Wedding Gift

Here is a recent - well had it stitched already back in August, but framed it in October, but finally gave it as a wedding gift this month.

Here is The Lighthouse by Bent Creek, with changes of course. :)


You see..

You see 4 Amelia charm packs, I see a quilt. :)


Another project I havent blogged about. But of course I have posted it on Facebook..LOL

I was asked by a friend that lives in Thailand to make some aprons for her and her family. For her to order the amount of aprons would have gone over her budget, so I said yes. First of all, Ive never made an apron before, so I just found some directions, and went from there. Her request be that they were going to be durable, and could hold the dirt well, and to have a hammer hook.

She has received them and putting hers to good use as she was waiting for Christmas to give the children theirs.

So, here are the results.. LOVE how they turned out. She is going to be ordering more when the budget allows.


I was invited to a bridal shower (actually was last month already - seems Im really lacking in this blogging). I was looking for a quick and easy tablerunner - and I knew I had some scraps from a quilt I had made (you know you need to keep those scraps, never know when you will need them).

Well here the results, and I even quilted the tablerunner with Press n Seals :)


Cuddle Me Quilt Top

Thought I would get back in the game, and participate in

So, I thought I would finish up the quilt that I just cut out on umm I think it was Sunday. So here is Cuddle Me, by clairebella - the pattern is here. I had gotten the fabric at WalMart, as it was a quilt of the month.. I think last year sometime. VERY easy to put together!

So tonight all I had to do was finish putting on the borders. DONE! Will be given as a baby shower gift soon. So I just have to find some backing material, get the batting, quilt & bind!


Stewie needs your VOTE

Use Facebook?

We need your help. Stewie is entered in a calendar contest - tomorrow is the last day, and we need some more votes.

PLEASE click on his picture on the left, and under the picture where it says "Stewie" please leave a LIKE ... or click the link, and leave a LIKE


Bear Kill Tag - Go Pack Go!

Stewie is ready for the game!! GO Pack GO! He is even sporting his Bear Kill Tag! See how he treats his own Bears - rips the stuffing out of them.. WOOT!



54-40 or Fight - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week

I know, you can gasp! I gave up on making these blocks (sorry Jen). I last made a block back in November, I know shame on me. Last weekend while cleaning my sewing room, I came across Stewie's vet papers, as I knew a vet visit was in due, and in the folder I found the blocks that I had all the pieces cut out, and ready to find my attention. So this evening, I thought, humm, I wanna do something quick, but I don't want to cut and iron. So I thought, heck, why not. So here is 54-40 or Fight. Please excuse the uneven sides, as the 4 patches need to be stretched when sewn together into a quilt.

Block #39 – 54-40 or Fight – Racine County
Pattern is here - 54-40 or Fight

Find out more about the "Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week" @ Cre8tive Quilter


Mourning Badges

Honored to be working on something for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. When a firefighter dies in the Line Of Duty, firefighters wear mourning bands over their badge, in respect of the Line of Duty Death. Im proud to make these for the firefighters, and making them in memory of my Dad, Dean W. Mathison, a 2009 LODD.

Here is what a mourning band looks like -


Oh well, life got in the way.

Well, it seems I need to clean off the cobwebs around this blog. Seems like I get to where I want to post a blog post, but then I never get around to it.

Oh well life is just passing me by. Its been a busy summer, mainly working and then coming home to only fall asleep from all the fresh air I had while sitting outside with the residents I work with at the nursing home. My hours have now changed from 10:30am - 7pm to 9am - 5pm. Yes I know, perfect banker hours! But its almost 6pm before I get home, and I'm starving. Make dinner has become a bore for me.. LOL I would rather just sit in my recliner, and well, fall asleep..LOL

I haven't even stitched in about 2 or 3 months.. I know its most likely the 3 months. Since the death of my 12 yr old niece and Mother inlaw breaking her neck. Ive been preoccupied. I wouldn't say that I'm having "issues" with what has happen, but I'm just enjoying life alittle more - no need to get things done that don't need to be done right this minute, know what I mean.

Yesterday, I cleaned in my sewing/stash/computer room, more for looking for my mojo, and the fact I promised my old computer desk to my sister, for her new business. I did get rid of a few things that were just taking up space. I was almost tempted to get rid of all my cross stitching stash. I just dont have the desire to stitch those "I need to have at this moment purchases". Which, honestly, take up space in our little house.

