Cabin In the Woods - Update

Well, since the last update March 10th - you can see the progress!

Cornucopia - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week

I just got my butt whooped.... by a QUILT BLOCK!

This was the most difficult block I have even had the chance to construct. I was to the point where I was just going to give up, and see if anyone would notice. But, then I turned to Brian to help me with a few of the layouts, and he just looks at it and goes, do this. Well, I listened and it worked! It worked slick.

But, here it is - my block for the week. And it turned out better than I expected, cause it was almost in the garbage. Thanks for the challenge Jen!

Block #13 – Cornucopia – Racine County
Pattern is here - Cornucopia

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Blazing Star - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week

OMG, I L.O.V.E. how this block turned out. When I first saw it, I went *gulp*. I got all the 8 pieces all sewn and trimmed. Went to go and line up the square blocks (see them right?..LOL) and I was umm wrong on one of the colors. I wrote the wrong color for one of the blocks, and it threw me off.

But, its a block... and I love this block!!! But, its like 30 minutes till midnight, and got it done.... helps to take a 3 hr nap, to spoil the evening! Ha!

Block #12 – Blazing Star – Green County
Pattern is here - Blazing Star

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On Fire! Firefighting Quilt Top - Finish

I have been collecting firefighting fabric for awhile now.. and finally decided to do something with it.

Well, I had contacted my SIL awhile back, asking if she would like a quilt... only if she would use it.

So.. here is the Firefighters Quilt top.

I used 5" squares, and measured over 1", connected the line, and trimmed off the fabric to get the tumbler effect. Then I just went to town with the layout. There are 156 tumbler blocks.

Hope to get the batting and backing fabric tomorrow. I'm going to bind it in black.


Friday Night Sew In

Well, I made it to about 10:45pm, and then I just had to put my feet up.

Being on my feet the past three days, working on the quilt top, and tonight cutting out my brother & sisinlaw's firefighting quilt. I'm bushed!

Here is the results of the cutting - 156 5" squares.

I didn't do any sewing at all on the squares - just that I needed to get them cut out. I had posted to my Facebook about 7pm and asked for a vote - firefighting, John Deere, or Polka Dots. Firefighting won.

So, I spent the next 2 hrs ironing and fussy cutting the squares.

And, here are my sore feet. See my jammie pants were on! My Mom got them for me :)

Quilt Top Finish...

Minus the borders. I need to talk to the person whom this quilt top is for - about how big I should go. It fits a full size bed really good.

And I need a name for it - just cant be "Janet's quilt" forever..LOL

So, here is an update on my Friday Night Sew In. Next up cutting the fabric for a Firefighting quilt for my brother and his family. Big firefighting family.

Got a date for tonight, with the Brother!!

Its here... Friday Night Sew In!!

I gotta take MIL to the eye DR appt, and as soon as I get home The trip to the eye Dr didnt happen.. MIL looked at her calendar, and didnt see it saying 11am, but seen it as 1pm. So, our trip to the dr has been postponed. MIL's eyes are really bad, and she couldnt see the extra 1. The eye dr office said they called on Wednesday - but got no answer.. so MIL, now has an answering machine. So - the rest of the afternoon/night will be spent with the Brother!!! Throw on the jammies, and put on some music, and sew sew sew!

I havent touched a needle in about a week now - so Im sure that Cabin is feeling unloved... but I will get back to it soon!

Humm.. Im thinking of starting a new quilt top tonight. Shall I?

Ahh, cant wait for the date!

Getting my sew on!

The past two days - have been spent either bonding with my Brother (sewing machine), the ripper, fabric, the iron, the rotary cutter, and the ruler. And all those fun quilty tools invovled in making a quilt.

A coworker asked last fall for a quilt for a full size bed. After she had seen my bear paw sampler quilt, she wanted a quilt done in Northwoods animals, and bear paw sampler blocks... but she wanted the corner done in green. And the back green too.

I have been going to town on constructing a quilt top. Going by no pattern, and just coming up with ideas as I go. Its been a challenge as how much fabric to cut, and what design to put here.. but its been fun!

