1st Secret Sister Package

Thanks to my secret sister on ILCS - I received my first ever Secret Sister package in the mail Saturday. :)

I received 3 gold needles - Silkweavers Solos
"Unique One-of-a-Kind" Fabrics 28 count Quaker Linen, Chips Ahoy cookies to munch, and a card.

Thank you sis - its was such a joy to come home to your
package when I got home!



I'm informed just 5 minutes before I'm to leave work, that I have a phone call.. I'm thinking ok, must be Brian maybe he wants tell me he is over at his brother's or something.

Me: "Hello. this is Kim"
Dad: "What do you want for dinner"
Me: "What?" (I'm thinking who is this.. LOL)
Dad: "Where do you want to go for dinner?"
Me: "Where are you?"
Dad: "I'm at your house!"
Me: "What do you mean?"
Dad: "Mom and I decided to go for a road trip and try out out new car"
Me: "Oh wow"
Dad: "We are going to stay up in Iron River"
Me: "Well you can just stay with us - save some money"
Dad: "I've had this planned to take your mom away for the weekend"
Me: "Well just so you know I wont be home for another hour since I have to stop for gas"
Dad: "Its ok, we will just go out when you get here. Do you know the number for the hotel"
. . . . . .

Yep, my parents were at our house Saturday night. Im sure most of you dont know, Im 130 miles from my hometown, and the family. They got a new truck - they traded in the van for a Ford Expedition - more room to haul the grandchildren around in. They left about 4pm, and got up here about 7:30p. They had stopped by the church were Brian was practicing, and Brian said that my mom walked in.. and he thought he was seeing things.. and was speechless.. LOL

Once I got home - my dad was outside to meet me, and show off the new ride. I think its awesome.. and might have to get myself one - someday. I showed my mom the quilts I have here, she is really excited about me quilting. I called Country Inn in Long Lake to see how late they were serving, till 10p, since its 9:20p, Mom, Dad, Brian and I headed off to eat. We were there for an hour. After dinner, my parents dropped us off at our house, and then we took our vehicle up to Iron River to the hotel they were staying at. They checked in at 11:20pm. Even got a discount for checking in so late. Their room had a fireplace and a king size bed. Brian and I said our goodbyes and left the hotel about 1am, and headed back to our house.

At lunch today - I was talking to a coworker at the desk on the unit while I was doing some intake charting, and I heard the door open and close, turned and looked. Here it was Mom and Dad! Double Surprise! They were on the way home, and then my dad said that he wanted to visit me at work.. so they turned around and drove to Phelps - via Eagle River. He said that he had to buy a $5 map of Wisconsin to find out where he was going. I gave them a tour of the nursing home, and they met a few of my coworker - who really complimented on me to my parents. :) They took my break with me, and we talked some more. They left about 1:15p. I sent them home via Hwy 45.

I called them tonight when I got home to thank them again for coming! It was so neat to have them come and visit.. just wished I didn't have to work this past weekend. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming! We loved having you up here!

African Sea At Storm Unit 2

This is another unit of the African Storm at Sea I have to make 112 of these babies for the King size. I have about 60 finished. This is what it looks like.


My Baby is home..

and only cost me $857.98 later. Took it into the garage on Tuesday, left it there for a tune up (which my DH has been bugging me to get soon), got a call on Wednesday, asking when they should stop... LOL Told me all that needed to be done on it. Well since I was on vacation - I said just do what needs to be done. But I need the truck back by Friday, since I have to head back to work on Saturday. So it needed all this stuff replaced - I cant remember what it all was since Brian just took the slip next door to show his dad.

Called yesterday (Thursday), asked if the truck was going to be done. No -it needed an alignment cause they had to replace the tirods on both front wheels - and the place that does the alignment was busy that day. No big deal - I can wait another day.

Called this afternoon - truck still wasn't back from the alignment place -but the guy was going to call and find out how much longer. Garage guy calls about 15 minutes later. Its ready! WOOHOO

Got in Brian's van to drive up to Iron River. ITS A WHITE OUT! Its was snowing so hard that it was even hard to even see the tracks from the car that was in front of us. But we managed to get to Iron River safely.

The garage guy showed us all the stuff that he had replaced. Mind you, my truck has 198,698 miles on it. And I thought oh crap, here we go. But the guy commented that the engine was very good yet. :) (Not bad for finally getting the spark plugs replaced for the 1st time (I know hit me now while I'm down.. LOL)) Just needed some minor work done on it - right front axle needs to be replaced, and the thermostat (which Brian can do).

