The pictures are the main reason I had the camera out while watching the Packer game.. while I was coming home from work, the snow flakes were HUGE! So Brian decided (well I sent him outside for a few minutes to collect some snowflakes for me.. lol But they were melting before they could settle on his coat.

We are under a Winter Weather Warning, we are suppose to get 2 to 4 inches by morning! Good thing Im off for 2 days.. he he.

OH wow, Brian and I just watched the "ball" drop on tv, in New York of course! Unbelievable! I love the red hats the people are wearing! I want one.. LOL

Happy New Year Everyone!

Brett's last game?!?

WOW, Brett Farve didnt hide his feelings tonight after the game! Tonights game against the Chicago Bears (which the Packers won - 26 - 7).. it was to the point I had a tear in my eye!

Brett was asked about coming back to play next year, but he said that he will give his decision with in the next 2 weeks. He was very emotional during his interview. He says his decison ways with this family.

I took the picture off our tv, I have no idea why, but I thought it would be cool to have a picture of Brett's possible last game. Brett is pictured with Donald Driver.


Nativity In The Globe - FINISH

This Im sure is my last finish of 2006.

This finish is from Bent Creek called "Nativity In The Globe" Its a zipper chart, but I didnt attach the buttons. I stitched it on Sassy's 'ocean reef blue' 14 ct - 6" X 6" ornament cut. Hope to finish it off as a pinkeep somehow. My sister has really gotten into snow globes over the past couple years, so I asked her if she would like some cross stitched ones, well can you guess her answer? Of course the scan doesnt do it justice! - must be that Sassy Fabrics.. he he he This was my first time stitching on fabrics from Sassy - I loved it! I already have put in an order for a larger piece for the DT Sampler Game Board, Im joining in a SAL in Feb.

Now Im going to go and get Two Blues Houses (LHN) ready, which Im going to start on Monday. Which is good, cause I have 2 days off.


Forest Snowfall COMPLETED

Here it is! Forest Snowfall from County Cottage Needleworks. I stitched it on 28ct Pearl Grey linen. I began last Thursday (the first day of the SAL), and well here we are a week later. I stitched it using DMC floss - Im really satified with the colors I chose. Having a finish dance! I stitched this along with the LHN Yahoo Group.

I would have had it done sooner, but my sister called and we talked for almost an hour! Its so funny - my niece Natalie does the phrase.. "Deal Or No Deal".. its too cute! Or its "Jennifer, open the briefcase".. LOL
Now Im going to kit up Two Blue Houses from LHN, and begin on Monday (Jan 1st). I have to finish Nativity in the Globe from Bent Creek - which I might finish soon. Keep posted.


We got our White Christmas!

Well it looks like we get to have a white Christmas afterall! Just Thursday it was all brown/green grass. And then it came last night. I took these pictures before I headed off to work. We got 3 inches of snow. The flakes where huge when they fell. The trees are well weighted down, and the branches are bowed down.


Forest Snowfall - WIP Day 2

Here is my progress on "Forest Snowfall" from CCN. I had to change the colors to DMC, so I had to compare the colors, and Im quite happy with the results.

I began stitching on this design last night, so you can see its stitching up fast! I took advantage of the day off and sat and stitched. I would have gotten more accomplished but that darn internet kept me busy.. he he

It has rained quite a bit today, which at time was freezing rain, and now tonight it began snowing, and we are under a heavy snow warning till 10am tomorrow. Guess I better get to bed.. I have to work the next 3 days (will be gone from home for 12 hrs each day).. but you gotta be there when your in healthcare!

OMG I almost died LAUGHING!

I kid you NOT! My chest hurt from laughing so hard! LMAO If you know me, and heard me laugh, you can testify that I have a LOUD laugh!

Warning, make sure you empty your month before clicking on the link. Dont say I didnt warn ya!

I found this site.. well I put umm a face picture of Brian, and you will find the results here...
http://www.elfyourself.com/?userid=0472b1d9b2e08c48c80574aG06122206 Might take a little bit to load, but I think its worth it!

When I first played it... Brian thought I was crying since I was laughing so hard. (Brian was still in bed).

Brian chuckled when he saw what I did to him.. His comment was "my legs arent that little.".. LMAO (Yes they are!)

Happy Holidays with Brian's little song and dance! :)


Quilt Time Sampler WIP

Thought I would post a picture of the Quilt Time Sampler that I have been working on (slowly it seems). I have finished the lower half, and wanted to take a picture of the progress before I took it off the Qsnap, and moved it so I can stitch on the top. Im going to be joining in a Winter SAL with the LHN group and stitch the CCN's "Forest Snowfall", and come January 1st, Im going to join the "Two Blue Houses" from LHN with the SAL also.

I did manage to stitch on "Nativity In The Globe" from Bent Creek, while we were waiting for my truck to get repairs on today. I had to call in to work today, as I didnt have a vehicle to get there with. The U joint on the rear drive shaft was shot! I couldnt drive it till I got it fixed. So things are back to normal, now.

Happy Birthday Kaylee!

Happy 1st Birthday to Kaylee Mae! Here she is pictured from Sunday, while still at the hotel. She loved the Christmas tree! Such a cutie!


We're HOME!

And I need a nap!! This past weekend, Brian and I went down to visit my parents. I have to work all Christmas weekend, and Christmas Day.

