Cabin In The Woods

Cabin in the Woods is a HAED. For those that aren't familiar with HAEDs, you stitch every square for the design to produce. I'm stitching it on over 1 on 25ct with 1 thread. If your interested in what it should look like - finished. Scroll down the sidebar of the blog and look for it.

Well, I last "spent alittle time on the Cabin", the night, before I got the dreaded call that my Dad had died. I just put it away, and just kinda forgot about it.

Well, about a month ago... I picked it up to stitch again on it.

Here is the progress as of Jan 15, 2o1o -- the ruler was a reference to show what the size is.

And here, is the progress of Cabin up till yesterday - Jan. 26th. I kinda have fallen in love with this design. I don't know what it is.. but its all I want to stitch on. LOL I'm in love dang it! Its taking along time for the stitching bug to hit me... and it smacked me a good one!

I had someone leave me a comment (Hi Carol!) that the stitching is the reason she comes to my blog to see the progress. Well, with life changes and thanks to Facebook games... I have pulled away some from them, and put that energy to needle and thread.

This is almost a 3 page finished of the Cabin - mostly greys & peach color threads. The page is folded in half, and I just have alittle more to do in the upper right corner and across the top to finish it off.

Be Mine Valentine WIP

Ok, so I only started this cute design 3 times. I started stitching it over 2, thinking it was 32 ct. But I didnt like the size, for some dumb reason, I only cut the fabric 3 extra inches.

I started for the 2nd time, using 2 threads over 1. Ripped that out. Was too bulky.

So, the third time - I stitched over 1 with 1 thread. So this is my progress of a couple hours of stitching. Havent stitched on it since.

Adopted a new friend

Quilting Friend that is.

I have had the 12" Add A Quarter (inch) ruler for, gosh about 5 yrs now. I was advised to get one when I was doing the paper piecing on Storm at Sea quilt paper foundation, oh so many years ago.

What it is...
The Add-A-Quarter ruler is a transparent ruler (6" or 12" long) that has a 1/4" mark on the whole length of it. If you have ever made your own templates for a quilt block, you know that adding an accurate seam allowance to them is important. This ruler helps you do that.

While reading Jen's blog regarding the Barn Blocks - she suggested getting an Add-an-Eighth Ruler. Less weight, and bulk for the seams for sewing. Off to eBay I went.. and it arrived yesterday! I put it to work with the Spinning Spools quilt block, and I loved how it worked! I was kinda nervous about the cuts being too close to the seam, but no problems so far!

So, I took a picture of the Add A Quarter & Add-an-Eighth rulers to show you the "mark" for trimming off the excess fabric. ♥ it!

Spinning Spools - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Quilt Block of the Week

This week's block is called Spinning Spools. I, too loved how it gave me a challenge!! I did get stuck on just exactly what Jen pointed out. And of course I seen it on her blog, but I still found myself with the strip going the wrong way. Leave it up to Brian, he figured out how it was to go. And phew! It worked! (And course I went back to Jen's instructions. And that darn 1/4 cut, trim. GRRRRRR!!! I ended up making another strip... could have just redone the last add on fabric - but no, I had to redo the whole strip over..LOL

Block #4 – Spinning Spools – Walworth County
Pattern is here - Spinning Spools

Find out more about the "Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week" @ Cre8tive Quilter


Grandma's Lipstick

This is a story I wanted to share with the world!

These cuties are my nieces. The two on the outside are sisters, Natalie & Kaylee, and Katie in the middle.

Well, story goes, Kaylee knows where Grandma keeps her lipstick in her dresser drawer. Grandma and my sister were in the living room. Giggles were coming from the bedroom. Natalie came out of the room first showing her freshly done up lips. Grandma went to investigate what was going on. And found the other two. Of course a picture had to be taken. Each girl put on their own lipstick, looks like a couple need practice in that department..LOL

Fast forward to the evening after I discovered the photo for me to see. I called up my sister, and was talking with my niece Kaylee about the incident. And I mentioned to her that her Mommy is going to have to get this as a photo in a 4 X (by) 6.

Well, Kaylee proceeds to tell her Mom.. "Mom, Aunt Kim said you should get this in a 4 5 6"

God, I love kids, especially my nieces and nephew!


Just did something...

that I havent done in a LONG time! I just kitted up .. Be Mine Valentine by Lizzie Kate. I havent kitted anything up inregards to cross stitch, in a very long time!

I was in "my room" and I just happen to glance at something, and this chart fell out. I got it all set to go, and off to put in a few stitches tonight.


Milky Way - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Quilt Block of the Week

This weeks block is called Milky Way. Here is my paper pieced "Milky Way" block. I loved how it gave me a challenge!! I think I might need to redo the stitching of the "rows", and change the tension, cause.. I bet you cant guess what color thread I used...LOL I did end up with a couple "dirty" tips where the white got either dirty or scorched from the iron. I'm going to wait to clean it up after I get the paper off. And Im hoping after I get the paper off the block, it will lay down better.

Block #3 – Milky Way – Walworth County
Pattern is here - Milky Way

Find out more about the "Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week" @ Cre8tive Quilter


Square In A Square - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Quilt Block of the Week

Here is my paper pieced "Square In A Square" block. I loved how it turned out! I was able to use some scraps I had around here. Took less than an hour to make, including finding the fabric and nursing a sore toe (from the ruler falling on it..LOL)

Block #2 – Square In a Square – Racine County
Pattern is here - Square In a Square

Find out more about the "Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week" @ Cre8tive Quilter


Log Cabin - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week

Here is my paper pieced Log Cabin block. I loved how it turned out! I was able to use some scraps I had around here.