So my chariot is set for sometime - I wanted to put the money into the Explorer, rather than buying a new vehicle, yes its 11 yrs old but it still runs fine, and looks great inside (minus the cleaning I need to do in it -since I live in it all the time). Oh yeah, and the rust, which I call age marks!.. LOL :)

African Storm At Sea Quilt Unit 1

These are some of the main block (unit 1) of the quilt that I'm fostering. Its a Storm at Sea pattern (paper-pieced). The theme of the quilt is African.
I love the colors that the owner of the quilt chose. You will see more of the colors as I get the other blocks finished. There are 2 other blocks that go with the actual block of the quilt for the quilt. These are you would say "the blocks that make up the block" LOL. Since there were blocks already made - I just have to finish what is left of the paper pieces. I had to figure out what she had already done (meaning for the center of the block - all the different poses). Which was 21 - which I worked on Wednesday and got finished on Wednesday night. I started onto the next block - got the center fabric pinned on with 2 opposite corners. Got about half of what I pinned together sewn, trimmed, and ironed.

So I will post when I get the other blocks finished - which I might just go and work on those now.

Unless I get a call from the garage and able to go and get my truck - which I haven't had since Tuesday :( I need another week of vacation!

Dragon Of Hope

This is a freebie design from Dragon Dreams Inc. called Dragon Of Hope 2005. The dragon is holding Earth. I stitched it on 18ct hand dyed aida (which I dyed Royal Blue). I had to do some frogging on the dragon, since I got two of the symbols mixed up.

Going to finish it into a wall hanging.


Vacation is going..

FAST! I have been off since Friday evening, and go back to work on Saturday morning. I don't want this vacation to end! I've gotten so much accomplished! And still have more to get done. I have a list, and at the moment its looking quite black - with crossing off each item on the list that I wanted to get finished, or needed a reminder of what needs/ed to be done while I have time to sit around.

So far, I have finished a quilt (see previous post) - On Monday I picked up another quilt that I am fostering (which is about half done) - a paper pieced -Sea At Storm (S @ S) pattern layout. And the colors are just AWESOME! Its has a African theme - the colors are just fun to work with. I will have to make a scan of one of the blocks to show the color.

On Monday - Mom called to say that she had seen the website and was really impressed and happy for me. She even emailed Laurie Jean, she said. :) I went and did alittle shopping - I was looking for long sleeve shirts that are more dressy - picked up a few long sleeved tops, and a sweater. Got Brian lots of muscle shirts with Dale Earnhardt Jr on (he's not a fan of Nascar - but the shirts were on clearance, and then were 50% off, so I got them for a steal!). Went over to Laurie Jean's after - showed her the Yellow Brick Road Northwoods Flannel quilt. I picked up the S @ S. Took the laptop along worked on the website some, then Laurie and I went over the layout of the webpage. It was funny cause when I left home, Brian asked when I would be home, and just for fun I told him I would be home before 8pm, well I got home @ 7:50pm... cutting it close - even though I had left about 10:30am. While I was at the studio - Brian called, saying that my sister needed address labels - like tomorrow - I called her and said if she knew that there was no mail today due to President's Day

Yesterday (Tuesday) - went to the post office to mail out my sister's return address labels. I had to take my truck up for a tune up in Iron River, worked on a Secret Sister package, and then started work on the Sea At Storm quilt. Then later in the evening, I worked on the webpage - and got alot done.

Now its Wednesday on the agenda for the day..
Work on the S @ S quilt.
Wait for the phone to ring - so we can go and get my truck
Work some more on the website - I have to scan pictures and change more of the layout on the webpage
Start on a new cross stitch pattern - dyed the evenweave on Sunday- now just need to iron and get the fabric on the scroll frame, and get started.

Well I better get in gear, and get the day started!


Yellow Brick Road

Ahh its FINISHED!! LOL, it was another challenge I came away with, and I'm happy to say its finished! The design was very easy, it was just the lay out that I had the most trouble with. Since I'm always looking for a new pattern to try, I was given this pattern and a whole bag of material to work with, and this is what I came up with.

This pattern is a Yellow Brick Road. There were certain ways to cut out the material. Since this is a flannel material, and I also incorporated the leaf, bear, tree, and moose designs, that were more like a flannel sheet material, that was very stretchy. Since all the material had to be precut to a point, I had a lot of left overs, so I will be using those to make a scrappy looking flannel quilt (when I get some extra time). This quilt took about 10 hours, and that is including all the froggin time :(. It still needs borders put on the quilt top.will have to see what I can come up with.