My sister planned to have my youngest niece's birthday party on Saturday at 12:30p. Well we got there about 1p (and everyone was waiting for us, so they could eat). We had a great time there, Kaylee really got into her own bday cake, and I will post a picture tomorrow of her cake. After we cleaned up, we went off to a hotel to celebrate my parents' 40th anniversary. When we got there, some of the family went swimming, while the others took a rest (Brian and I included.. LOL). Saturday night we went out for dinner. It was alot of fun being surrounded by the siblings and their kids! Saturday night, my niece Natalie was sick. It was so sad to see a 3 yr old hunched over the toilet waiting to vomit. But she did successfully manage to get sick about 2am. Woke up Sunday morning, went down for the continental breakfast. Some of the family went swimming again. Brian and I had to go to WalMart to get a gift card. Got back to my parents, and my mom announced that their was a house fire. Which meant the firefighters (Dad, 2 brothers and SIL) were going to be gone for awhile.

Finally they got home about 6pm. We made plans for opening presents and having pizza at the town hall. We had pizzas, chips, soda, and left over birthday cake (from Kaylee's 1st bday party the day before). And the kids had a place to run around!

This a picture of all the kids before they opened their presents! I think I got the best picture of all 5 cameras that were going.. LOL It was funny, as soon as I took the picture I knew it was going to be a good one, so in enjoyment I put my arm up, and my sister inlaw got my arm in her viewfinder of her camera, and took a picture.. OPPS!.. LOL Their Grandpa, Grandma, aunts, and uncles sure know how to spoil them!

I was able to get a few stitches in yesterday, but then someone took my needle. So that was the end of that!.. LOL


My first attempt at ..

Making a pinkeep! I had so much fun that I made a second one!.. LOL (Go Me!)

I had to do some finishing of a coworkers cross stitching that she wanted to give her grown children for Christmas (Which she finished about 20 yrs ago she said). I told her I would help her by getting the finishes on some mounting board, which I did tonight. And she now has to go to a frame shop and get some special sized frames. Since one was 16" X 10", and the other 2 were 9"square.

I used Brian's muscles (I knew he was good for something!.. LOL) to help me cut the mat board. I had a few odd sizes left, so we then cut them up in pieces to be used in the future. Well I guess the future was about 20 minutes after he got done cutting, I had to have him cut a few more.. LOL

So here is the results of the pinkeeps I made to night. I did them differently. I actually attached some twine to hang the pinkeep. I love both of them! Too bad I cant keep them. :( Coming to someone's mail box, soon!


Do you got a satellite dish on your... !?!

Ok, dont laugh! But this picture is TRUE! Reason I know its in my yard!.. LMAO!

Yesterday the technicians were here to hook up our satellite dish for our high speed Internet by satellite. Well I called home about noon yesterday to see how it was going. Brian preceded to tell me that they could not put the dish on the roof of the house cause of the willow trees blocking. Well right behind our house (which is like in a straight line) is the metal shed that you see in the right side of the picture.

You are looking at our OUTHOUSE!!!! Yep we got a dang huge bugger of a dish on the side of our outhouse!! LMAO! Brian claims no one has used it in several years. And I had visions of tearing the shack down in the future.

So I had to take a picture of the outhouse now housing the new dish.. LOL Gosh why do I feel all rednecky!?! LMAO! Going to have to devise a plan to keep the kids off the arm of the dish! Add that to my list of things to do!.. LOL


We got SPEED!

We have dealt with dial up for the past how many years.. well I had some really big files that needed to be downloaded, and dial up wasn't allowing it to happen (the emails would time out). Had a source to download from, well long story short. Brian and I decided to get satellite internet! (Well he agreed, and I'm paying for it.. LOL)

So here we are! No complaints yet!.. LOL Been visiting sites I haven't been able to visit do to dial up. So now I need to cancel dial up, and what goes with it, is I lose my newnorth.net emails. So I will be sending out emails to update people in my address book. If you would like to receive my new email address, please leave a comment, and I will send an email to you. :)

The funny part of it all. I really need to take a picture of where the satellite is installed. All I can say its not on the roof.. LMAO!

Can you guess where it was placed?!?!


Quilt Time Sampler WIP

Update: Thanks for the comments so far. I have changed the color mistake on the design - the motif and the hearts are now a different color. The block on the right is now finished, and a row below, is finished. I will take another pic when I have the bottom totally finished. :)

Here is a pic of the Quilt Time Sampler from Little House Needleworks, I have been working on. I have made some color changes, as I have realized I stitched the wrong color - the symbols look so much alike! Had to look really hard to see the difference.

I might just keep it this way. :)

On the first day of Christmas..

Ok... I wanna do something FUN!

We all know the song, "Twelve Days of Christmas" (for those that don't know the song - click here ) Ok, here is what I want you to do.. I want you to post a comment to this post of what the next line should be! You can be as goofy as you like! I will post the best line I find. So lets have some fun!

So, here we go..

On the first day of Christmas, my stash love gave to me..
an Ott lite all for free!

On the second day of Christmas, my stash love gave to me..
a full set of DMC!

On the third day of Christmas, my stash love gave to me..
a Mirabilia Deepest Love of the sea!

On the fourth day of Christmas, my stash love gave to me..
a housekeeper to make me free (to stitch)

On the fifth day of Christmas, my stash love gave to me..
5 golden needles

On the sixth day of Christmas, my stash love gave to me..
a floor stand stitching frame with all the accessories!

On the seventh day of Christmas, my stash love gave to me..
the winning lottery ticket, so I would have NO more worries!!!

On the eighth day of Christmas, my stash love gave to me..
All the stitching fabric I need!

On the ninth day of Christmas, my stash love gave to me..
a stashly decorated tree!!!

On the tenth day of Christmas, my stash love gave to me..
A retreat with all my stitching friends and me!

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my stash love gave to me...
a collector Ginghers scissors just for me!

