Cabin in the Woods WIP Picture

About 2 weeks ago I stitched quite a bit on the Cabin - but for the past two weeks, I haven't even touched it. With having company, and then going down state to visit.. I had no time to even think about stitching. (But I did have a finish while at my sister's - but I cant share as its for someone's SFE)

So, last night I put about 400 stitches in it.. and so here is my progress up to this post.

I have 2 mini pages done, and almost a complete full page done. I have started stitching the page to the right. I have about 5% of the design stitched.


Ballet or Bowling?!

I'm not trying to make fun of Brian.. but dang.. this was funny after I snapped some pictures of him bowling on the Wii. LMAO

He scored a 179, and I bowled a 227 with 5 strikes in a row. Gosh, if only I could do that in real bowling.

And, what is up with the one boob (opps I said boob on my blog..LOL) on the girl?!?!


Benefit Ad for Dad's Benefit

See what I have been doing part of the day - minus the 3+ hr drive home.

Love how it turned out! This will be in The Winneconne News - in 2 weeks.

I did a print screen and opened it up in Paint, and saved it as a JPEG, so I can show it off.

Click on it to see it larger if you like!

You Use What's Available... Right?!?

I'm just going thru the pictures from this past week - and I have to post this picture.

Today while at my sister's. I had taken the computer chair to sit in to work on the ad for my Dad's benefit, at the kitchen table. Brian said he was going to go on my sister's laptop and look at something.

I didn't think much of it since I was sitting in the chair in which he should be sitting. I turned to look at something the girls were doing.. and I found him sitting in one of the girl's chairs..LOL


ABC of Me

I was tagged, so here are the "ABC's of Me"

A. Attached or Single? Married (6+ yrs)
B. Best Friend? I’ve got a few of those, and am blessed for all of ‘em.
C. Cake or pie? Love pie, apple pie
D. Day of choice? Everyday!
E. Essential item? My laptop. I don’t leave home without it, although I kind of wish I could.
F. Favorite color? Earthtones
G. Gummy bears or worms? Worms. I like to say I eat worms. :)
H. Hometown? Larsen, Wisconsin
I. Favorite indulgence? Stash!!
J. January or July? July - enjoy being outside. And not having to dress in layers just to go outside.
K. Kids? None - just nieces and nephews to spoil.
L. Life isn’t complete without? Laughing.
M. Marriage date? August 24, 2002
N. Number of brothers and sisters? 2 brothers, and 1 sister
O. Oranges or Apples? Oranges
P. Phobias? Clowns
Q. Quotes? “What I want to be, is what I'm going to be"
R. Reasons to smile? Each new days is a day to bring a smile to the face.
S. Season of choice? Fall - love the colors!!
T. Tag 5 people: If you’re reading this, you’re it.
U. Unknown fact about me? I can wiggle my ears - and proud of it!!
V. Vegetable? Onions - in everything!
W. Worst habit? Worrying.
X. X-ray or Ultrasound? Depends on the reason for the stated.
Y. Your favorite food? Anything sitting on my plate.
Z. Zodiac sign? Scorpio

Wanna Join me!?!

Well, I'm up for the challenge, I'm on the bandwagon on the new blog that Vonna just started.. check it out!! Me, Myself, and I Round Robins

I'm brainstorming what I want to make for a neighborhood. I'm thinking a cabin row... we will see. :)


PIF from Irene

Awhile back, I signed up on Irene's blog to do the PIF, where you sign up, and then you pass it on to someone via your blog. I received the PIF from Irene.

Thank Irene!! She sent me this adorable pin cushion with the 'K' on one side, and the heart style design on the other. And she included a note pad with a K on it also.

Thanks Irene!! I have it next to my stitching light, to remind me of the friends I have made from groups and blogging.

Happy 6th Anniversary Brian

Happy 6th Anniversary Brian! Wow, where have they went! Love you!


My Models Showed Up Today ~

Yep, my sister, along with my two nieces came up for a mini vacation to see Aunt Kim & Uncle Brian. So tonight before pjs, I had them put on their shirts to take a pic. So here they are modeling. I told the girls I wanted to see the writing on their shirts.


