Ding, Ding, We have a correct guess!!

Rebecca had the correct answer!!

Yes they are the recommended fibers for the Lizzie*Kate's Boo Club Double Flips! I had to switch out the fabric, as I went to prep, the fabric was too short.

I'm now using a piece of 32ct Vintage Antique Ivory Linen.

But... its been taking me forever to stitch up. No the frog is not visiting. Its the darn thread! I'm using the Mascara from WDW, and its breaking more times than it should! It was just awful! I'm using Thread Heaven (as I always do with hand dyed floss). I couldn't go more than 6 full stitches before something would happen. It was so weak, that I can just tug at it, and it breaks. It also breaks right where the needle touches the floss. I have tried smaller lengths, but it still did the same thing.

So, I did what I thought we be best. I sent an email to WDW last night, before bed. I had a response this morning. I will be getting a new skein in the mail, and I'm to send the bad skein back. How about that for customer service!!

Lucky enough I have another skein of Mascara - and I really should check to see if that is bad to. But this is how far I had gotten on the border on the Boo Club. And now I see the propose of those floss tags, I could use one now..LOL


And the next project I'm starting is...

Here is a hint....

More updates to come!

(Any guesses?!)

Spools quilt FINISHED!

Well, looking at the comments, it looks like alot of you liked the Spools quilt. Thanks for taking the time to comment! It's really appreciated it!

Yea!! I got the final hand stitching finished up today, and I'm so dang happy on how it turned out. I don't get how some people can get their hand stitching done in one day - I want to take lessons from them!!

But here it is.... "Spools" from a book called - Scraps Again (Calico Printworks)

I absolutely love how it turned out!!


Wanted to post..

Ive had the past three days off, and I have to say I have been somewhat productive.

Whether I was home or next door, stoking the fire at the inlaws.. cleaning their house.. cooking.. doing dishes.. visiting.. etc. I have been staying indoors (well except for today when I did some errands up in Iron River, MI. and the multiple trips next door).

When I came home on Tuesday night the temps were in the -20s (and below). So I just thought its going to be cold, so I'm going to get busy!!

And from what I have to show, I think I was somewhat busy.

On Tuesday night I couldn't get into my stitching, and as you can tell from orange highlighted area. But on Wednesday I had a smoking needle! So you can see by the blue highlighted area, I was making stitches right and left! So much as my right elbow (but really it must have been the muscle), was achy on Thursday. The purple represents Thursday's stitching.
So, if my arm is bothering me.. what shall I do. I thought...quilt, silly! So, I got busy, and produced this quilt top before I head to bed early this morning!

This quilt is called "Spools" - I know the picture doesn't do it justice! The 'spools' have striped fabric, while the 'filler' is a plaid fabric. Ive had this fabric and quilt book - Scraps Again (Calico Printworks) for about 2 years now. And last week Tuesday, I finally sat down and finished up on the tops of the spools. And it came together quite quickly!

As I said, today was our errand day, made a stops at St. Vinny's (looking for a humidifier for our house - Brian keeps shocking me when he kisses me *its going to his head - he thinks he has sparks behind his kisses..LOL*), stopped at Wardo's, Family Dollar, Corner Drug Store, to fill a prescription, then to Angeli's to do our grocery shopping. Back to Corner Drug Store to pick up the pills, and then to Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch... love those Twisters!!

We came home, and stopped by the inlaws to drop off all the listed items, and put away the perishables. Then it was to our house.. to put away all of our stuff. But I found out that it was alittle to cold for the bananas. Our bananas froze and turned black..LOL And I was craving a banana too..LOL

After I was settled, I had to go over to inlaw's house to use their kitchen table to pin together the Spools quilt so I can quilt it. I had to pin the sucker twice, as I wasn't careful to check the backing material as I went, cause I had a couple big creases I couldn't leave in.

So, I have a pot of chili on the stove, and getting ready to go and quilt the Spools quilt.