On the twelvth day of Christmas, my stash love gave to me..
A blog where Im excited to find out about my stitcher friends - so I can go and see all what they have to show. :)


Iron River Christmas Parade

Tonight, Brian, myself, and BIL & SIL's kids went to the Iron River, MI Christmas parade. This was the first (of many I hope) Christmas parade they had. Mostly downtown businesses had floats in the parades. Of course they had the Wykon marching band. The parade started at 5:15, and strolled past us about 5:25 or so. We were back in the Explorer @ 6pm

What was best of it all is that you could vote for your favorite float. The kids said they liked #10 - Im not sure which float that one was, cause it I seemed to remember the one I liked by the business name than the number.. LOL The kids even got some candy canes. What was funny is there had to be about 5 floats with Santa's, and It was hard to tell if that was the last Santa or not.. LOL The people where everywhere! Good thing we claimed our curb soon enough.

We left home about 4:30, I had my layers! I was all bundled up. I had 3 pairs of socks on.. my snow boots.. a pair of sweat pants, my Levi's, a thermal long sleeve shirt, and a sweatshirt. Had snowmobile gloves for my hands, along with a scarf, knitted hat... and I was all bundled up well in my Columbia Double Whammy jacket!

I brought the camera along.... mostly got a few pictures before the parade stared. Its was cold that was for sure! 25 degrees! Burr! Brian did comment that he enjoyed himself.. he was undecided before we went if he could handle it being cold, and umm the people.

So the kids are now home, we stopped at McD's for some supper, but we went thru the drive thru since the place was packed. But we talked about the parade on the way home, and the kids enjoyed themselves! So did Brian and I! Brian is at his parents house - over there telling them about the parade.. so he must have really enjoyed himself, despite the look he gave in the pictures.. LOL

Now if this parade would only put me into the Christmas spirit, and maybe put up the tree for me.. LOL Shucks, wishful thinking!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

You can click on the picture to read what the article reads. :)

My parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary this Sunday! On Nov 18th (which was also my dad's bday), we sent them out for dinner and to a Christmas show in Oshkosh. They really enjoyed it, and Im sure when I get down there next, I will get to watch a DVD about the show they went too, as my dad had bought a DVD.

In our area local paper (well from my hometown - I love reading about what is going on... so I subscribe to it too), I did a write up for their anniversary. To my surprise the paper was in yesterdays mail! It always seems to take a week to get to me. I think it turned out great, just like my parents!

Anxious to hear from my parents about the article. :) In the future, we are going to be doing a hotel weekend! Where everyone can get together and have fun!


SFE from Michelle

I received a package in the mail from Michelle - it was my SFE (small finish exchange) from the ILCS group. And the note read, "if I didnt like it I should let her know, and she would make me something different."

So anyone want it?!?! Any takers?!?! Awww shucks... its already claimed by ME!

I LOVE IT! Its so adorable! Michelle - you are a great stitcher and finisher! Notice the scissor charm and needle stuck in the pillow?! Its so cute!

Thank you so much Michelle! This little pillow is going to join Mylene's by my stitching area.


SBQ - Nov 29

Today's SBQ is:

How do you secure your thread when you begin a new one? Specifically, do you or have you ever used a waste knot?

Mostly when I stitch, I just catch the thread in the stitches Im going to make. If Im only making one or two stitches, I will place a knot so that the thread catches under the previous stitches, and doesnt come out.

When I finish with a color, or even when there isnt enough thread left to stitch with, I run it under the few previous stitches, making sure that it is secure, then trim.


Model for Moonflower Designs

Patty from Moonflower posted the model I stitched for her to a Yahoo group I am in with her. So I thought I would post the finish to my blog.

On the left is the model that I model stitched for her. I believe that there was 7,900+ stitches in the model. I love how I was able to get the curving affect in the design! Turned out really cool!

On the right is the picture that Patty posted to the group, as you can see she added - this is what she posted in the email... "Just for fun, I will share a picture of a new design being released next year. The stitching on this picture was done by my wonderful model stitcher - KIM. I stitched the alphabet in the middle, and that is why I chose to share this, so that she may see what I added. " I really love what she has done with the model! This design is going to be released in 2007. If you would like you can check out Moonflower Designs for more charts available.

And once again, I thought I would post the other models that I stitched for Patty this year. I stitched the daffodils, both on the left and right. I stitched the orange one first. I really loved the experience of model stitching, and I hope to do more in the future!

Final SS in the mail!

I received my final Secret Sister goodies in the mail today! My Secret Sister was Vicky from CT. She was a wonderful SS! She sent me LOTS of goodies! "Home Of A Needlework", and "ABC 123" from Little House Needleworks from my wish list. And an adorable Christmas tree decoration finish! She knew me well! Thanks Vicky for the wonderful goodies!

I also received a few more bday cards in the mail too.. woohoo! Love having an extended bday. Now if only my Sassy mail would be arrive, I would be in heaven :)


Turning Twenty Quilt

Guess how many fat quarters it took to make this quilt?!?! There is a clue in the title of this post.. LOL If you guessed 20, you are correct! This quilt pattern was from a book called, "Turning Twenty". You use 20 fat quarters, cut them up into various indicated sizes and follow the directions and sew it all together!

For this quilt I used flannel material - which I got from the quilt shop. Im making this quilt as a display. I love the bright colors! This thing is huge! And I dont even have a border on it yet!

It calls for a pieced border, but I have to check with my quilting mentor, LJ to find out if I should stick to the pattern, or just do a simple border, cause man oh man, is this quilt BUSY!

I did have a few struggles with the quilt, but I got it all figured out. I had sewn a few of the blocks backwards... grr! So I had to rip a few of them apart, and sew them back together. And also when I cut the fabric the other day, I found that some of the material that was on the bolt wasnt 44".. rather it was only 40". So that makes a big difference. But it was a fun experience!