"I Love Your Blog" Award

I received this award from Debra. Thank you! Its exciting to receive awards like this!

The rules of the award are:
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve nominated.



Always & Forever - LHN ~ Wedding Gift

First off, I just wanna say congrats to Gail and Greg whom were married last Friday. Ive been waiting to receive an email from Gail stating that she received a gift I had sent.

She did, and I can share it! This was my last "I gotta wait to post till its received" finishes. Its from Little House Needleworks, called "Always and Forever". I stitched it on 32ct Creekstone from Silkweavers with a Rust hand dyed thread from Carrie's Creation. I found the fabric for the pillow at the quilt shop. Loved how it turned out.

Best of luck to you Gail and Greg!!

Ive been faithfully stitching on the Cabin (well not for the past 2 days), but I do need to take an updated picture of my progress, cause I amaze myself sometimes..LOL


Thank you shirts ...

While in Green Bay, my sister and I were talking about doing something special.. like the committee wearing tshirts of thanks. And for some reason.. an idea popped into my head.

Why not have the grandkids have shirts that say thank you! Off to Hobby Lobby, and what was great was during that week - the tshirts were on say for 50%. So I picked up a shirt for each kid. For the youngest, I picked up a bib, as she is too small for a shirt (they didn't have any her size).

We checked out the fabric markers, and I found these Fabric Markers from Crayola. I thought, wow, all the colors we would need to make the shirts. So I purchased 2 packages (only really needed one.. but I have it for future use). And I purchased a fine point black marker. And one of those cardboard cut outs shaped like a shirt.

Today, I was moving some stuff around, and I happen to come upon the shirts. My brain gears started to churn, and this is what I came up with.

What I did... I went to my Mircosoft Works on my computer, and played with some of the fonts, and when I found the ones I wanted, I enlarged the letters, and printed it out.

I put the printed out letters under the shirt, and traced the letters on shirt, thru the fabric. The word "Thanks" is just kinda placed in different ways. It went really good! The only problem I had was the white shirts.. don't know.. but the black didn't want to come off the marker, so I had to double it places. When I was done, all I had to do was color in the letters. I just did a multi color scheme for the "Thanks" and for "Grandpa" each has the same color blue. I don't know if you can notice, but under the ! is a red heart to dot the !.

And for it being a quote from the kids, for who's shirt it was, I just did a "~" and put their name. Just had to iron it when I was done for 4 minutes on cotton setting on the iron. I think that they turned out really CUTE!!

We made the paper!

This past week, I was awoke by the phone ringing, here it was a reporter from the Oshkosh Northwestern. A week before, I had contacted him on doing an article in regards to my Dad's benefit, that we are having on September 13th.

My Dad was interviewed, along with my sister and myself.

This is just the online version, I'm assuming the actual newspaper article has more info about the benefit. I'm sure I will see the article when it comes up on Wednesday.


Mare's SFE - Heart Stitcher - Cube It finish!

I just read that Mare received her SFE! YEA!! Her theme was black cats/hearts. For the last exchange, I stitched her a cat. This time I wanted to do a heart.

So, I had the luck of seeing this design on someone else's blog (Hi Renee!), and I just had to find it and stitch it. It didn't take long to stitch it up. The reason its green, is cause Mare had said she liked greens. It turned out to be a greenish blue (from using a variegated thread), but I loved it! I stitched it on a piece of 28ct white evenweave.

I, of course finished off the design as a cube. I had made this one, along with the Little Cups of Friendship, the same day.. and I had a blast making them!
And now they all have new homes. Enjoy ladies!!

Dara's Quilt

I was hired out to make a quilt using cross stitch designs.

I used 12 different colored Moda Marble fat quarters - coordinating the fabric to the stitching on the blocks.

As for the blocks - I used a setting like the Happy Hour pattern book I have here. What I did was I measured each the width and length of the block, and then I subtracted from 9.5" (since I wanted a 9" block). When I had the block borders sewn on on all sides, I took my 9.5" square ruler, and sorta "played" with how I wanted to cut out the blocks to be the right size. As you can see, they are set in different arrangements within the block. Ok, I think that sounded confusing, but I like the outcome!