With wildlife pictures fussy cut, bear paw sampler blocks, and somewhat square in the square in the sashing's intersection, its been fun playing with the design.

I have the middle rows all sewn together, and the top and bottom row are waiting for the log cabin blocks to be finished. And then I will be able to put on the borders.

Im currently making some log cabin blocks for the 4 corners. And then I will be able to get the rest of the rows sewn together.

Im really rockin on how its turning out!! I had told my coworker I was going to bring it in this weekend to show my progress, and show her for the first time what it looks like.

Here is a preview of the quilt top - just the one row with the two blocks, and the sashing and intersection blocks.


Swing On A Star - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week

First off, Happy St. Patricks day! The corned beef, cabbage, and red potatoes are in the slow cooker, and smelling up the house. YUMMY! Was kinda bummed, stopped at a McD's to get a Shamrock Shake, to curve the craving. Only to be told that the machine was "down for maintenance". Couldnt go to another McD's, since that was the only McD's in the 130 mile trip I took, this morning.

So, once I got home from taking MIL to the Dr. I got right into this weeks, WQB-BOTW. I LOVE IT! I love how it turned out!! It gave me a challenge, and I love the results!!

Block #11 – Swing On A Star – Racine County
Pattern is here - Swing On A Star

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Cabin Update

Here is a update on the Cabin.

I have to say, Im so excited... I hit the right side of the pattern!! WOOOT WOOOT!!

Now, I can start working up!

Vickie's RR - Flag

Here is Vickie's Seasonal RR. I was the first to stitch on it - so out of the all the four season, I picked .... drumroll. The Flag.

I love patriotic stitching, and I just had to stitch it. Stitched on aida with DMC floss. I havent stitched with two threads in a long time, was different.. he he. Its 40x40, all stitched, and of course backstitched. Started on it last night, and finished up the backstitching tonight.

Saw Tooth 16 Patch - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week

Yea! Its Wednesday! This morning I actually took the day to "sleep in" - well if you call 12:30pm sleeping in. (I admit I was too lazy to get up.. it was too grey outside to even think about leaving the coziness of the bed - but then I realized it was Wednesday!) Then I realized, it was a day for a new barn block, and I was excited to see today's edition. The colors I picked out reminded me of the Milwaukee Brewer colors, somehow..lol.

While working with this block, my Brother kept giving me fists! GRRR!!! I think I have it all figured out.

Block #10 – Saw Tooth 16 Patch – Racine County
Pattern is here - Saw Tooth 16 Patch

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Turned in my key, and came home with...

my quilt top models. *Sniff*

I had heard last week from the postmaster, that she heard that the store I use to work at, was closing.

This afternoon, my SIL, came over, and she too told me that the store was closing.

So, this afternoon, I had to see for myself.

Sure enough - the sign told me 10 - 50% off. And I walked in, and I had an depressing site in front of me.

I turned in my store key, and was told to take whatever was mine. And - I was still getting my employee discount.

So, I came home with the quilt tops I have done over the years. That was the deal - if I made the tops, I would get back what was mine. And so I did (well minus one - since it was sold by mistake) *Sniff*

So, they are now living back with me.... I need to get them quilted. And live out their lives.

Calais II quilt top
Marrakesh quilt top
Cottage Blossoms
Shade Cascade
The Fruity Quilt top - Umm, I don't have a link to the quilt, cause I don't think I even took a picture of the top, since I didn't like it..LOL
My Sister's Cabin
Turning Twenty - Flannel


Anyone feel like Square Dancing?!

This quilt top has been .... well... interesting.

This is my 1st quilt top where I appliqued a 3" square piece of fabric to the quilt top. I know for those of you thinking.. EEK!! That's what I realized when I was cutting out the fabrics for this quilt top. Fusible what, to where?

But, I survived the fusible and the appliqueing to the quilt top. I have appliqued in the past, but I wasn't really sure about it. So I got out a piece of fabric and did alittle practicing. And when I got to the 9th square.... I think it look pretty darn good!

I did put the rows together - there are only 9 of the bigger blocks, so its just three rows, with three blocks.

