Snapshots - Quilt finish

Its called "Snapshots" from Atkinson Designs book Happy Hour. I used 12 fat quarter (one of the FQ was less then 18" & then I needed to substitute another color) to make this lap size quilt. I did a 6 X 6 row lay out. The blocks are 9" square. TURNED OUT AWESOME!!

As for the backing and bind, its just a basic black with some flecking.  As for the quilting I just did a 1/4" stitch from the ditch on both sides of the seams.

These colors are so me, and its so contemporary looking!


L*K RR # 1

WOW, I have to say this is the first time I have done a post with this new format, hope it plays nice!!

Hi, remember me?!  Im sure most of you dont..LOL  Well, as you can see, I have gone alittle quiet on this blogging.  Its not that I dont have anything to share, its just that it seems my time is spent more on/at Facebook.

I recently did join a Lizzie*Kate Round Robin, and just sent my first installment off to the next person.  The RR I just finished, belongs to Vickie.

Here is my contribution to the RR --
Im also working on a baby sampler for my new (as of 07-02-12) nephew.  My sister picked out the kit, so Im stitching it up for her.
Ive also been plugging along on Cabin In the Woods... LOVE it!


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