Its going to be a girl!

My sister, Amy, called tonight to inform me that she is going to be having a girl!

Kaylee Mae (Kaylee, is a name my sister has loved for a long time, and Mae is in honor of my Aunt Shirley that passed away this past Thanksgiving Day (I was the one that suggested Mae) :) )

Kaylee is due to enter the world on Decemeber 8, 2005.

And Katie Marie (my brother Glen, and sister inlaw Lisa's baby) (and she will share my middle name, along with her mommy's :) ) is due to enter the world on October 8, 2005

Gosh, this Aunt Kim is going to be broke come Christmas.. LOL

New Tent

Well I did do it! Since we were flooded in out tent on Sunday, I have been thinking about getting a new tent. Well I went to WalMart today, and bought a new Coleman tent!

I love it! I got it home, and Brian helped me set it up! Has a HUGE rain fly! Now the rain is suppose to stay out!.. LOL

Now we have to get camping again!



I had 5 days off, Wednesday thru Sunday, of those 5 days, we spent 3 nights in the tent, and 5 of them camping!

Wednesday - Thursday, we camped about a mile from here, along the Pine River. We spent it in the "condo" tent (cause its so big, sleeps 6). We camped with Mark and Barb. We had a great time! And I survived camping with the bears!

Got up on Thursday morning, and I went swimming in the river, it was soooo refreshing! We packed up camp on Thursday afternoon. We had gone to check on another camping site that we wanted to spend some time at.. but there were ppl camping in our spot. So we checked out another campsite on Thursday... We decided to take Thursday night off, and head out to the other campsite on Friday. Well we put up camp on Friday evening. We just made it by 10 minutes, as someone else was going to camp there.

It was walk in camping, meant that everything had to be carried in. Well on Thursday, I went out and bought a new tent (the dome kind, and it sleeps 4), a new air matteress, and a new carry cooler. Friday night, Mark and Barb went out in their boat, and Brian and I fished from shore. I was catching panfish, and my best catch was a 9.25 inch perch (which I thought was a bass, reeling it in.. LOL) Mark and Barb had caught some fish, so we had a little fish fry, over the campfire. We slept great on the air matteress.

I woke up about 6am, and by 6:45am, Barb and I were out in the boat, fishing! I was catching panfish again, and caught a nice sized bluegill. The sky wasnt looking all the greatest, so Barb and I went back to shore. I released my bluegill. Brian and I left camp about 10am, and went to town to get a few things that would be needed if we decided to spend another night. Brian's other brother Jon and his family were suppose to come out camping with us, but they didnt make it Friday night. So we were all kinda bummed. Brian and I got back to camp about 11:30am. Mark and Barb left to go home about 2, and said they wouldnt be back till atleast after 5pm. So I took a nap, actually Im glad I did, cause I was tired. About 4pm, I heard, "I hope your decent" .... LOL Here Barb and Mark, had Jon, Lia, Destiny, and Stevie with! Everyone was really happy!

Once everything, and one got settled, everyone went fishing. The fish werent biting good :(. Brian's other brother, Jimmy, & his wife Lisa, came to visit our camp. It was an early night for me, for some reason.. seemed like the night was draging on. Then I think I know why I was soo tired.

About 2am, I woke up... it was lightening and thundering! It was constant lightening and thundering! It was scary! Especially when we were in a tent! It stormed from 2am till 5am! I was so scared that I was physically shaking! And I had to use the bathroom so bad.. thank goodness for a cup.. LOL. Well we survived the storm. I got up about 5:15am, and everything was soaked! In our tent we had about an inch of rain! Good thing for our air matteress, or we would have been in water!

We were home by 7am, and I was in bed by 8:30am.. LOL We went back later in the afternoon to get our tent, chairs, air matteress, and to help carry in the boat.

It was an awesome weekend.. and I cant wait to get camping again! .... And Im going to buy a new tent.. found out the reason we got wet, is cause our rain fly wasnt big enough!



I belong to a cross stitching group, and one of the games we do is, Bingo :) We are given a list of 30 words, mostly of a topic, and we have to pick 15 words, which make our list. Over a period of days, 2 words are called. And the first one to call bingo wins!

Well, Im so glad we were home, from spending the night in from camping, that I won!.. LOL I was able to check my email this morning, and was verified that I have bingo.

Now I have to come up with a list of words for my next game :)


Happy Are They.....

Happy Are They Who Stitch With An X, I finished this the other night. Im going to make it into a tuck pillow when I get the chance.


Our backyard . . .

If you didnt know, we live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, and we have cactus growing in our backyard!
This is Brian's hobby, he loves growing cactus, and well, his hobby took him outside.

We have prickly pear cactus in our backyard. These cactus are just a few of the patch.

Brian went out today to look at a cactus, that he has been waiting to flower, and it finally did! It has a yellowish color flower, with lots of seeds in the middle!


Where I spend my off days..

These are pictures of where I like to spend my off days.. (Even though I have only been there twice, I will be making several return trips). We were there this afternoon, and went swimming. Brian and I had a blast, it was so nice to cool off!

Please click on the pictures, and it will make the pictures bigger. ~Thanks~

These are pictures of the Pine River.. I can't tell of the location, cause we want this spot to ourselves :) We hope to be camping on shore soon.

Its beautiful area. Come to visit, and I will give you a personal tour.. word of advice, as Brian says, its a "Holy Crap" ride in.. LOL


Stylin Natalie

Ok, who is this stylin youngin?