Then, there's all the fabric I have stashed here and there. Yes that too should get the boot.. but I feel as those I need to hang on to them.

I know, I'm starting to sound coo - coo..LOL Oh well, consider this a post, and will have to see where I go from here..

Umm maybe on the sewing machine to finish up on my Patriotic Challenge - that was supposed to get finished before July 4th. Oh well, life got in the way.


Pug Puppies FOR SALE

Posting for my Mom - yes Stewie's brothers and sisters from another litter will be available 6/28! They share the same parents, and the same birthdate - but one year apart!


Happy Father's Day!

Stewie here...

Just wanting to wish all the Fathers out there (not sure how many read here), but a HAPPY FATHER's DAY!! Human or fur.

I belong to a great Dad, that is totally in love with ME! Couldnt ask for a happier Dad! Mom had a great idea this afternoon, and we just had to go shopping! We picked up a tee shirt - got rid of the sleeves (Dad's style), and crossed our fingers and paws that Mom could find the iron on transfers.

And, here is the finished project! Shhhh, dont tell Dad, but with all my excitement, he might be wearing it tomorrow, since its Father's Day weekend, right!? Woof!


Patriotic Challenge - 06.16.11

Ok, I know I have been slacking on my updates involving the Patriotic Challenge - not sure anyone cares. But life is going on, and its been one of those, "hold on tight, its going to be a bumpy ride!" Took a little trip down last weekend to visit my family to get away from family stress a situation that has been going on around home. It was good to get away - hubby actually wanted to stay a month at my Mom's but we had to come home, as I had to get back to work, and he had to go back to doing what he needed to help out with his family's situation.

More so, I have been sewing to relieve "STRESS!". So here is my progress

I worked on cutting the 1/4" edge June 5th. Had to have something to while inlaw sitting.

I finished up the Star Blocks tonight, and

Just under an hour, I had the 4 patch blocks finished.

Then I went ahead and pinned the blocks together, as Im ready to make the rows of the quilt!!

Will have to find more time to work on the quilt top, as life is going to remain busy for awhile!


Patriotic Challenge - 05.31.11

Tonight, I sewed on the lines that I made last night. I just worked on the bigger block, got two corners done. Sewed on 64 blocks, trimmed off the excess, and then ironed them open. Man, I can tell Im out of the loop of ironing - I wonder if I will wake up with blisters in the morning.. LOL

Said Goodbye..

This morning had to say goodbye to a sweet angel. This is not goodbye, its a I'll see you again, someday. Love you Kayla!!


Patriotic Challenge - 05.30.11 Part 3

This is how I spent my time watching The Bachelorette...

Drawing a line from corner to corner - got them all done - all 248 of them. WOOT WOOT!

Patriotic Challenge - 05.30.11 Part 2

Got everything cut but the borders (dont like them to fray on me, better to stay uncut till I need them.) The two on the left, need to be sewn together, then I cut them again - easy peasy. :)

Love the colors!!

Patriotic Challenge - 05.30.11 Part 1

Ever buy anything that when you see it, it brings the "mojo" back? But when you get it home, you've lost the "mojo".

Well, I have created the "Patriotic Challenge". I had seen this David Textile pattern online, and then I found all the fabrics to go with it at WalMart! WalMart had it has their project of the month, I was happy and minutes later the bolts where in my cart. (I know, some of you cringe when you hear buying fabric at WalMart - but its David Textile - you can get the same stuff at a quilt store for more!)

So, being Memorial Day today - I have challenged myself to a "Patriotic Challenge". My challenge to myself, is to get the quilt top DONE by another patriotic holiday - July 4th.

Crazy of me? Nah, I think I will be successful. I need to get back into the quilting again - need to prioritize my time more - cut out the silly tasks I do (like play games on Facebook... LOL)

Ok, on my marks, get cutting, PATRIOTIC CHALLENGE has begun!

Memorial Day 2011

The fam went to go and visit hubby's Grandfather's grave - he was in World War I.

Happy Memorial Day - God Bless those that lost their lives, so I can live mine, free. God Bless America!


Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my little guy Stewie! Hard to believe its been a year already! Have a great day with your chew bone!


