We lost our beloved..

blue lawn ornament today.. what a sad moment. NOT!! I was so happy to see Brian steer that car up onto the flat bed, while I got to run the winch.
Bri's nephew called the other day, asking about the car, if he could get it for scrap. I said "YES!" We got $35 for the car, that was worth, well... more like $0.35.. LOL

I was so happy to see it go, its been parked in the yard for over 2 years, waiting on a part that BIL said that he would replace on the car, but never got it. And the car wasn't worth the $14 part that we were needing to run it again. The car had 4 new tires on it, and we are getting those back when they go to junk the car.

Now I have to get some grass seed to replace the sod that we lost, due to the car being parked there for so long. Brian has thought of using the area as a cactus area.. I just rolled my eyes at him, over that comment!


FYI on the QSnap Huggers

Just wanted to share with you, the postage charge for the QSnap Huggers are going up effective May 14th. The Postal Service is increasing their rates.

Please make sure to save alittle money, and get your orders to me before May 7th to save you some $$.



Jammer Storage

One day I was reading on the 123 Message board that someone was using what is called a Jammer (really its what kids would store their Matchbox cars in) to store their DMC floss in. Well I did some research shopping (I love doing that), and found it! Its really cool! Of course I have to re-wind all my floss bobbins on to the DMC floss bobbins in order to make them fit properly.

The top box is one of the 4 boxes that I had the floss stored in. The picture with the Jammer open is one complete box, all done. Just amazing the room!! And rather than searching thru 4 different boxes, I only have to turn it over to find the other floss Im searching for (if the need be).

I was using the cardboard floss bobbins, and I totally hate them now!! After a while they get all bent up, and just hold the floss terrible. So this is shooting "two birds with one idea".. LOL
I also bought the stickers for the DMC #'s it looks so refreshed! Im taking my time doing this, mainly when Im tired, and dont feel like doing to much. Hope to have it done soon though. :)


Our (My) New (Stitching) Recliners

I have been on the look out for matching recliners for our living room. Since being married for almost 5 yrs, we thought it was time to buy some new furniture!

Well last week I had seen on an ad that there was a recliner for sale. Well I went to the store, only to find out that I could get a raincheck.

No big deal, I would need to clean the living room, and Brian and I would have to rearrange it to allow for them.
Well last night, Brian and I did just that.. cleaned and rearranged the living room, only to rearrange it back to the way it was.. LOL I said to him, you dont like change do you?!

Well this morning before work, Brian and I headed to town to get our chairs. OMG Are they awesome!!!!

So comfy!! I cant wait to stitch in them.. more less take a nap in them! Brian is just rocking away as I type this.. he he.

I have to chuckle as when we were checking out, the clerk, made the comment - "Oh, some Ma & Pa chairs"... LOL
Now I gotta make some time to stitch on the new chair tonight... he he


Sunday - April 22nd

Happy Earth Day! I so much enjoyed the day, that I spent it inside, at work! Well I have been working Sat and Sun, and so looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I have 13 QSnap Huggers to make! WOOHOO!! I really enjoy making them.

Thanks to the recent customers and the response I have been getting back regarding their order! It means alot. Before I tackle the ordered QHs, I'm going to go and get some additional material to add to array of colors currently offered.

Well back to work!


SBQ - April 19

Today's SBQ was suggested Danielle and is:

Are you on "The Wagon?" If so, how long have you been on and how"serious" are you about it? If not, have you considered it?

"The Wagon"... humm I thought that was the term to fill it up!

Overnight with the Girls

I just had a wonderful "girls" over night with my Mom, sister Amy, and her two girls, Natalie and Kaylee.

They arrived just before noon yesterday. Natalie has been wanting to come to our house for some time now. And opportunity just didnt seem to work out when we wanted it too. Well it did for yesterday and today.

Just after they arrived - I heard the shouts of "Aunt Kim!" and a 3 yr old running towards me with her arms wide out. What an awesome feeling!