Well that's Natty ofcourse! She is styling in her new shades, lei, and proudly chompin on her sucker that she won, pluckin for ducks.

Conway's 1!

This is a picture of Conway and Scott,
see Conway is showing how old he is going to be :)
This past weekend, Brian and I went down to visit my family have to celebrate Conway's 1st birthday! Which is today (July 11th)
We had a great time! We left early Saturday morning, and got down to Winneconne (my sister's house) @ noon, we had plans to go to Nekimi for the mud runs. My mom, Brian, Gregg, Amy, Natalie and I, met up with Scott, Conway, Glen, and Lisa at the mud runs. We were there for awhile, but it was a hot one! Later in the evening, we met up with my dad, and went out for dinner.
Conway's party was on Sunday afternoon. We had alot of fun! Conway got alot of toys! Lots of firetrucks, tractors, clothes, and even a tricycle (from us) Here is Conway with his Mommy (Jenny) openning one of his gifts

Happy 1st Birthday Conway!


~*~ Discovering the Pine River ~*~

Yesterday, was my day off. We wanted to go camping, and the weather wasn't cooperating. It was cool and it looked like it was going to rain all day. Well about 3:30pm, we got word that our camping neighbors were going to go out in the camper, and wanted to know if we wanted to go. Well, I simply said "YES!"

We got to the campsite about 5:30p. Brian made a campfire, while I got the camper situated (I'm a picky person, if you didn't know.. LOL). We had hot dogs over the fire, and potato chips, and pickles of course!. Made s'mores for dessert (managed to loose only 3 into the fire). About 8:30p, we headed down to where our camping neighbors had their camper. We sat around the campfire till about 1am, and headed back to our camper.

When we got back, Brian made another fire, and we sat out by the campfire for awhile. When it was time to go inside and close the curtains... Brian and I happen to be on the end of the trailer, closing the curtains, and doing alittle organizing. Well, all of a sudden, the camper came off the block it was on, and moved forward. The part, that raises and lowers the hitch onto the vehicle, (still haven't figured out what its called) went into the ground about 3 inches! Brian's first reaction was a bear was outside our camper, and was trying to get in.. the look on his face was priceless! I knew what had happen right away. I finally convinced him to go out and look to see what happen. I was right. We tried to get the trailer on the truck, but guess what.. it was about 1.5 inches too short! Mind you, its like 2 a.m.! We tried calling our camping neighbors, if they had a jack in the vehicle. I have one in mine, but I don't know how to work it. We drove home, got back to the camp about 2:45 am. We got the trailer out of the ground. Got it stabilized, and guess what!.. Its rolled again. We figured we had parked it on the hill, and with us being in the back of the trailer, it caused it to move forward. We finally got the trailer onto my truck, and we slept in the camper with it hooked up to the truck.

We finally got out of bed about 10am! We called down to our camping neighbors, and they were packing up to leave for home. Since Brian wanted to go too, we packed up camp. We were home about 11am.

I was asked if I would like to go swimming to Bayshore camp.. I was excited about going there. We got there.. and it has a bigger swimming area (this is on the same river that we camp, but its 5 miles up stream yet!) It was beautiful! We were there about 1.5 hrs, and had one heck of a ride coming out! It was more fun than an amusement ride.. LOL We thought we were going to tip the Jeep over.. LOL.

Well I'm all dried off now.. and I think I'm going to go and relax alittle, and do some stitching.

Gosh I LOVE the Northwoods!


Mathison Clan

This family picture was taken in November 2004. Since my dad's heart surgery (June 2004), he had always wanted a family picture.


Brian's Great Nieces

This past week, Brian's niece and her family spent the week up visiting the family.

Tonight after work, I came home from work, the plan was to have a campfire, but it was really cool outside. Brian and I were invited next door, cause, the girls were going to sing for Grandpa and Grandma (my inlaws), before they have to leave tomorrow, to head back to Ohio.

I walked in, and Brian's great niece's were singing. Genevieve, who just turned 12 today, was singing. OMG can that girl sing! I think that her parents are going to have a hit on their hands! She was singing "Something More" by Sugarland. She was soo good! Her sister Madeline (who is 9), also sang along to "God Bless the USA". Genevieve sang "Suds On The Bucket" for me. (I love that song!) It was awesome! Madeline, sang "Blue". (I like Madeline's version better!). Genevieve, also sang her "signature" song, "Cowboy's Sweetheart", with all the yodeling! It was amazing!

A couple months ago, we were given their cd, that they had recorded. Its a really good cd. I cant wait to hear more from them, in the future! ~ To bad we didnt live closer, I would be at their shows! ~ But I guess we will have to settle on being their fans, from Wisconsin :)


Hook, Line & Sinker

This design is from San-Man Orginals, called Hook, Line & Sinker. It was stitched on 18ct oatmeal aida fabric. This pattern was granted to me from my wish that I made. This design is going to be a gift for someone :)

Aunt Pim

Ok, this I guess is what Im going to be known now to my niece Natalie.. LOL

I was talking on the phone with my sister, and she goes to Natalie, want to talk with Aunt Kim.. and next thing Natalie says, was "Aunt Pim!".. LMAO

I was talking with Natalie on the phone (she is quite the talker), she was eating potato chips, and I was talking with her about coming down in a week to see her, and go to Conway's 1st birthday next Sunday. And she is just jabbering along. And I asked her what she was eating.. LOL, my sister started laughing, well, Natalie preceded to show me the potato chip thru the phone.. LMAO.

Natalie will be 2 in October... so she is 20.5 months.


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