"A Kim Update"

Wow, scrolling down my blog - my blogoversary button caught my attention - it states that my blog is another year older in 6 days.


Six years since I have started this blog. According to my monthly total of posts, I have fallen off the posting wagon. Guilty. And I have Facebook to thank! Yes, that social network that sucks the time out of you, but keeps you connected. Even with your own cousins that you wouldn't just pick up the phone to call. Its amazing how before you could just say - you have email, rather now, its do you have Facebook?

Yesterday while out shopping, I was asked if I have been quilting much, and I truthfully told them no. I have lost my mojo for quilting. Yes I have projects that need finishing up, but I just haven't had that urge to jump out of my chair to march into the sewing room, and have at it. I think my major delay is I need to do some spring cleaning in my sewing room. I feel like its closing in on me. I need to find some time to just dig in, make a mess and sort out what I need to have, and what can go on to the next (yeah, and here I sit typing out this post saying I have no time..LOL).

But, then I can show that I have been busy with stitching. Its so nice to finish up on the row of stitching, and actually get to move up in the design. At this rate, I told my husband I might be finished with it in a couple years. LOL (I hope sooner) I wish I could average about a page a month, but its not always do-able.

Stewie is doing great!! He is such a great dog!! He loves to take walks, snuggle up on either hubby or I and sleep, loves to play with his toys. Even hogs the bed, and snores LOUD (which we love to hear, hehe). Hard to believe he will be a year old on May 2nd. We already got him a new crate that is wire, compared to the plastic crate he had. He rarely goes in the crate, but he does when he is barking at night, and doesn't listen. (Its not for punishment, we have found out if he is put in his crate, he doesn't bark the rest of the night.) And also, he is getting a A.J. Hawk #50 for his Bday. Yes he is a BIG Packer fan, just like his Mommy and Daddy!!

We (Stewie and I) are heading down to Milwaukee on May 15th for the Milwaukee PugFest. We are looking forward to meeting fellow pug fans. Stewie will get to meet his friend Mikey, and Mikey's soon to be little brother, Louie Stewart. Yep, you read that right, Stewie has a puppy named after him. How it came to be... I met Mikey's dad via YouTube, since his dad watched a video of Stewie with his Packer gear on. And that is where we got Stewie entered into the 2011 Packer Pup contest. So, I became friends with Mikey's Dad and Mom. Well, Mikey's Mom had posted was thinking of adding another Pug to the family and since my sister is looking for homes for her Pug puppies, I suggested to Mikey's Mom to contact my sister if they were interested. Well, the puppy's are Stewie's half siblings. So now, Stewie's half brother is going to go and live with Mikey. Well in honor of us helping Mikey's parents with getting a puppy, they decided to name their little guy's middle name after Stewie. TOO FRICKIN CUTE!!

Work for me has been going good. But the thought of even going SUCKS! I drive 70 miles round trip, and with the price of gas here at $4.00 a gallon makes the trip to work really hard. I have been looking for a job closer, but the pickings are slim.

Last month I updated my cell phone... I now have texting and web on my new phone!! Yes I have joined the 21st century! It was never really important to me to text or be on the web, but now it has.. LOL I have the new phone and features. I switched over to Straight Talk from Verizon. I'm liking the service so far, and actually find using my cell phone more.

Umm what else is there to share - ... oh yeah, Im so ready for SPRING. Enough said!!

Cabin In The Woods - WIP - 04/15/11


Its been over 4 month since I last posted a progress of Cabin - look where I was here. 12/14/10 post

Well I cant say that I have been slacking off on my stitching cause I have actually have been stitching. And as of this afternoon, I have offically finished up a ROW (meaning 5 pages across the design) - of stitching. Yep, thats right, since Deb 14, I have put in all the stitches. 4 COMPLETE pages of stitching have been finished since the last update. I have pages 16 - 30 finished - and that makes this project HALF done (per pages - not stitching)!! I have put in roughly 67,550+/- stitches, granted pages 26 - 30 where only 5 stitches tall. So since this is half the pages finished, its not accurate with the half the numbers of stitches remaining.