Productive Day

This afternoon I was cleaning away - and I looked up, and thought - I gotta redo that!

I took everything off the fridge, got rid of the old pictures cluttering the fridge.. and I put up new ones!

I love the look! See I hate the color of the fridge - came with the DH when I moved in - and plans are in the works to get a new one. So till the time we come up with the $$, I thought I would redecorate the fridge... so here it is. As you can see, I LOVE pictures!!

Then this evening, I wanted to do a little project, but I didn't know what to do, so I was straightening up the sewing area,and I found this kit I had purchased a month ago at a quilt store in Rhinelander - Karen's Quilt Corner. Its one of those pincushion/thread catchers. I just had to supply the bead pellets.

The instructions were alittle out there, but Brian and I figured it out.. LOL

I love the results!! I'm going to use this next to the sewing machine.

Did I even mention...

that I have been asked to be a driver.. and the destination is Branson, MO!

It all started the Friday before Christmas to be exact. I was at work, and the phone rang, and I was told I had a phone call. I just figured it was Brian, calling to ask me something since he was caring for his Mom. Nope it was my Dad.

I always go into panic mode when either my sister or my Dad calls. Living 130 miles from home, and never knowing what is going on.. or has happened down state with my clan, sets me in panic mode.

My dad asked me - how far in advance do I know my work schedule, and I said, well it depends. And he started to tell me about this offer to go to Branson, MO, but since Mom didn't want to drive that far, he asked if I could drive. I love spending time with my parents, and Brian and I need to get out of the Northwoods for a weekend...LOL

Heck yeah! I will drive! This past Thursday, I was granted my vacation - and I also found out that a coworker was taking the same time off..(but longer vacation) and I wasn't guaranteed to get the time off. So now I am!!

April 17th - 19th we will be in Branson, MO.! I know we only will be there the weekend, but hopefully we can cram alot of fun activities in during the short stay.

The countdown begins!

Quilter's Alphabet Sampler - FINISHED!

From the first time I was shown this design, I just had to get my hands on the chart! (Thanks Vickie!!)

I pretty much started right away - and even though I started way back in September, (but that was many many quilts made ago!)

Im proud to say I put in my last stitch today! And, that makes my first cross stitch finish of the year!

I absolutely love how it turned out! Its called Quilter's Alphabet Sampler from the Oct 2008 Cross Country Stitching magazine. I stitched it on 18ct white aida, with DMC threads. It measures 5" x 11.25", everything is backstitched, except for the black squares.

I plan on getting it custom framed, cause of its size.


It's PINK!!

It's Pink, its Pink, it's PINK!

Yea!!! Its on, its on, its ON, and its PINK!!


Xrays were taken, staples removed (all 19 of them), and the nice BRIGHT pink cast was applied! Mother inlaw is now a proud pink supporter!

Check out the xrays! WOW! Amazing how its held together!!

Going back Feb 5th for removal. Asked the Dr, if she still needs 24/7 care, and he really didn't give us an answer... but we are going to try it at home tonight, and see how it goes. Last night was night 19, for not sleeping in our own bed.

Its on, and it's PINK!!

And to top it off, on the way home, my sister called to inform me that our Grandpa was transported to the hospital. Was nonresponsive, so will have to see what goes on there.

Now the ball is back in my court for family issues.. geez!


Started on an "Up", ended on a vent

So I'm sitting here on the side of my twin bed, where I have laid for the past 1o nights (tonight will make the 16th night we haven't been in our own bed - since taking care of MIL). And while chatting with Vickie, she asked me what I was stitching on tonight. So I thought I would grab it and put in a few stitches while I chatted.

I looked up, and this is what I saw in front of me...LOL Seems like my stitching stand has found a new duty in life.

Here is what is on the other side, my stitching of QAS, Coming along great!! Hope to have it finished soon.

This inlaw sitting is starting to wear on us. I'm sure that Brian is on a border of a mental breakdown - and Im not close behind.