Also yesterday, I went back to the craft place in Eagle River that was closing yesterday. I picked up some more linen! And I got it all for 50% off! WOOHOO! Im happy!
When I was finished there, I drove up to Iron River, MI, and stopped at the St. Vinny's and got some cross stitch magazines that had some really cute Northwoodsy patterns in it. :) And I also went and visited LJ at the quilt shop, since she was working, and I told her my problem of being short on some of the fat quarters, and I cut some more material that I needed.(and I had to add to the kit that I made with the material I cut out for this quilt.) And then while I was there, I saw a quilt pattern that I would love to do. Its called "Spools", I got some homespun material, both plaid and stripes. I hope to start it on Wednesday, which is my next day off.

Cinderella - Round Robin

I signed up to do my first ever Round Robin! And I was the first to start out a project for someone else. I have decided to stitch for others, than have a Round Robin go out for myself.

This finish is from the kit called Disney Princesses. I chose to stitch the Cinderella in honor on Natalie, who loves Cinderella!. :)

Now its off to Pennsylvania to be stitched on some more, then its going to Indiana, and then back to the UK, where its from. I hope to post pictures as it progresses. :)


Friends Dont Let Friends Stitch Alone!

I agree! Friends shouldnt stitch alone! But when you have no one to stitch with... you blog about it right?!?! I had the chance to sit and stitch while I was in Omaha with 4 others, and I had so much fun!

I wanna (someday) organize a stitching group in the area. That is my goal. Just waiting for the right opportunity to come along.

This design is from a chart called Friends Stitch by Moonflower Designs. I stitched on 14ct white aida with the floss that Missy sent me for my bday present, called Sweet Memories from Six Strand Sweets.

I plan to finish this design off into a pillow.



Tonight I came home to find a package on the table from Missy. Missy had mentioned about me receiving a package this week, so was I ever surprised to find what was inside the package! She sent me a birthday present!

She sent me a scarf (I LOVE IT! You do a wonderful job!), which she made, and she also included a tuck pillow with stars, and linen inside to stitch on. Patriotic Santa Zipper from Bent Creek, a skein of Sweet Memories from Six Strand Sweets, a piece of 28ct Permin Linen Apple Blossom.

She also stitched a birthday card for me! I had seen it on her blog and assumed it was stitched for her DH, but nope it was for me :) *Notice how excited I was about the present.. I didn't even take my jacket off... LOL Thanks so much!
So thank you again Missy! This was so thoughtful of you! Thanks for making my day!

Its amazing what friends will do and give to you.. total strangers meeting from reading each others blog, then comments turn to emails, and then emails turn to gifts and surprises in the mail!

Blogging has really opened up a new world for me! I really enjoy reading other blogs, and leaving comments. I too enjoy blogging and reading comments of others that are left for me. Thanks to everyone that do leave comments, they mean alot to me! :)


Happy Thanksgiving!

I would like to wish EVERYONE a Happy Thanksgiving, whether you celebrate it or not. I hope that you have many things that you are thankful for! I know I have have several!

Brian and I are invited next door for Thanksgiving dinner. I had to chuckle, cause on the radio yesterday they were commenting about motorist would be traveling within 50 miles of home, heck I only have to make 50 steps.. LOL Then later today, probably after a nap.. Im going to address Christmas cards. I gotta work tomorrow, so Im missing out on the Black Friday festivities, oh darn.. LOL

So again, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful day, and thanks be to God!


Thanks everyone!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Brian and I had a great day! Yesterday Brian and I went to Iron Mountain, Michigan for lunch and some shopping. I got Cars on DVD, and got some groceries. Got home unpacked the stuff, and checked emails, and then I thought I would work on a quilt project. Well I got to the point where I need more material!.. LOL Im sure once I get more material, the quilt will whip up in no time!

Last night, I sat down and started watching Cars... what a cute movie! It had some funny parts! Im sure I will be watching it again! I even got a call from my 3 yr old niece, Natalie. Nat, my sis, and my mom went and saw Elmo Makes Music in Green Bay (I was actually invited but turned them down as I would have had a 110 mile trip home alone, and Im not a fan of driving home in the dark. She enjoyed herself - now I wished I would have gone.. oh well. Next time! :) But it was so cute - Nat sang Happy Birthday to me, what was funny is that she sang "Happy Birthday to you" three times and then said "Happy Birthday to Aunt Kim"... it was a priceless moment :)

Lizzie*Kate Fan Letter.. LOL

Yes, I wrote a fan letter to a cross stitch designer, Linda from Lizzie*Kate. I was working off a "high" with the 12 Blessing Ornaments and thought I would share my completion with the designer, so I contacted them thru her website.

Hi Linda -

My name is Kim, and Im a fan from Long Lake, Wisconsin. I have all the charts and snippets in my collection and have favored your designs to stitch! So quick and fast!

I would just like to thank you for the wonderful designs that you created for the 12 Blessing ornaments. I stitched every one, and now have made them into ornaments. I thought I would share a picture with you. Many have looked and commented via emails, and comments on the blog - some have even inquired where they can find the charts. :) Again I thank you for your creativiy and I look forward to purchasing more designs to be in the future! Keep up the great work!

You can find a picture of the 12 Blessing ornaments on my blog. Thanks for looking :)


I wasnt expecting to get a reply, but I did today! Thought I would share with you what she responded.

Hi Kim,
Thanks so much for writing! Thanks also for sharing your great photos of the 12 Blessings. It has been a really fun series for us.

I'm hard at work on the 2007 Flip-Its. I have them all designed and stitched. The first couple are finished and photographed and now I'm waiting on printing. We plan to have them in the shops sometime in December.

Thanks for your kind words and your continued support of L*K! Super stitchers like you are what makes my job worthwhile!

Yours in stitches,



Happy Birthday to me...

