Mushroom, anyone?

We found this in our yard! Its a giant puffball mushroom! Growing in the grass. This is just only half of the mushroom, as we sent the other half home with the nephew that found it. We looked around the yard and found 3 more growing.


Amy's "Got Jesus?" onion

Back in May - my sister was having some life struggles, and I happen to receive an email from her with a picture.

I think it was very appropriate at the time, and to this day it still is.

Amy - remember this - Your caption was -

"Look at my onion i got in my whopper. Its a sign from jesus!"

This makes 979

Posts, posted to this blog.

Dang, either I had alot to say, or show off, or just to vent and blow some steam.

I know I missed my blogoversary 128 days ago. Oh well, it was a quiet period in my life, and I guess myself or anyone else even noticed.

Well, I'm 26 post away from the big 1000th post!

And I have to say that shall be a BIG SHABING!

So, stay tuned as I'm will be having a contest on the 1000th post.

And to those that have stopped by, left a comment, have me on their sidebar and in the Google Reader, are a "follower" of the blog, and what not.


Enjoying an evening

... out by the campfire!

Lovin life!

Falling Leaves Table Runner

Just in time for Autumn.

Falling Leaves Table Runner pattern by me

Too cute!

I had seen this and had to make it! I love it!!

Guess whats neat about it?!
Look really hard..
Can you figure it out?
I didnt make the leaves..LOL
Its one of those cheater fabrics. Just had to fussy cut.

Keep out watch for the wallhanging quilt.

Bet everyone has given up on me and blogging.

Not a chance, I am still here. I'm on the computer everyday - if you find me on Facebook, you will find that I stay busy there. I have been switching my passion to the sewing machine. I actually have my "own room" now, were I will tell DH that "I'm going to my room for awhile."

I love it in there! Gets me into alot of trouble I would say. Over the past month I have made 10 bags, and I have like 5 more to make. They sure are a hit at work, and I know I will be having more asked to be made. I'm hoping planning on getting some ready for a craft fair my Mom asked me to be apart. But we will see. I have 1 quilt that needs to be quilted, and binded. I should have had it done a year ago, but the person I was making it for moved away, and I wasn't sure they still wanted it. They still do. I finished up a cute table runner last night, and I will post it next, in a new post.

I was asked to make a full size quilt for a coworker - I have to use the Bear Paw Sampler blocks (well I have to make new ones.. he he), and then I need to incorporate some additional nature blocks with in the quilt. I hope to get cracking on it next week.

A week ago I had an email from Wardo's asking if I can do up some more shop models. So I was there on Monday. And got two quilts kitted up, and brought home.

Speaking of this past Monday - DH and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. It was a quiet day. We plan to do something next week when I'm off for 5 days. Sweet!

Last week, I had my sister and her two girls over for 3 nights. My poor sister ended up getting some kind of virus, and she felt like crap the 4 days she was here. And of course the weather didn't cooperate much.. and we spent alot of time inside. We did manage to get 2 campfires in, and the girls were able to enjoy their S'Mores.

I just love this when I saw it.. Kaylee fell asleep next to Uncle Brian in his recliner.

We did take out "the buggy", and I took the little girls for a spin around - they liked it!

So, what else is happening my life besides working, sleeping, eating - well I haven't been stitching much.. and that is a sad thing. I did start a new book, called The Shack - just got thru the first couple of pages.

I can't believe how fast the summer is going by. The trees are starting to change up here, and that's scary! Cause that means not too far away, it will be that white stuff on the ground.


Two Blackbirds Model released

Remember this post??

Just had a finish ...

But I can't share - well I suppose I could give you a sneak peek. And that's that.

Its a cute design!! Taught me the alphabet, built a house, grew a flower, built a brick wall, and bordered it all in.

I was able to get it stitched up in less than 2 weeks.. but I had the frog visit me last week - seems like I was off a stitch.. and well I had to stitch the letters A - G and N - T all over again.

Its a model for Glory Bee. Will post more info when I can.

Well, here is the complete model! Nancy posted that its getting released.. and to request your shops for the pattern.

Two Blackbirds, by Glory Bee, model stitched by ME!



That's what my life has been lately. And really there isn't much to show for it. Well there is, but you know what I mean.

I have had the past 3 days off, and its been spent either on the computer darn Facebook, cleaning, working on making more bags for people, or yesterday was spent going to Iron Mountain to do some shopping.

Today I finished up 3 bags for people. The two pink John Deere bags are for a coworker, and the Dale Jr bag is for a friend of my sister. I do have more requested bag I wanna get finished before this weekend.

As far as cross stitching... whats that?! LOL I did manage to put in about 20 stitches in the Lizzie Kate Boo club.. Pumpkins the other night.

We are finally getting our summer, and I HATE it! The trees are starting to change around the area too now.. bring on Autumn!

Well now I'm tired, so instead of dinner, I'm taking a nap..LOL


National Fallen Firefighters Memorial

We all got a letter in the mail today - our Dad will be honored at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service in Emmitsburg, Maryland in October 2010!

Thanks to all that have shown their support to our family, and fire department over these past (almost) 6 months.

Love to all..
The Mathison Family
Sharon, Kim, Brian, Glen, Lisa, Scott, Jenny, Amy, Gregg and all the grandkids

This is one thing that our family had hoped would happen, and now its official!! We go this Oct to Wisconsin Rapids to honor our Dad during the Wisconsin Fallen Firefighters Memorial.


Spend way too much time on ..


Anyone else (besides Vickie) and I play this addicting game!? We are either harvesting or plowing each other's fields, or picking fruit from the trees. We could spend hours playing, if life let us. I know my stitching has been suffering.... but I dont think my quilting has..LOL

If you are on Facebook, let me know and we can be neighbors. :)

And the name of the farm is so true.. he he

Dale Jr. #88 Bag

My cousin asked if I could make a bag for her. I think it turned out awesome!

This is how I spent my vacation..

Last Monday, I headed down to Green Bay to spend 3 nights with some of my favorite girls. My Mom was attending a conference, and well, she had room in the hotel room, and we bunked with. We had a great time! The little girls got to go swimming 3 times a day. We headed over to Bay Beach one day, and to the mall the other. And of course, we had to fabric shopping.

Each of the girls wanted me to make a bag. So while I stayed in Green Bay - I had packed half the sewing room, and brought it along. All I can say is.. I want a hotel room to do my sewing in - no clutter to get in the way!

So, Ally got a pink and black bag.

My mom selected a brown and teal fabric.

Kaylee got a Dora purse

And Natalie got a Hello Kitty purse.

And my sister picked out some fabric for a new bag to go with her John Deere bag and purse - and here is a preview of the bag (just need to finish up the lining and pocket). (I worked on this bag tonight.)

Of course I couldnt come home with more fabric, and other goodies!

So, all in all, it was a great time! I cant wait for next year!!


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