You will not believe what I just saw in the girl's closet."
Me: "A mouse, a mole.... what?"
Sis: "Get this, a SNAKE! It's dead now."

Come to find out, my sister was looking for some sweaters that my Mom had knitted for the girls at Christmas time, and she wanted to swap the buttons for different ones. So my sister had to go into their closet to look for the sweaters. That is when she noticed the snake on the floor. It was alive. She lives in a 4 apartment complex. Where it came from.. she didn't know.. and they still have snow on the ground, there. She said she had a new neighbor to the building do the deed... and remove it from the apartment.

We are NOT snake people.

Sister called again today.

Sis: "Guess what..."
Me: "What?"
Sis: "I called (another tenant in the building, who lives upstairs) to ask if he was missing anything.. like a snake? (the building isn't suppose to have animals.. and this guy's other snake ate a kitten, once before). Well he said that (child's name)'s snake got out, and that he had been turning the apartment upside down trying to find it."

She went on to say that it was the same snake (description was exact, even the broken tail) that was downstairs in their apartment. He asked if it was alive.

Me: (laughing), "Well it wasn't wearing a collar, so you had permission to kill it."


Can I get an.. OMG!

Im cruising the internet here, and I happen to stumble upon this photo.. knowing me I need to have a looky..

I remember being SO IN LOVE with these guys.. back in the day of what.. gosh, middle school. Heck I cant even remember.

I remember going and buying the cassette (gosh, remember those?!) at the Exclusive Company in Appleton. And then going home and putting it in the boombox and blasting it and dreaming of Joey. While I looked at my New Kids on the Block posters I had hanging all over the bedroom.

As far as remembering the songs, all I can think of is.... Hangin Tough

Gosh, I guess we all grow up!


Stars & Stripes ... Forever Table Runner

As part of the quilt shop hop that Wardo's will be participating from May 1 - 10th. I needed to come up with a table runner design. So the other day, I was thinking and doing some research. I found a pattern I liked, and I decided to play with it alittle. I'm always a fan of patriotic designs, so I thought I would just go ahead with my idea. But really, it can be done with other colors besides. Its a simple pattern, so in a way, I'm sure I'm copying a design that has already been done.. but come on.. how many do you think there would be??

I needed to create a pattern with directions and have a model to show. So here is my model. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

So, here is my Stars and Stripes ... Forever table runner. Its 18" X 36". The pictures do not do it justice. The colors are very Americana. If you would be interested in the pattern, let me know. First of all I have to write it up.. LOL

The table runner took about 10 hrs to complete.. that included the cutting, sewing, quilting and the dreaded hand stitching the binding. I LOVE the results!

Please let me know what you think. Would love to hear feedback.

No foolin....

Look at what we woke up to this morning!! They were calling for 8 - 1o".. and it was the wet, heavy snow.

This was the aftermath of it this morning.. So Mother Nature wasn't foolin us!

Last night on the way home from work.. it took me 1 hr and 35 minutes to drive the 35 miles. The roads were AWFUL! I barely could see the road at times. And I had to slow down at times to let the snow settle so I could regain my grip on the steering wheel to venture on.

This morning I thought I would take some pictures.. so I walked out into the snow to get to the clothes line to get a picture.

I kid you not.. I had snow up to my thighs! That's how deep the snow is still by us! I tried to take a good picture of the depth of the snow, but I didn't have any good luck!

Im so ready for SPRING! And of course its 40.1 degrees, good bye snow!

Paper Whites Little House Needleworks - Finished!

On the Little House/Country Cottage Needleworks group I belong too, they are having a Spring SAL.. and offered a selection of charts to chose from. I selected Paper Whites as it was in the first batch of LHN charts I had ever purchased!

So here is Paper Whites from LHN. I stitched it on a piece of 28ct linen fabric I had here.. not sure of the brand/color... but I thought it was a perfect fit! I stitched this design with DMC.

Last night I started on 2 Teach Is 2 Touch A Life 4 Ever by Lizzie Kate, and I'm stitching it on black! Its looking awesome so far!


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