I got a wake up call this morning.. it was my niece Natalie calling to wish me Happy Birthday! It was so cute that she even sang the Happy Birthday song.. LOL

I would also like to thank everyone that has sent birthday wishes via emails and snail mail! It means alot! I got to open birthday cards from my friends at ILCS. I received cards from the following, along with a skein of DMC floss; Mylene (518), Teresa (SSS - Berry Twist & Cherries Jubilee), Betty in AZ (CC - Ruby Slippers), Annette (160, 602), Marta (758), Shari (445, 602), Debra (321, 744, 792, 3326, 3753), and Michelle (150, 701, 3340). Thank you, ladies! And I also got a Christmas card from Meghan, and Angie in the mail. :)

Plans for today is go to out to eat and SHOPPING! I wanna get Cars on dvd today!.. Yeah I know kiddish, but I want to see that movie!.. LOL


12 Blessings Ornaments.. FINISHED!

YEA! I sat down tonight and started and finished the 12 Blessings (from Lizzie*Kate) ornaments into ornaments!
They went quite quick! Even though I had to attend to a umm little bitty of an dumb moment.. that ended up needing a bandaid, and was this close to making me pass out!
I'm fine, didn't need a stitch... even had someone mention if DMC floss would work to stitch up the cut.. Thanks for the laugh Renee! Should heal up quickly... but the finger is black and blue under the cut skin. The details of the incident... umm careful with the rotary cutter.. its meant to cut material, not tips of fingers!
Back to the ornaments....
These will be going on a Christmas tree next month.. the nursing home I work at is sponsoring a Christmas tree, at a local mall in Eagle River. I was asked if I could stitch some cross stitch ornaments, and what perfect these turned out to be! The theme for the tree is "A Homespun Christmas".. the tree will be done in craft related items.
And I just hope when I give the 12 away, I get the 12 back!! Cause they are going on the tree next year! Since I wont get them back till after the New Year.


SBQ - Nov 16

Today's SBQ is:

Do you stitch Christmas ornaments? If so, how many do you stitch each year and for whom? If not, why not?

In the past, I havent really taken the time to stitch Christmas ornaments, but this past year I have stitched all of the 12 Blessings from Lizzie Kate. I plan to finish them into ornaments tomorrow.

Instructions might help

I was given a quilting assignment at work. I cut all the material from the bolts into fat quarters, and kitted the other half of the fat quarters. I included the instruction book in the kit I had kitted up. Driving home with my 20 fat quarters... I realized.. ummm I forgot the darn instruction book! Oh well it gives me a chance to wash the fabric. :) The quilt is going to be a Turning Twenty pattern, and the funny thing is.. this is the same book I left at work, which I found on the net.. LOL

Its amazing how our lives can be full of instructions.. and sometimes you gotta have the instructions to do a simple task.. LOL


SFE from Mylene

This afternoon, I found mail from The Netherlands.. and in the package was an adorable hanging pillow from Mylene! This is from the Small Finish Exchange Im participating in ILCS. November is my month to receive the small finishes! What an lovely finish! Thanks Mylene!

Fabric Enhancement eXperience

I had F.E.X. today! (Fabric Enhancement eXperience) WOOHOO! I have since fallen in love with linen.. so I have been wanting to search for some fabric.

Today Brian had a dr appointment in Eagle River, and since I knew of a arts and craft kind of store that was going out of business. In the past was kinda out of my way to get supplies and kinda expensive.. well I asked Brian if we could go alittle earlier. Stop at this shop, and see what I can find.

Well... $104 later! I treated myself to linen and some evenweave, and some couldnt pass up aida! I called this my early birthday present.. LOL

Each package had a % off.. varied from 25, 30, 35, 40, and 50% off. Well I really didnt look at the prices.. I just kinda grabbed and tucked.. LOL Tucked it either in my arms, or Brian's.. LOL The cuts of linen I pretty much saved 50% off! Got a 1/4 yd cut for about $9!

Well I suppose you wanna hear about what I got.. right?!?! Well here it is! :)
  • 3 pkg - 14 ct Black aida (12" x 18")
  • 2 pkg - 14 ct Lt Blue aida (12" x 18")
  • 22 ct White Handanger (12" x 18")
  • 28ct Evenwave White (20" x 27")
  • 2 pkg - 28ct Linen - Beige Brown (14" x 18")
  • 25 ct Evenweave - Winter White (14" X 18")
  • 2 pkg - 28ct Linen - Winter White (14" x 18)
  • 2 pkg - 28ct Linen - Cream (14" x 18")
  • 1/4 yd 28ct Country French - Cafe Mocha
  • 2 - 1/4 yd 28ct Cashel Dirty Linen
  • 1/4 yd 28ct Lambswool Linen
  • 1/4 yd 28ct Country French Latte Linen

Woah! I think I might go back again get some more. They are offically closed a week from this Saturday. I think I did well! Brian says, he doesnt care, cause he know I will actually use it! Ive trained him well! :)


Blogger Beta

Test.. Test.. Test This has been a test.

I have switched over to Beta... so no looking back, as I cant switch back. This better be good! LOL


How I talk quiz..

What American accent do you have?
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You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."

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I have to agree! Even though when I do talk.. I some times talk before I think.. LOL And you will know when Im tired.. cause I mumble. I remember a few years back... I was booking a hotel room in Minneapolis to go to the Mall of America.. and they wanted me to verify my age, as I sounded too young.. LOL Umm I was 24 at the time! And what was really funny.. just before I turned 18yrs old.. I had a guy guess my age.. and he thought I was about 27.. EEK!.. LOL

Cross Stitch Quilt - Wedding Gift

Earlier this year I was asked if I would be willing to help with making a quilt for a cross stitch friend, who got married yesterday. This quilt was part of an Angel Project that a cross stitching group Im involved in, does for other group members. We sign up to stitch a design for the cause, and its then sent to the person receiving the Angel project.