Yesterday I sat down and sewed all the blocks into their rows, put on the borders. Went to go and get my batting (was just going to use my own batting - as I knew I had more of it). Well the piece I was going to use had a big chunk taken out of it. So it was off to Wardo's for more batting. I got home, and I just plugged away on it till it was done. I just did a simple quilting on it. Its just straight lines thru out. The main focus of the quilt is the blocks - not the quilting..LOL I did use a variegated thread on it for the quilting, and I think that really made it pop. The hand stitching on the binding went quick, even!

Now the quilt is boxed up, and will be on its way to its new home in a few.


Debra's SFEFlip Flop Magnet - SamSarah Designs

I've received word that Debra has received her SFE. Her theme was Flip Flops. For me, finding a pattern wasn't a problem, it was the thought of what to finish it into. I wanted it to be unique.

So, I thought, I would make it into a magnet. It was alot of fun to make! Will have to make more in the future.

Here is, "Flip Flops" from SamSarah Designs. I stitched it on 32ct Sand. I used some variegated floss that I had here... not even sure of the names. I used beads to give it some dimension.

Stay tuned -- I should have another finish tomorrow to show off! Just finishing the hand stitching on the binding.


Housework Never Killed Anyone - LK FINISH

Well I did manage to finish up my finish tonight while watching the Men's Volleyball game (would have been done sooner, but I was just hooked on the game).

Here is "Housework Never Killed Anyone" from Lizzie*Kate. I stitched it on a 28ct (don't know the exact, as it was a piece I just had), over 2 with DMC floss. I did change it alittle. I plan to make it into a wall hanging soon.


Vickie's SFE - Little Cups of Friendship by Lizzie*Kate

I can finally post a finish! I received word today that Vickie got her SFE yesterday. Her theme was tea cups. I had stitched this back in June.. so when you weren't seeing anything from me.. as far as finishes, I can finally post one now! This is exciting!!

I stitched for her "Little Cups of Friendships" from Lizzie*Kate (part of the Tea Crazy chart), used DMC floss on 32ct Creekstone from Silkweavers. Over two.

I love how it turned out! This was a fun cube to put together, and honestly - it was my first cube! (Well actually made 2 that day.. so I will be able to show off the other one soon.)

I'm currently stitching another L*K design - Housework (never killed anyone, but why take a chance). Might have it finished tonight if I can get off this thing!

Vickie, I'm so glad you like your SFE!!

WIP Progress as of 080708

I didnt stitch on Cabin at all today - well really early this morning, before I had gone to bed, I was stitching away. I actually started on another stitching project, that Im almost finished with.. should have it done by Sunday. Will post when I get it finished.

But here is my progress pic, with appx 6,400 stitches in. Which puts me at 3.7% complete. *Gulp*

Well its late, and Im off to bed, have to work the weekend.



The other day I mailed off 3 SFEs, and I'm excited here waiting for them to arrive to their destinations.

And I have another something I need to mail off next week. Stay tuned for more finishes, that I can finally post!

WIP Progress of Cabin In the Woods

I know I'm a few days late posting - but I wanted to share a WIP pic of Cabin in the Woods.

I'm not even sure how many stitches it is.. but I'm guessing about 4,300 stitches.

Will post another update picture soon. I had to do some ripping out right after I took this picture. I had started with a new color above what I show stitched... had to rip it all out (the new color - and I had about 200 stitches in already).

Will spend some time on it when I watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Go, U.S.A.!

Cranberry Wishes... Table Runner

While I was down visiting my family in June, I stopped by a quilt shop. I picked up some charm packs.

I had already put a table runner together with these, and I thought.. I gotta make more!

So.. here is another one. I used the charm packs of Cranberry Wishes from Moda. I cut the 5" squares into. and then I just sorta placed them out how I wanted too. And then sewed them all together. Mind you, I had done this already about 3 weeks ago. It was pinned and ready to be quilted since then. I played around with quilting design.. but I just couldnt get the gist of it. So I just went with a simple diamond quilting design.

I LOVE how it turned out!

This table runner is for my Dad's benefit, and a silent auction item.

