Stewie's new collar

Stewie's sporting his new custom made fire hydrant collar from Collcole's Shop on etsy.com He also got a Green Bay Packers collar too. :)

Great service and good communication! Will be ordering again.


Exciting news...

First off, Stewie has 7 more siblings!! My sister's dog, Ella gave birth to 5 girls, 2 brothers this afternoon.


I found a link (thanks Elaine!) on my Facebook page about a month ago about entering Stewie in a contest. It was being sponored by Woman's Day - it was called "Pets In Football Gear"

So, I entered his pic - this one

And I received this email today...

Hi Kim!!

We LOVE Stewie, and have chosen you as the winner of the Pets In Football Gear Contest.

STEWIE WON! OMG!! He won a $150 prize "bucket" from Harry Barker! Not sure if he will in the Woman's Day magaizine yet. Will keep you posted. :)


Stewie needs your vote!

UPDATE - 02/20/11 @ 4:45
For those voting for Stewie - the contest has been shut down due to discrepancies and for reason of not discouraging new entries to participate and have to catch up in the thousands of votes that came in. Which I agree is fair. Voting will begin March 1st, so I will be back to begging for votes when the time comes. THANKS TO ALL THOSE that have left their votes already Stewie appreciates it!

Please help Stewie win "Most Valuable Packer Pup 2011"! Takes less than 30 seconds.

Please click on this link - http://thenicebox.com/mikeythepug_mvppvote.html

And vote for Stewie!!

You can vote multiple times. So vote everyday! Thanks!!

Kim & Stewie



Stewie - Green Bay Packer Photoshoot

Well, everyone must know that the Green Bay Packers are playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday - and well, this household bleeds Green & Yellow (well mostly red..LOL). Well, I just couldnt take it anymore.. so I rounded up some Packer items, and made Stewie sit for a bit while I got some good pictures of him, surrounded in Packers.


Owl Pillowcase

It all started with this video.... Packer Puppies vs. The Bears

I just had to have a Packer jersey for our Stewie. I emailed the owner of the video to find out the jerseys were from Target. Well, umm the closest Target is over 120 miles away. And no plans of going to one anytime soon.

So I had mentioned to my friend Elaine - if she would mind checking out the Targets in her area - before I send my family out to check the ones near them. Well, she had no luck, but in he process of having her look for one, I won an eBay auction for a Packer jersey.

So, a week ago Sunday, I was shopping at WalMart and came across some owl fabric, and thought, I need to make something for Elaine as a thank you for taking the time out to look at the stores (since I know how much time is involved, and the gas and spending the money just to leave the store.. he he), so I thought I would make her a pillow case. Everyone needs pillowcases, right?

So, after a couple laps around the fabric dept, I was standing at the cutting counter getting the fabric cut. It wasn't till Friday I was able to make the pillow case, since I had 4 days of that thing called work to do. So Friday I whipped up the pillowcase, and off in the mail it went. I included a letter with the pillowcase, but it came from Stewie instead.

And here was the picture I included in the letter of Stewie modeling the pillowcase.

And here is Stewie wearing his new snug fitting should have gotten a Large Green Bay Packer jersey.


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