We have been taking care of MIL for almost 3 weeks (on Tuesday). We don't mind that we are caring for her, but its my FIL that has been giving us fits! FIL has really bad dementia. And working with Alzheimer's residents every day (of course they are controlled by meds), its been a complete challenge. We are seeing the true colors of this horrible disease. FIL's Mother had dementia too, before she died in 1975. Brian says that when he was young, his Grandma use to call Brian by his dad's name, as she thought Brian was her son.

FIL pretty much refuses to go to the DR to get meds to help him. He will say he needs to go, but the day and the time comes for him to go, he totally chickens out. It just makes my MIL upset that he acts this way. We totally want to get him help he deserves, but he wont help himself.

Tonight, I was sitting in the bedroom, on the laptop, minding my own business. FIL came in and asked me a question. It was a question of "where did that girl go that was here?" I asked, "which girl?" FIL says "well there was one girl here (me), and there was one out there." Well BIL & SIL had been visiting just a short while before the question, and had gone home. So I answered his question, and told him, "SIL went home."

It was getting closer to supper time, and no one was very hungry, and MIL had had something to eat just before, so I made something to eat (Brian was at our house working out). I was sitting at the table eating when I heard MIL asked FIL if he wanted something to eat. FIL said he did. MIL comes into the kitchen in her wheelchair, and helped me get FIL something to eat. She is only able to do limited tasks, so I help her with retrieving all the supplies. I helped MIL back into the living room, where she set FIL's meal on the couch. And I was just floored when he carried the plate of food, and the glass of milk back to the kitchen table. He claimed he wasn't hungry. (He was just really picking a quarrel with MIL)

Well shortly after that, I heard FIL say to MIL, "Who is that sitting at the table, they don't belong here" MIL, gave it right back to him. "She has every right to be here, she is my daughter inlaw, and Brian and Kim has been giving up their life to help take care of me, and she isn't going anywhere."

FIL didn't know who I was! At that time, Brian came back over. FIL kept asking Brian when we were going to get married! Brian told him that "She is my wife, we have been married for over 6 years!" FIL couldn't believe we were married that long. FIL did come to apologize for his actions, and then proceeded to tell me that MIL was crazy in the head.

CRAZY! Gosh, Ive gone crazy (both Brian and I have gone crazy!!) Whenever a fact is stated, FIL just laughs. When he is told of his actions, and what he had said, he just laughs.

Well I better end this vent, before it goes much further, as it could go that way.

We are hoping to be home Tuesday night. MIL has a DR appt on Tuesday morning, and hopefully she will get a hard cast put on it. I told her I'm the first one to sign that puppy, and I'm signing it in blood (kidding!)

Also, I just want to say a congrats to Vickie for finishing up her first finish of the year - Tiger


The year of the B.A.P.s!

Everyone it seems is setting goals for the year... well I guess I will jump on that bandwagon too!

I know I have already commited myself to the following projects (which were carried over from 2008)

  • Inspirations
  • Cabin In the Woods
  • Quilt Alphabet Sampler (QAS)

Starting today - I start a new BAP (for those that dont know it means- BIG A$$ Project).

Begin -

  • Christmas Double Flips by Lizzie*Kate - have the patterns, just need to stitch them.
  • Season of Change by Bent Creek - I missed the SAL recently, and I really want to stitch it.
  • Halloween Double Flips by Lizzie*Kate - just waiting for them to be released.
    • So, you can see, Im going to be busy for awhile, and won't be complaining that I have nothing to work on! Heck, this isnt even counting the quilt projects I have brewing in the head..LOL

    2008 Finishes

    I wanted to wait till today to do a wrap up of what all was finished during the 2008 year.