Brett As A Jet

I have to admit I was on the New York Jets website yesterday waiting to find out what *new* number Brett was going to have. To find out it was #4, later in the day.. I had gone to the Jet Shop to see about placing an order for a NYJ jersey with the #4 and Favre on the back.

Now I know why I couldnt get on the Jet Shop.. - it said "failure to connect" Well I found out today is that Favre jersey orders on the NYJ's website crashed due to the amount of traffic. Fans trying to get the new green & white jersey.


Thank you Amy!

As I just got off the phone with my sister for the 2nd time today.. I just want to publicly say THANK YOU for all that you have been doing for the benefit for our Dad. You can check out the details here - www.myspace.com/deanmathisonbenefit

Amy, you have been doing a WONDERFUL job. I know when we first talked about doing something like this for dad, you were unsure you could do it. But, you have proved us wrong! From promoting the benefit, to holding the planning meetings, to contacting the business... and the list goes on. You are doing a GREAT job!


Good Bye Brett Favre.....

January 1996, I remember sitting in the living room of my parent home, watching the Green Bay Packers become Super Bowl Champs. I have my sweatshirt still from that year, stating the Super Bowl win. Oh, and the hat with the Orleans art, stating the champions. And I remember the following year watching the same team, lose in their next Super Bowl appearance. Ive been to two Packer games, once against the Chicago Bears, and the last game, about 7 yrs ago, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And at one time, I had a button that stated, "God must be a Packer Fan"

To be honest I've never really knew football. My life didn't revolve around it and I never really understood what all the excitement was about. That started to changed when Brett Favre became the rage.

The game itself wasn't any different but I sure developed a thrill for watching Brett throw the football. Whether it was Freeman, Sharper, Driver catching the ball, it was a complete pass that got the ball further down the field. It was the look on Brett's face that played out. It was the excitement of us all.

When Brett retired I understood. I have to say I was heart broke. I felt let down. Football is a demanding sport and at some point each and every player must walk away from the game. I was sorry that time had come for Brett but I would also remember him for the champion he was and never would I question his decision to call it quits.

All this "talk" in Green Bay about moving on... "the train is leaving the station.. are you going to be on it". What I do understand is that Brett decided he wanted to play and after everything he's given both the team and the fans, we turned our back on him. I understand his feelings of betrayal. I understand his bitterness in all of this. What I don't understand is how we could spit in his face after all the years of excitement and glory he has brought to the Packers. If I remember correctly, the Packers weren't much to talk about in the decade prior to Favre. If anything Favre gave the fans something to cheer about and that is what its all about. I realize that each man on the team is what makes a team successful. There are many other great players and I don't mean to minimize their role but Brett is the big issue right now.

I just wonder when they retire the number 4, how the fans within the stadium will present themselves. I feel that Brett needs the respect that he earns, especially after needing to wear someone elses colors. Im sure alot of hard words were said, and words that can not be forgotten.

Truth be told I'll go where Brett goes. Why? Because as I said before I enjoy watching him throw the football. I just hope where ever he goes he gets a team that will enable him to shine. I hope he has a talented offensive line. I'll watch Favre throw for as long as he plays the game.

Will I watch the Packers? I'll still watch the Packers but for different reasons now. They are after all in my blood. I'll even give Rodgers the chance to earn my support. However I won't just give it to him like so many fans have blindly done. I don't think Packer football will be nearly as exciting this year.

Goodbye Brett! I've enjoyed watching you all these years. You were the one player that gave me football fever. The excitement you brought to the game made me excited about the game and I'll never forget the 16 years you played for us. You'll always be the best quarterback that ever played the game. Not only because of the records you hold but because your enthusiasm was so contagious it spread through your teammates and right to the fans. May your best game be the worst game you ever have.

So long Brett, I wish you the best! Thanks for bringing so much excitement to your Wisconsin fans - and fans around the world. You will always be #1 in my book!


I can stop biting my finger nails now.....


Too bad it wasnt a week ago when we were in Green Bay!!

Would love to have seen him again!

Im so fricken HAPPY!!!

Cant wait to watch the scrimmage tonight!!


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