Of course I agreed, and in September I received the blocks from 12 other stitchers, and some money to use to put the quilt together. I just did the basic quilt design.

I added the buttons to the quilt so that maybe some of the party favors from the wedding can be hung on the quilt.
I used curtain rings to hang the quilt.

The quilt has been received by the bride and she loved it! So Im happy for that! :) She stated that it will be hung in their bedroom.

Please excuse the picture with me in it.. LOL It was pretty late that night, and I had even worked at the quilt shop that day (my first day), so I was pretty whooped!

Been asked to stitch on another model.. WOOHOO! As far as the week to come - I have to work Mon, Tues, at the nursing home. Wed - Bri has a dr appt, and going shopping afterwards (Yeah!), Thurs work at the quilt shop, and Friday Im off.. not sure of the plans yet. Work Sat, and then Im off for my birthday! YEA!.. LOL I was suppose to work but I asked a coworker if she could work for me on Sunday and I would work for her on Monday.. and she said "Ok" So plans for my bday so far is to go to my favorite resturant in Long Lake, but Bri is hinting about going to Iron Mountain to go to our 2nd favorite resturant.. and so he can get me something for my bday..... Men!... LOL


Finish - "Winter Wonderland" LHN

Would you believe I started this umm 3 nights ago! And as of this morning, I only had the snowman, 2 of the snowflakes, all the snow, the bunnies, and the tree trunks stitched.. and well I took off from there! It was a STITCHFUL day!.. LOL

This is called - "Winter Wonderland" from Little House Needleworks, stitched on 28ct Misty Blue linen. Stitched with DMC floss. I actually started this design out 3 times! First the 712 just wasnt bright enough on the first color of fabric I had used. Then I started over again with 3865 to be the white... then it was the fabric, just wasnt going to do. So I found this piece of Misty Blue linen, and gave it a try! I also subsituted a few other colors for the green, the blue, and the brown. Here is the result! :) I love it!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Just wanted to post this... I know my mom reads my blog from time to time..

HAPPY 60th Birthday MOM!!!
Here she is with Nat and Kaylee from this summer, doing what she does best... being Grandma!

There, that being said... I wish I was there to join you this weekend, but that darn work thing! Hope to get home for your 40th Anniversary weekend. Then we can celebrate! Hope you enjoy the day with Amy and Natalie at the play, and later tonight when you go out for dinner. And the little surprise that we have for you and dad for your anniversary.. he he he.


SBQ - Nov 8th

Today's SBQ was suggested by Jan and is:

How many different brands of "complete" embroidery floss sets do you own? How do you keep track of it? (i.e., spread sheet program, index cards, palm pilot, etc.)

Well I do have one complete set of DMC floss. They are stored on bobbins in plastic boxes, and I have 4 of them. The extra floss that I store in gallon size bags, are in smaller zip lock bags, depending on the amount of the floss on hand, determines the bag size. As for as keeping track of them.. I have a list of the extra floss I have. I have listed the number of the floss, and if I have more than one I will indicate the number of skeins. And when I need another floss, I will check the list first to see if I have that color, if I do, I cross of the number from the list, and go to the bag to look for the color.

I do have some WDW, GAST, and other skeins of floss. I do have a list of the colors I have of them, so if I think I might use some of the specialty floss, I can check the list to see if I have them or not.


"ABC Friends Are We" finish

Gosh I love quick finishes! I began and finished this design today. This is from Simple Samplers from Heart In Hand, called "ABC Friends Are We". Stitched on 28ct linen over 2 threads with DMC floss.

Will be finishing it into a pillow, and sending it off. :)


Breast Cancer Scissors Fob - PIF

WOOHOO, I received word that the fob that my sister and I made for a friend, who's Mom, is battling breast cancer, has arrived!

Since my sister does an awesome job making bracelets, I had asked if she could help me with this fob idea I had. We found the charm and beads, and I arranged the beads, and my sister then put the fob together for me.

I sent the fob along with alittle note, stating why we wanted to do this. And so now its at its new home. :) Hope you enjoy Missy!

Here is the fob attached to my scissors before it took it's trip across the big pond!


Star Light , Star Bright

This adorable finish is from Little House Needleworks, called "Star Light, Star Bright". I stitched this design on 28ct greenish color linen, using DMC floss.

Now what to stitch next, of course Im not going to find something tonight, as its late, and I have to work the weekend, and I also worked today (well now yesterday.. LOL)

Just wanted to post this finish :)


*WARNING* - It happened to me!

Don't blow through a straw into a Capri Sun juice box... cause its gotta come back up!.. LMAO Try it ... you will see what I mean! LMAO!! I can see it now.. Kim gets the "Here's Your Sign" award for gushing juice from the juice box.. LOL

Ok I admit, I raided the Halloween bowl, and got myself a Capri Sun, its in those umm what do you call them pouches. Well I took the straw off the pouch, put the straw into the little hole, and proceeded to suck on the straw. Everything was going great.

I saw the bills on the counter, and thought, well I better get the checkbook out and pay them. Well I set the pouch down on the counter and it sorta tipped over. Well I tried standing it up again. Of course the corner on the bottom was buckled a little, rather than squeezing on the pouch, I did the next best thing. Blow in to it through the straw. You know when you blow in a straw while drinking milk, you get bubbles right?!?!