The little one (Kaylee Mae-zers as her sister calls her), was a bit shy, as she hasnt seen us in about 3 weeks. But it didnt take long for her to warm up. :)

They came inside to our house and just took a little rest and I had them color some new pictures for the refigerator. So now I have some striped from their paper crayons, and 2 new pictures for the fridge door. :)
We left and the girls (Mom, Amy, Nat, Kaylee, and myself) took off for our over night. First stop was to get something to eat. We stopped at a new little cafe. Then it was off to the quilt shop I work at, to show the girls where I work on Thursdays. Natalie freaked out since they have bears and moose decor, and she now has a fear of an animals - especially mounted deer heads. After we finished shopping there, we headed over to do alittle shopping at Pamida. My sister is getting into scrapbooking (she does a awesome job - she is VERY creative!!!), so I took her there to check out whatelse she can find for her scrapbooking retreat on Saturday.

Im glad we stopped as the computer desk I have been eyeing was on sale! So I picked it up, since I wanted it for a sewing station in the computer room (time to move from the kitchen table!). We then headed over to the hotel. Got our room, settled in, and then it was off to the pool!

We spent about an hour in the pool and hot tub! Oh was it relaxing!! The girls are going to be little fish when it comes time for swimming lessons!! After we dried off and got dressed we headed over to KFC.

Returned back to the hotel.. and all the girls wanted to do was eat!! Finally, well after 10:30p, they crashed. My sister and I spent some time on the laptops, as I was helping her with things on there.

This morning, bright and early (7am - very early for me), I woke up to a wide awake, giggly 3 yr old! After much laying around - we headed off to the breakfast area. We checked out around 10:30a, and was on the way to pick up Uncle Brian, for a trip to Iron Mountain. They had never been that way, and I needed to get a few things.

It was sad to see them head home around 3pm.

I miss them already!!


Meeting a blogging friend

I have received word that Missy and her family have made it home safely.

If you recall that I had visited some friends in Green Bay in a previous post?!?
Well Missy and her entourage was making a trip into Wisconsin by the way of Green Bay. And we decided upon Lambeau Field as being our meeting place.

It was such a fun visiting with Missy, her little guy Connor, and her DH and friends.
This is a picture of us - Missy is holding Connor. What a cute little guy!!
Due to Missy's respect, I didnt want to post a picture, as I know that I get traffic from Missy's blog to mine, till they arrived home.

Thanks again for meeting up with me Missy! Hope to do it again when you move to Wisconsin.. *wink, wink*


Checking in

That's what I'm doing. :) I have no stitching to report, as I haven't had the time to stitch in a week. Which is great, as I have been spending the time fulfilling QSnap Hugger orders!

I would just like to take the time to thank the ladies that ordered this past week. It has been wonderful making the QHs! (I actually miss making them already).

I have been childproofing the house the past couple days, as I had news that we will be having 2 small and 2 big people company on Wednesday and Thursday! My sister, Amy along with her 2 girls, Natalie and Kaylee along with my Mom are coming to pay a visit! Amy and Nat have not been here for almost 2 yrs now. Kaylee has never been here. I know that Nat is already driving her Mom nuts, she keeps asking when she gets to go to Aunt Kim's house. And she cant wait to see Uncle Brian. Brian and I have decided to offer the Dell laptop to my sister and her DH. They have been really wanting a laptop, and since its not being used as much as I thought it would have been here (since Brian doesn't like the keyboard). So that is another reason for the trip up to visit. :)

Well I hope that I have a stitching report to report soon. Will keep you posted. :)


QSnap Huggers

Thanks to all that have commented on the QSnap Huggers.. and the ones mentioning if I ever choose to sell them - to let them know. :)

Well after some thought, and a couple offers. I have decided to give this a go ahead. I will be making the QSnap Huggers on a per order basis for now. Where you can chose the size and the material you would like your QSnap Hugger to be.