I do need to attach applique another 3" square - but there are only 4 this next time.

So here is a WIP picture - I need to attach the 4 squares, and put the borders on still. Coming along great!


I cant believe I forgot to post about this here. While I was taking care of my nieces, what, almost 4 weeks ago.

While I took the girls with me to a quilt shop in Oshkosh (the same shop where I got the Square Dance fabrics). I had a little struggle with getting the girls into the store, as, well. It seems Aunt Kim's car rides can knock you out cold. So I had a hard time convincing a 6 yr old & a 4 yr old to wake up, and they really needed to come inside with me. It came down to - if you want to go to McD's. Better come inside..LOL

Well, as I was gawking at the selections of fabric and the the models. The girls found the fun and wild prints. You know what ones I'm talking about. The bright shaped prints thru out the fabric.

"Aunt Kim, you can make me another quilt out of this fabric" (I'm thinking as much as I would love too.. No!)

So, we were going thru the rooms looking around, and Im drooling. I look up, and there sat a pillowcase that was done up cute. The girls went back to the fun kid prints.

And I walk out to find, both of the girls hugging on to a bolt of fabric, as it looked like they were going to love it forever!

And the pillowcase idea came into mind. And that's where it happened.... it came out of my mouth. "Hey girls, since I already made each of you a quilt - why not a pillow case?!"

YIPPPEE!! We were soon picking out fabrics to go together. The oldest had something that kinda went.. oh wow... you want that? But she some how was talked into some pretty pink butterfly fabrics. And she was satisfied.

Now, the little one - well she was sent in her ways. She was coming home with the star fabric, no matter what!

We got it all cut out.. and I'm like - well I'm going to have to send these two you in the mail, since I didn't have ANYTHING to cut it with, measure, yadda yadda. As all my quilting supplies where at home. I knew I could use my Mom's machine.

So, I asked if I could stop at Hobby Lobby to get the things I needed to make the pillowcases. And I got the stare of death!

From now on - I cross my heart, I'm packing my quilting supplies, as what I picked up from WalMart to work with, cost more than what one pillowcase cost. But, I looked at it this way - nice to have a spare.

We got home, after Walmart, and a dinner and play at McD's. We had to get their new toys all settled, and put together. And off to work I went. It didn't take long to whip them out.. and I was really happy on how they turned out!

I so plan on making more! I was so excited about the pillowcases, that I actually forgot to take pictures..LOL So I asked my sister if she could snap some pictures, and send them to me. So, that is my sister's Pug, Ella, in the picture.

Here is Natalie's (the 6 yr old) -

And here is Kaylee's (the 4 yr olds) -

Butterfly Bag

Wednesday, Mother inlaw and I were at Doctor appts, and we had to do some shopping. So we were at WalMart.. and I of course had to stop at the fabric dept. I wasnt really feeling well at the moment, and I just sorta skimmed the selection they had. (Which in the Rhinelander store, is slim!)

Well, I was going to turn to leave the dept, and Mother Inlaw goes. "When are you going to make my bag?" Well, that was the first I knew she wanted a bag..LOL

So, we looked for some fabric for her bag... she chose a butterfly theme, and the other two colors.

So, here is the Butterfly bag - (yes that is snow in the background)

And here is my Mother inlaw, with her butterfly bag! She couldnt believe it I got it done that soon.


Star Puzzle - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week

Woohoo, with less than 30 minutes to the Wednesday, I was able to pull off getting this block done. I was bumming this morning and afternoon with the Mother Inlaw. And when I got home, it wasnt much longer and I was passed out in the recliner.

But after 10 oclock tonight, I sat down and whipped this block out. I really love how it turned out!! I love paper piecing!!

Block #9 – Star Puzzle – Green County
Pattern is here - Star Puzzle

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1st RR design finished

As Im chatting with Vickie... she tells me she only has 30 stitches to go on my RR.

And next thing I know, she is done!

So here is "House", one of the 12 designs for my RR.

I want to thank the 6 people that have expressed interest in stitching on the RR. Im going to go down the list and contact you back.

I still need 4 more people, if your interested, please leave a message, and I will get back to you.


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