Block #1 – Log Cabin – Racine County
Pattern is here - Log Cabin

Find out more about the "Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week" @ Cre8tive Quilter

I got beat by a 6 yr old!

I wanted to document this picture on this blog, just incase I ever need to brag to my 6 yr old niece, Natalie's future boyfriends.

Two Thousand and Nine finishes or WIPs

~ 2009 Cross Stitch Finishes ~

1. Quilter's Alphabet Sampler from the Oct '08 Cross Country Stitching magazine
2. Spooky - Boo Club from L*K
3. Treats - Boo Club from L*K
4. Holly part of the Christmas Double Flips from L*K
5. Stocking part of the Christmas Double Flips from L*K
6. Cookies part of the Christmas Double Flips from L*K
7. Santa part of the Christmas Double Flips from L*K
8. It's Expensive To Be ME! from L*K
9. Black Cat - Boo Club from L*K
10. Spiders - Boo Club from L*K
11. Quaker Seasons by My Big Toe Designs
12. Quaker Alphabet - MODEL for Glory Bee
13. ABC Lessons from Lizzie Kate
14. EEK - Boo Club from Lizzie Kate
15. Creep - Boo Club from Lizzie Kate
16. Tree - Christmas Double Flips from Lizzie Kate
17. Pumpkin - Boo Club from Lizzie Kate
18. Fright - Boo Club from Lizzie Kate
19. Brew - Boo Club from Lizzie Kate
20. Monster - Boo Club from Lizzie Kate
21. Ghost - Boo Club from Lizzie Kate
22. Halloween - Boo Club from Lizzie Kate
23. Boo Club from Lizzie Kate
24. Mercy - my part of the RR - Dear Diary Series, Little House Needleworks

~ 2009 Quilt Finishes ~

1. Pincushion/Thread Catcher from a kit I purchased
2. "Spools" from Scraps Again (Calico Printworks)
3. Sewing Machine cover found pattern online
4. Braided Starburst Wallhanging found pattern online
5. Fast Food Table Runner - Atkinson Designs - Let's Do Lunch book
6. Pink John Deere Bag for Amy - Moda Bakeshop - Charming Handbag
7. Pink John Deere Tote - Atkinson Designs - Happy Hour book
8. Little Tote - my own design
9. Bear Paw Sampler WIP - Fat Cat Patterns
10. Snapshots WIP - Atkinson Designs - Happy Hour Book
11. Petit Fours Tablerunner Top WIP - Moda Bake Shop
12. Strip Tease WIP -
13. Amy's JD Bag - Moda Bake Shop
14. Natalie's Hello Kitty tote - Atkinson Designs - Happy Hour book
15. Kaylee's Dora tote - Atkinson Designs - Happy Hour book
16. Mom's Bag - Moda Bake Shop
17. Ally's Bag - Moda Bake Shop
18. Carol's Dale Jr #88 bag - Moda Bake Shop
19. Tara's Dale Jr #88 bag - Moda Bake Shop
20 & 21. Teresa's JD bag - Moda Bake Shop
22. Fall Leaves Table Runner - my own design
23. Wanda's bag - Moda Bake Shop
24. Happy Jack - The Wooden Bear
25. Northwoods Flannel WIP Store Model - my own design
26. My Sister's Cabin WIP Store Model - Blackberry Island - Gathering Friends
27. Peg's bag - Moda Bake Shop
28. Pincushion/Thread&Scrap Catcher - Giveaway
29. Lindsey's Sweet Girl Quilt - Moda Bake Shop
30. Katie's Sweet Girl Quilt- Moda Bake Shop


Oh wait... that was like a week ago! Oh well! Happy News Years! Hope you have had a great start to 2010! Last week on the radio, they were wanting to know what people were going to call 2010... as in Two Thousand Ten, or Twenty Ten. I personally like Twenty Ten. Its seems to be more, I don't know... hip, and up and coming. Call me silly.

Our Christmas was great! I went home to celebrate the first Christmas without Dad. It was kinda surreal. I, at one time started to look for my Dad, it just doesn't seem possible. Cause I knew, as he should be there, watching the grandkids run around, and holding the newborn. Oh thats right, and me holding Aubrey for the first time. Gosh, how I longed to be with my family for Christmas. The nieces and nephews got spoiled again this year. It was great to spend Christmas Eve & morning at my sister's house, as Santa too, spoiled them. As the girls slept on the couch, RIGHT next to the Christmas tree - Santa was really good about being quiet, and took my camera, and snapped a few pictures. When Christmas morning came, I announced to my nieces that Santa must have gotten ahold of my camera, and took a picture of them sleeping on the couch with all the presents under the tree. The laugh that my 6yr old niece gave, was one that I will never forget. What Christmas was all about! KIDS!!

As you can kinda see, I have been on a "vacation from the blog" for the past couple weeks. Don't have a whole lot to share, as I haven't done much of anything. Well, Facebook will show different..LOL

This past weekend we were invited down for my grandparent's 64th wedding anniversary. Had a great time with my Mom's side of the family. Went with 3 of my nieces, Mom and sister to see Alvin & The Chipmunks movie. Cute!

Other than that, my life has been consumed with work, and its becoming too stressed for me! I'm actually starting to experience anxiety at work, and it's not good.

Actually spent some time at the sewing machine today. I joined a "Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns – Block of the Week". LINK Ive been enjoying the posts that the blog author has done of the Quilt Blocks on Barns in Wisconsin (mainly in southern WI). She mapped them out, traveled to them, and took pictures, and then posted them to her blog. She now has incorporated them into actual paper piecing blocks. The first block was posted today - the Log Cabin. I had to think again how to do paper piecing, but one I got the hand of it, I was finished..LOL I had a minor glitch with my block, and had to email the author. I love the results!!

So, here is an update.


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