Well when you drink Capri Sun from the pouches you get a FACE WASH!!!!!! LMAO I blew into the pouch till the pouch went back to its shape, wel then I took my lips off the straw, and out it came.. of course I was trying to put it down on the counter, it continued to fountain out of of the pouch. I laughed so hard! As I type this, I still have juice on my eye lid hairs, or maybe its tears from laughing so hard..LOL Its a good thing I'm home alone... humm I wonder if I can get Brian to try it.. Should I?!?! LMAO!

SBQ - Nov. 1

Today's SBQ was suggested by Lee and is:

How did you decide on the title of your stitching blog? Was it random, or does it have a special meaning to you or about you?

Well I had a title of "Kim's Thoughts and Such", cause when I first started out I wanted to share my thoughts with the world. But then, I started showcasing my cross stitching and quilting projects.. so it wasnt a thought.. it was a such.. LOL Just this past weekend I changed the name of my blog to "Kim's Northwoods Discoveries" and as I mentioned in a previous post how I decided on changing the name. So yes it does have a special meaning to me :). Also the url of the blog (upnorthxstitching.blog.com) was my second choice, as I had lost my first blog some how! The blog is still there, but there was no way of accessing the blog, so I just created a new one. The upnorth in all my emails and such is cause well, we live in northern Wisconsin and this is claimed as the Northwoods or "Up North", and well xstitching is what I love doing!


"Let Us Be Thankful"

WOW, this design was such a fast stitch! I started it on Sunday, and now it being Tuesday, and I didnt stitch at all last night, as I was too tired.

This is called "Let Us Be Thankful" from Bent Creek. I did change the color of the vine (936), and I didnt stitch the turkeys (which are to be on both sides) - as I think this would be enjoyed all year round. This was stitched on 28ct mushroom colored linen. To give you an idea of its size its 15 1/2" by 2 1/2".

As of right now, we have only had 3 trick or treaters, and I have a feeling that will be all for tonight. I hand out microwave popcorn bags, and juice boxes.. so I planned on 15... so I guess we will be eating popcorn and drinking juice for awhile. Next year Im buying chocolate.. LOL

Happy Halloween!

HaPpY haLloWeEn
The above photo was of pumpkins that Brian and my sister carved Halloween 2004 - gosh hard to believe it was that long ago!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! Brian and I will be passing out popcorn and juice boxes today - but not sure how many we will end up with! Its mostly family that venture back by us. Need to get some packages out in the mail also - sending the model I finished up later last week, back to the designer, and I need to send out an Angel project that I helped with. Will post some pictures as soon as I can. Also, I have a few chores to do today, and then I will be working on my LUBT SAL later today - hoping to get it finished. Hope you have a nice evening, and the treaters are a joy to see!


Let's Us Be Thankful WIP

Well its bedtime, and I thought I would post my progress on the Let Us Be Thankful SAL that Im participating with in the Bent Creek Yahoo group. I have decided not to stitch the turkeys on both ends.. this way it can be displaced all year. And I changed the color of the vine - stitching it in 936

After getting over a day long headache - I finally got all my supplies together and pulled out the pattern. I had to cut the fabric and surge around the sides - which meant I had to get the sewing machine out.. I so wished I had sewing room! Then I played some with the Qsnaps and came up with this long frame to stitch on! And to believe I started stitching about 9pm! Gosh its going to be no time and I will be done! This design is going so fast! Be prepared to see a finish yet this week.. humm maybe another Oct finish.. will see!

Well I only have to work tomorrow, then I have 3 days off from the f/t job, and work on Thursday at the quilt shop.. WOOHOO!


The Change

Umm time change that is.. LOL Gosh with having the extra hour .. its so nice! Here it is, almost 11:45, and the clock on the wall says 12:45... humm I guess I need to change it!

I got myself another job! WOOHOO! Like I have enough time the way it is. Well I sorta got my dream job going to be working 6 days a month (once a week, and one weekend) in a fabric department ! WOOHOO!!! A friend of mine, whom also works at the quilt shop - also my mentor/friend/boss of me at the quilt studio that I also work at, put in a good word for me, and then told me to apply.

Well about 2 weeks ago, I went to talk to Laurie Jean about the "requirements" of the job, and LJ introduced me to the boss of the quilt shop. My new boss Deb has known me as a customer, and when I co-organized the quilt show in June. Well Deb handed me an application, and told me that I could start whenever I wanted.. LOL So I more so had the job before I even filled out the job application. I even got an employee discount with my purchase that night of some fat quarters and a 9 1/2" square. :) I will be working on Thursdays from 9am - 5pm (which the shop is only open from 9-5 M-Sat, and noon - 4p on Sundays.)

And of course I'm keeping my full time job. Since I work 10 hr days - 4 days a week. I have beg, pleaded, and ranted to get my schedule changed to work 4 days one week, and 3 days the following week. :) I need to work more than 64 hrs a week to get health insurance, so this should work out great! And besides, the f/t job is getting very stressful, and I need alittle more of a break inbetween each shifts. I have already worked a day a week ago Friday, and I really liked it!

So wish me luck, or tell me to turn around so you can give me a swift kick in the rear.. LOL . I will mainly be working in the fabric department - cutting fabric, organizing the bolts, helping customers pick out fabrics, and drool over all the material I can buy to make quilts with.. LOL OY!

"Scared Crow?"

Yea! Another October finish!

This adorable design is from Bent Creek, called "Scared Crow?" Stitched on 14ct fiddlers aida. From the first time I saw it, I had to stitch it! I actually had started it before I had all my deadlines. So it sat with just its face stitched. Poor thing! Then on Thursday night after work, I picked the little guy up, and began stitching. So I have stitched quite a bit since then.. LOL Have no clue as to how I will finish this guy.

Also this afternoon I was sorting out my quilting fabrics.. gosh I gotta get busy!.. LOL Lots of material calling my name! I have a vision for a USA quilt, a breast cancer rememberance quilt, a John Deere quilt, a fire fighter quilt, a assortment of flame material quilt - so to say.. LOL, and I have other material that I picked on in the past to make a quilt with. So I guess its that time again to pick between two needles again!


