Cabin In The Woods - WIP 06.29.13

I had to take the Cabin off the QSnap to show Vickie, who was vacationing in Wisconsin a week ago.  We met up for a few hours, and did some shopping.  I had to pick up some much needed DMC floss to finish up on Cabin.

So, here is the updated view of cabin... and I have to say I havent stitched on it in almost 2 weeks!  Love the progress, as I finished up another page since the last post.


Cabin in The Woods - WIP 06.07.13

With the weather warming up, and the need to be outside has struck.  My stitching has been suffering.  But that is good... I think.. LOL

I just finished page 1 on Cabin, and as you can see have alot already stitched on page 2.  I have 26 out of the 30 pages completed.  Where the stitching ends on the right is the end of page 2.  LOTS of confetti stitching going on... and I even found myself frogging as I had not marked off a stitched square on my pattern and it through me off.  But its all good now. :)


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