There are 54 9" blocks (twin size) - 27 of the preprinted design, and 27 of the mix matched blocks. It was all fun putting it to together. I had to draw out a layout of the quilt. The most frustrating part is I had to do a lot of froggin (ripping) out of the thread, cause most of the time I had the blocks in the wrong spots. (didn't help that I was really tired when I sewing some of together last night - cause I was tired - and that is where most of the mistakes happened - that'll teach me!) I think it took more time to frog, than it took to sew the final quilt top together.

The List...

I have a list of things I wanna get done over my vacation... some of them are also things I wont start on for awhile yet, but they are there to remind me..

Well I was able to cross for finish sewing the binding onto the Storm At Sea Northwoods quilt I made during the Storm At Sea class I took back in Oct & Nov. So now Im sitting her with the quilt on my lap.. thinking where Im going to put it since its finished. Might find its place on the couch.

Next on the agenda - finish the Yellow Brick Road - Northwoods Flannel Quilt that I have adopted. Should have it finished in about 2 hrs or so.. Just have to iron the seams, and sew all the rows together. And it will be finished!

Do You Remember...

"Do you remember where you were and what you were doing when they died?" Is a comment I read - regarding the death of Dale Earnhardt, whom was killed as a result of a crash on the final lap of the Daytona 500 on Feb. 18, 2001.

As a matter of fact, I do remember where I was, and what I was doing when the crash happened, and what I was doing when it was announced of his death.

This is when I still lived in Winchester, and shortly before I met Brian. I had watched the race, and was chatting on the internet with other chatters. I had gotten up to watch the last 5 laps of the race. I remember it was getting very tense at the end, and that when the crashed happened, it just seemed like it would have been a minor fender bender, but it wasnt. I remember watching the final of the race, and went back to the computer to chat. And I remember about 5:45p, the announcement came. The world has lost Dale Earnhardt. I was in shock! I couldnt believe, I remember it was going around the chat room, I was thinking it was a rumor, but it wasnt, it was the truth.

I have always followed Rusty Wallace, and the Christmas before I was given a Dale Earnhardt throw blanket, and to this day, I regret having my ex boyfriend take it back, cause I wasnt a #3 fan. Since Earnhardt's death, I didnt care much for Nascar - I have no clue why, but didnt find it enjoyable much anymore.

But I think I might watch the race today, will have to pick a new driver to watch win the checkered flags.

"As we all stop to pause and reflect back on the man's life, the way it was abruptly ended and what might have been if he lived on, at least we can be comforted by one thought.

Right or wrong, Earnhardt lived life his way. And he went out the way he probably would have wanted to, and the way we'll all remember him best: behind the wheel of his race car."


Tooooo COLD!

Well this picture is just crappy - but I wanted the proof to show you how cold it got here this morning. We have a way of seeing the high and low temps on the digital thermometer. Well this is what it was about 4:30am this morning! -23 degrees BELOW 0 'F (the upper number is the high that we had outdoors, and the middle number is the low that was outdoors. and the bottom number is the humidity.)

COLD! But the sun is out now, and its about -4 degrees with a high about 1 above.

OH BTW - Im off for a week! WOOHOO! The only things on the agenda is to go to Golden Needle, and take the truck to get a tune-up. Other than that.. going to quilt, stitch, and RELAX :)


Fire Fighter

Today is my brother's bday, and of course I managed to get his bday present done today. I had already known I wouldn't be able to send it to him (via the mail), since its going to have a glass frame, so I just took my time getting it done. But then I was thinking, that I would like to get it done in honor of his bday today. Well I did finally manage to get the last stitch in at 11:05pm :)

Its a Candamar Design stitched on 14ct white aida, and has a finished size of 8" x 10" Will post a picture once I get it framed.

So, hot off the scroll frame, and still cooling from the iron.. I present Glen's bday present...


I'm still ... here

Yes I'm still here, just have been extremely BUSY! Been either working, cross stitching, or quilting. But I also have been webdesigning.

I'm working on a webpage for Golden Needle Quilt Studio in Iron River, Michigan - I finally got the site up yesterday (if you were near by I'm sure you would have heard me hooting and hollering) The site is still in the building stages, have many more ideas, and brainstorms happening everyday, which I need to add, and fix the site.