Here's the "Update" ~ to be continued...

Hi all - just wanted to point out ... I have changed the name of my blog. It is still the same url address, but the title is changed.. more to suit me I guess. LOL About a year ago I made a quilt, and I called the quilt "Long Lake - Northwoods Discovery", and quilted in the quilt (Thanks LJ!) are words that I have experienced up here since moving 5 yrs ago already! Such words as bears, fishing, camping, woods, etc.

So I thought it was time for a change! So if you have me in your blog roll - you might want to change the blog title, if not, it will still direct you to my blog. Thanks!

Also I have neglected on the SBQ questions, so I have gone back and added the answers to my questions.

And also, I have signed on to be on the Stitching Bloggers Webring I love looking at other stitcher’s creations! So Im just waiting for approval to be allowed on the webring.

I will post more later! I have been working on "Scared Crow" by Bent Creek, and its just stitching up fast! So maybe I will have a picture to show in the next day or two! I have the weekend off, and we have no plans.. well I do.. I plan on watching some scary movies this weekend!


Im here!

Yes I know, I havent posted much lately - but I have proof, I have been busy! Well I cant post pictures as I have just finished a cross stitch model, and an Angel quilt for a cross stitching friend. Im now deadline FREE! YES! I can finally do some "ME" projects .. LOL Hopefully I can post what has been happening in the past week - this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!

SBQ Question - October 25

Today's SBQ was suggested by Carol and is:

If you were to come across a sampler chart that caught your eye and appealed to you, would you or would you not stitch it if it had a morbid or "creepy" saying on it? If not, why?

Depends - but I would probably would not stitch it. I dont know - I dont think I would take the time to stitch it as it would take longer to find an appropriate saying than have to chart it out.


SBQ Question - October 18

Today's SBQ was suggested by Vash and is:

Which way do you stitch, i.e. do you stitch /// followed by \\\ on top, or the other way around \\\ followed by ///? Are you left- or right-handed and do you think that this affects the way that you stitch?

I stitch /// across the WHOLE row first, and then I come back across the row doing my \\\ stitches. I don't do each X at a time. I'm consistent with my stitching. All the X's are stitched the same way! I'm a stickler for seeing X's made the wrong way, and not consistent. It drives me NUTTS! I guess I'm too much of a perfectionist.. LOL I'm a two handed stitcher, when I use my floor stand. When I stitch with the Qsnap or scroll frame in hand, I stitch with the right hand and hold with the left.


HAPPY 3rd BDAY NATALIE! - Weekend happenings

This past weekend was a busy one for Brian and I. We went down state on Saturday morning, even got 15 miles down the road and had to turn around to get the camera!.. And then again I didn't take that many pictures.. LOL

We got down to my parents house to find that my dad was leaving to go to a fire dept function for alittle bit (Brian was going to stay with him, but since it wasn't totally planned out, Bri came with me instead). We went to see my sister and mom at a craft fair. OMG was it cold! Bri and I were only there about 45 minutes and we were frozen when we left! I did manage to sell $20 worth of my cross stitch pillows. I haven't had a chance to look thru the pillows to see which ones sold - I know that 4 of them did.

Saturday night I had to dj for my Aunt and Uncle's 30th wedding anniversary - we had a blast.. all who were there enjoyed themselves! Got lots of compliments on a great job that I did. Its too bad I couldn't make more money djing.. LOL But its alot of work! Brian even had to do alittle singing - he is pictured here singing a Buddy Holly song. He was all hyped up, but I only had 2 songs that he could sing.. LOL.

On Sunday, Natalie (AKA by Missy - as the Monkey.. LOL) celebrated her 3rd birthday! Man oh man, where has the time gone! Seems like yesterday I was rushing down to Oshkosh to see her for the first time - got to hold her when she was 2 hrs old.

The theme of her party was Princess Party - with the main character "Ariel" from "The Little Mermaid" For her bday I got her the TLM on DVD. It was quite comical when she opened the DVD to find the movie. The look on her face was priceless, and I was so glad to be apart of her special day! I also got her a Ariel doll, and of course I had to give her the Candyland game! I remember many of hours as a child playing that game. She got lots of clothing, and Princess related toys. She is such a little person.. its so cute! When I had first seen her on Sunday, and wished her a Happy Birthday, Natalie, she goes "Why Thank You" and walked up to me to give me a big hug and kiss.

Here is a picture of Kaylee - I just love her smile, and those teeth!.. LOL She is such a cutie! She is beginning to walk, and I'm sure the next time we go down, she will be walking.

My other niece and nephew also attended the party, and had a great time - notice I didn't say their names or post pictures, well I cant. I have to respect the wishes of their parents... which sucks! Cause I just want to show those adorable kids off! But my sister has no problem of me bragging on her kids! And Aunt Kimmy (as my nephew calls me) loves showing Nat and Kaylee off!

Sunday night Bri, Dad, Amy, Nat, and Kaylee went out to eat. Natalie even had a candle in her ice cream. :)

Brian and I came home Monday morning, but of course we had to stop at Hobby Lobby and Menards (to get some cold weather prepping supplies) to do alittle shopping. We stopped at a restaurant and I got something to eat. We got home about 1:30p, and I was in bed by 2pm! About 4 the phone rang, and I got up for a bit, but felt awful! I was back in bed about 5:30p, and slept till about 7:30. I had chills - and felt sick! I was in bed again by 10pm! And I slept thru the night, and felt alot better when I woke up this morning! Thank God! So I may have had a trace of food poisoning from what I ate on Monday for lunch.


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