I have created a website for the QSnap Huggers. It will give you more details. You can see it here -> QSnap Huggers

Thanks again!


Biscornu Front - FINISH

This finish is for my biscornu class that is going to be held at the ILCS Retreat. I used a DMC linen thread, and I just love the color. Im not even sure of the color's name as it didn't specify on the label, just the number - L3013. The need to be careful with the linen - that I found out! It likes to fray very easy. While cleaning out my stash last weekend. I came across a big piece of ivory color evenweave - and cut it up into the pieces I needed. It only took me about 2 hrs to stitch it up.
I need to finish the bottom for the biscornu, yet.
Thanks to all that left comments about the QSnap Huggers - if you have any ?'s - please email me. :)


QSnap Huggers

I just wanted to share with you some thing I have been working on lately. Recently I had seen some talk about QSnap covers. I thought - those look neat, I want one!! Well I thought, geez I can make one for myself! Well I got looking online - and got alittle advice and went from there.

Two weeks ago, I sat down and made 10 of them. All different prints of material and I just made 2 sizes, 9 of the 6" X 6", and one of the 11" X 11"

Today I sat down and made 5 more. I had seen the Pink Ribbon material at work, and I really wanted to make some QH (QSnap Huggers - I had to change the name since I thought this suited them better) with the material. So, last Saturday while I was in town - I stopped by and picked up the material. I managed to make 2 - 6" X 6" and 1 - 8" X 8" QH.

I had alittle time - so I thought that I would make some with a northwoods print. With the 1/4 of a yard I had left, I made 1 - 6" X 6" and 1 - 8" X 8" QH.

These QH are the ones I made the first day. The 11" one is on my Garden of Life WIP. Two of the blue and the purple QH have already found new homes. :)
I plan to make some more in the future:)

Cow - Round Robin Finish

This is my contribution to Debra's Round Robin. I stitched the Cow, or the #8 Maids-a-Milking from the Margaret Sherry's 12 Days of Christmas.

I stitched on the provided 14ct aida (wow was that different stitching on - since I have been spoiling myself with higher counts lately).

I was the second stitcher for this RR. I got it on Monday night after I got home from work. Started on it late Monday night. Didn't stitch on it Tuesday, but Wednesday, most the of the day I stitched on it. Thursday I finished the stitching, and started on the back stitching. Tonight I sat down and finished it.

Now its off to Meghan. :)

SBQ - April 5th

Today's SBQ was suggested by Heather and is:

How do you decide which stitching blogs are worth repeat and/or regular viewings? Are there certain things you look for in particular?Are there things you wish there were more of? Less of? Is your blog a good example of what you like to read?

Well mostly when other bloggers post their WIP's, finishes, etc. to their blog, they then post that they have posted to their blog, which gets me to their blog to look. I love looking! Mostly, when a comment is left on my blog, I then in turn feel its right to leave a comment on their blog. Which then finds their blog onto my google reader, and if I remember blog roll.

Well I mostly like to look at things that I shouldn't. Which gets me into a panic, since I too want to be stitching what they are stitching, or finishing what they are finishing. The blogs I really enjoy are the ones that keep me interested. I love reading about other peoples lives. Like a sitcom some times. I have laughed, gasped, and just the other day I was crying from reading a post about death.

Yes I would have to say that my blog is an example of myself. I love to be specific, and hate to say it, I'm a perfectionist at "certain" things. Since the blog represents me, I want to make it fun, and like to change it around so it doesn't become boring.


Look at what came home with me today ...

Ok, the guy on the left .. well I came home with him almost 6yrs ago now.. he he.

Tuesday morning, on my way to work, I always listen to Telephone Time in the morning commute - its a call in show, where you can advertise your goods for sale.

Well the announcer read an ad for a Dell Laptop, and a list of accessories. Then I heard the price.... I had to do the memory thing where I had to repeat it till I found a pen and luckily I had a piece of paper to write on, sitting on the passenger seat.