    Cross stitching -

    1. Winter Love by SamSarah Design Studio
    2. Ask Me About My Grandkids by Lizzie Kate
    3. The Homestead by Bent Creek
    4. Brett Favre Jersey by Jennifer
    5. Double Flips - Dream by Lizzie Kate
    6. Double Flips - Love by Lizzie Kate
    7. Double Flips - Remember by Lizzie Kate
    8. Double Flips - Give by Lizzie Kate
    9. Nutcracker Stocking - Model for X's & Oh's
    10. Quaker Heart by The Workbasket
    11. Brave Hearts by Little House Needleworks
    12. Fireman 1 of 3 by Hinzeit
    13. Cow by Bent Creek
    14. Main Street by Bent Creek
    15. Town Hall by Bent Creek
    16. Barnyard by Bent Creek
    17. The Stockyard by Bent Creek
    18. Snapperville by Bent Creek
    19. Christmas Heart by La D Da
    20. Paper Whites by Little House Needleworks
    21. 2 Teach by Lizzie Kate
    22. Double Flips - Listen by Lizzie Kate
    23. Double Flips - Learn by Lizzie Kate
    24. Wedding Spots by The Trilogy
    25. Believe - MODEL for Glory Bee
    26. Double Flips - Believe by Lizzie Kate
    27. Double Flips - Care by Lizzie Kate
    28. Double Flips - Create by Lizzie Kate
    29. Double Flips - Laugh by Lizzie Kate
    30. Double Flips - Live by Lizzie Kate
    31. Double Flips - Completed by Lizzie Kate
    32. Viv's SFE - Celtic by Ink Circles
    33. Quaker Alphabet - MODEL for Glory Bee
    34. Betsy - MODEL for Glory Bee
    35. Vickie's SFE - Little Cups of Friendship by Lizzie Kate
    36. Mare's SFE- The Heart Stitcher
    37. Debra's SFE - Flip Flops by SamSarah Designs
    38. Always & Forever by Little House Needleworks.
    39. Housework Never Killed Anyone by Lizzie Kate
    40. 50th Wedding sampler
    41. These I Hold Dear Round Robin by Little House Needleworks
    42. Fiber Fun - Snowman by Mosey & Me
    43. Daisy - Jayne's Cottage Garden Round Robin by Country Cottage Needleworks
    44. Autumn Harvest by Little House Needleworks
    45. Dress Warm - Vickie's RR by Heart In Hand
    46. Say Your Prayers - Vickie's RR by Heart In Hand
    47. Gingerbread Ornament by Little House Needleworks
    48. Teresa's RR - Cardinals by The Prairie Schooler
    49. CJ's RR - Robin by The Prairie Schooler

    Quilting ~
    1. Stars And Stripes...Forever Pattern by ~ ME!
    2. Milly's Cow Quilt Pattern by ~ ME!
    3. Shade Cascade Pattern by ~ Karen Combs from Blank Quilting
    4. Cottage Blossoms Pattern from Andover Fabrics
    5. Garden Inspirations Table Runner Pattern by ~ ME! Sold at my Dad's benefit for $31
    6. Cranberry Wishes - Table Runner Pattern by ~ ME! Sold at my Dad's benefit for $14
    7. Stars And Stripes...Forever Pattern by ~ ME! Sold at my Dad's benefit for $25
    8. Patty's Quilt - WIP Pattern by ~ Yellow Brick Road
    9. Calais II Pattern from Blank Quilting
    10. Marrakesh Pattern from Blank Quilting
    11. Winnie The Pooh Tree Skirt - assembled by me
    12. Michele's Bistro Table Runner -pattern by me
    13. Kaylee's Quilt -pattern - Yellow Brick Road
    14. Garden Inspiration Table Quilt -pattern by me
    15. Natalie's Quilt -pattern - Yellow Brick Road

    WOW, Im impressed. With what has all been going on this past year, Im amazed that I have so much completed! Wonder how much will be complete in the new year!

    Thanks for all that leave comments, and the special emails I have received over the past year. You are the ones that make this blogging experience enjoyable!


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