So with that said.. I have roughly 101,550+/- stitches to put in the top part of the design. When finished I would have put in 169,050 (which I already know that total will be more as of all the frogging I have done already..LOL)

So, here are the pictures - pages 16 - 30 complete, and a close up of the door to the cabin. LOVE the detail! (Please excuse the wrinkles.)


With 185 votes...

Stewie won! Thanks to all that voted!! Thanks to Mikey & Ken at Mikey The Green Bay Packer Pugster for the awesome contest, and thanks for allowing us to be apart of the fun!! Thanks again everyone for the votes!!! WOOF WOOF, and Go Pack!!


Vote for Stewie!

Please help Stewie win "Most Valuable Packer Pup 2011"!

VOTING is open again. Votes were reset, and Stewie needs your help!! Help make him the "Most Valuable Packer Pup" Please visit the site below, scroll down a bit, and vote in the vote box. Please vote Stewie!! THANKS for taking a few moments to vote. :)



Stewie's new collar

Stewie's sporting his new custom made fire hydrant collar from Collcole's Shop on etsy.com He also got a Green Bay Packers collar too. :)

Great service and good communication! Will be ordering again.


Exciting news...

First off, Stewie has 7 more siblings!! My sister's dog, Ella gave birth to 5 girls, 2 brothers this afternoon.


I found a link (thanks Elaine!) on my Facebook page about a month ago about entering Stewie in a contest. It was being sponored by Woman's Day - it was called "Pets In Football Gear"

So, I entered his pic - this one

And I received this email today...

Hi Kim!!

We LOVE Stewie, and have chosen you as the winner of the Pets In Football Gear Contest.

STEWIE WON! OMG!! He won a $150 prize "bucket" from Harry Barker! Not sure if he will in the Woman's Day magaizine yet. Will keep you posted. :)


Stewie needs your vote!

UPDATE - 02/20/11 @ 4:45
For those voting for Stewie - the contest has been shut down due to discrepancies and for reason of not discouraging new entries to participate and have to catch up in the thousands of votes that came in. Which I agree is fair. Voting will begin March 1st, so I will be back to begging for votes when the time comes. THANKS TO ALL THOSE that have left their votes already Stewie appreciates it!

Please help Stewie win "Most Valuable Packer Pup 2011"! Takes less than 30 seconds.

Please click on this link - http://thenicebox.com/mikeythepug_mvppvote.html

And vote for Stewie!!

You can vote multiple times. So vote everyday! Thanks!!

Kim & Stewie



Stewie - Green Bay Packer Photoshoot

Well, everyone must know that the Green Bay Packers are playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday - and well, this household bleeds Green & Yellow (well mostly red..LOL). Well, I just couldnt take it anymore.. so I rounded up some Packer items, and made Stewie sit for a bit while I got some good pictures of him, surrounded in Packers.


Owl Pillowcase

It all started with this video.... Packer Puppies vs. The Bears

I just had to have a Packer jersey for our Stewie. I emailed the owner of the video to find out the jerseys were from Target. Well, umm the closest Target is over 120 miles away. And no plans of going to one anytime soon.

So I had mentioned to my friend Elaine - if she would mind checking out the Targets in her area - before I send my family out to check the ones near them. Well, she had no luck, but in he process of having her look for one, I won an eBay auction for a Packer jersey.

So, a week ago Sunday, I was shopping at WalMart and came across some owl fabric, and thought, I need to make something for Elaine as a thank you for taking the time out to look at the stores (since I know how much time is involved, and the gas and spending the money just to leave the store.. he he), so I thought I would make her a pillow case. Everyone needs pillowcases, right?

So, after a couple laps around the fabric dept, I was standing at the cutting counter getting the fabric cut. It wasn't till Friday I was able to make the pillow case, since I had 4 days of that thing called work to do. So Friday I whipped up the pillowcase, and off in the mail it went. I included a letter with the pillowcase, but it came from Stewie instead.

And here was the picture I included in the letter of Stewie modeling the pillowcase.

And here is Stewie wearing his new snug fitting should have gotten a Large Green Bay Packer jersey.


"Angel Project Coffee"

"Angel Project Coffee" was made publicly known that it was received. I had made a sneak peak post here. Here is the quilt that I made for Marta. The theme was coffee. I was given the blocks all stitched in a coffee theme, and put together as a quilt. Im so glad she likes her quilt. :)


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