I got to work, punched in and then I made a phone call to the party that was selling the laptop. Left a message, but I wanted to have the seller call my home # and leave a message, as to when he would be home so we could talk. Well Brian called about 4:15p, the guy called at 4pm and left a message, to say he still had the laptop for sale, and that he was going to be gone from home and will be home around 8:30. Well I drove crazy home on the slushy roads.

I called at 9pm - he precedes to tell me that he had a guy coming (suppose to be there at 10pm) to look at the computer. And here is the kicker - the seller is telling me all the specs of the laptop on the phone, rambling off all the bells and whistles, and I just let him babble on.

I was pretty bummed after the phone call. Pretty much gave up hope. Then last night, the phone rang about 9:20p, Im thinking its my sister. Nope, it was the guy calling back to let me know that the other guy never showed up! And if I was still interested, it was mine. I asked Brian, should we still get it?!

Well guess what his reply was..... umm look at the picture!

So we are now owners of a Dell! We have named it Brian's Toy - humm I wonder if we mate it with Kim's Toy, if we will get lots of Toys?!?! LMAO!

Blog Hopping

I just got done blog hopping, and while I was going from blog to blog, leaving comments that I neglected to do. I had these thoughts running thru my head, and I wanted to share.

I love to read all your blogs and see what everyone else is doing. At times its like peeking into someone's diary - how they are feeling, what they did for the day, what they are working on, their likes and dislikes, and of course all the enabling that is going on (stop that!). I love to read about all the wonderful things and even the not so happy times, that tug at our heartstrings. I love to get inspiration from the WIP's I see being worked upon. Enabled by seeing the completed design. Reading blogs lift my spirits. I love seeing the signs of springs showing among some of the blogs - while we just got snow the other day. For some, blogs are our lifeline to the world. We enjoy reading about others, and other's enjoy reading about us - taking the time to comment and show that they are there.

And another thing, the friendships I have found within the blogging world. Thank you so much for being a friend!!

Thanks to all that share their life with us. It is very much appreciated!!


Where is Kim?!

So... what has been happening, you might be wondering? Was I stitching up a storm? Umm, no. Was I wiping out another quilt? Umm, no. What the heck have I been doing then?!?

Well - Work has been very grueling and draining on me lately - very hectic and busy, since my employer had to make a cut in the nursing staff, do to low census. Which leaves me to defend order, in a very tense environment. When I come home at night - I'm very tired and wound up. It takes alot of time for me to destress, and so that leaves me no time for stitching. It has not been fun, and I believe it will not be better soon, anytime soon.

I haven't even been able to take the time lately to go blog hopping and leave comments on other blogs. I feel so bad. But I gotta have alittle me time, especially lately!

So I have been spending lots of time on the computer lately. Getting ready for the ILCS 2007 Retreat in Indianapolis in June. All day Sunday, you can say, I was emailing designers and requesting if they would be willing to send us a donation to be used as prizes for our retreat. I have to say - I have met alot of wonderful and such giving designers that are very willing to send of their donations! I was alittle embarrassed in requesting, and I hope I didn't sound to forward on requesting. I just typed up the email as how I would want to be asked. Heck I would have donated to my request.. LOL I did include the ILCS group page - and I think that is why we have found alittle member splurge to see if this group was real. Which is GREAT! Oh and I had included my link to my blog, to show I was real. :)

Last night and this morning - I have created a webpage for the retreat - I thought that it would be very useful for to show the details in one area, rather than digging thru emails and on the group messages for info.

I have been stitching some though. And of course I was framing some projects (which are not totally done yet, but I will share in the future what I have done).

I have been working on the "Garden Of Life" from Blackbird Designs. Working on the RR for Debra - which is the Margaret Sherry 's 12 Days of Christmas - I'm doing block 8 - 8 Maids a Milking. This morning I printed out the biscornu pattern I wish to stitch for the retreat. So I will be stitching that up soon.

So that is alittle update about me. I hope not to be too absent from now on.


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