If you would like to take a look its .. http://www.goldenneedlequiltstudio.com/

On the cross stitching - been working on the Fire Fighter sampler for awhile now, don't really have much left to do.. just have to find the time to sit down and finish.

On the quilting - been working on a flannel Yellow Brick Road design - in Northwoods prints and colors. I'm sure I might have it done tomorrow, or atleast this weekend.

Life in general - been working, work is work, but busy.

Well that's my diddy for now.. hope to post again soon :)



My brother, Glen is the one on the right, in the firefighter's gear. Im sure he is telling the person on the left about what he did to help stop the march fire. This picture was on the front page of the Winneconne News (Feb 1 - and it took a week to get here)

When it did happen, my dad called me to report about the fire.. he said that Glen was responding to the marsh fire (which 2 were going on at the same time in somewhat the same area) that day (Jan 24). He was trying to cut off part of the fire that was coming very close to a large fenced in area. Glen was driving the new fire truck (which Im thinking its the one in the picture), he fully attacked the fire using the gun on the top of the truck, stopping the fire with in about 15 ft from this fenced in area. Come to find out - behind the fence was a collection of old army Jeeps (worth lots and lots of money). More than likely if Glen wasnt there in the right place at the right time.. it would have been a terrible site. Many miles and acres were burned - the only structure that was burned was a deer stand, but they had 3 injures. One of the injures happened to my brother, Scott. Since it was a very windy day, he was exiting the fire truck, when the door closed on his thumb, smashing his thumb tip in the door (the door actually latched - and his thumb was still in the door - not sure if its broken)

I was raised in a fire fighting family. My dad has been on the fire dept for almost 40 yrs. He has been the fire chief for many years. Glen (my oldest younger brother) - who is the asst chief, has been on the fire dept since he turned 18, he will be 28 next week (Feb 16). Scott (my younger brother) - also has been on the fire dept since he was 18, and he is 26. My sister inlaw Lisa has been on the fire dept for several years.

Im very proud of my dad, brothers, and sister inlaw, they are the true heros. Going out of the way to help others, and be a service to the community! Love you guys!


Cross Stitch FINISH :)

I'm proud to report I have a cross stitch finish. I adapted this Lizzie*Kate design - I just stitched the leprechaun, shamrock, pot of gold, and added the buttons. Its actually part of the March Stamp block design.

I stitched this for a St. Patrick's Day block swap. I started it last night, and got it finished tonight.

(Blowing on the smoking needles.. LOL)


And another...

I know I know, another quilt post, but here it goes. I finished the 2 quilt tops, and the rest of the adopted quilt blocks - (I got more material this past Thursday when I was at Laurie's - had to finish 6 blocks that needed one log each, and then I had to make 8 complete blocks) - today! I was planning on going down to Green Bay to The Stitching Bee, but Brian didnt feel I needed to go, and talked me out of it - didnt want me putting more miles on my truck (rolling eyes). So I took advantage of the day, and I would have to say I was VERY successful!

This log cabin quilt was a joy to make - earlier tonight I just had 44 blocks, and I was looking for a layout that would be very functional. With the layout I choose, Im very happy with it, actually had played around with the different styles of log cabin layouts, but this one I really liked. There are 48 blocks, layed out it 6 rows accross, and 8 rows down. The blocks are 6 inches square. As you can see its totally different than the other log cabin I completed this morning. Now I just need to get the badding, and the backing material, which I will wash and iron, before taking the quilt tops up to Laurie Jean's.

On one of my cross stitching groups I read that a challenge was put out for a stitch-a-thon (but with cross stitching of course), but I just challenged myself to get the quilts done as far as I could this weekend. Which I was happy to report I did. :)

I did stitch last night, I worked on the Fire Fighter design for about 4 hrs. Of course you dont see much, but half of the design is rolled up on the scroll frame, hiding. I hope to have this completed this week (fingers crossed).

Well I better report to bed soon. Im tired. Have to work Mon, Tues, and Wed, Off on Thurs, and Friday. Have quilt class on Thurs, so I will be doing a show and tell. On Friday, we will likely take a ride over to Iron Mountain for some goodies.

Watercolor Wallhanging

While on the phone with my SIL, Lia this morning we got on the discussion of quilts I have made, and I told her I made a Watercolor wallhanging for my first class with Laurie Jean, which she didnt remember seeing. I made it in November 2004. When I was taking the class - it was suppose to be a Christmas themed wreath, but I took it upon myself, and be unique. I wanted something to be displayed all year. So its more of a Northwoodsy themed. And its kept up all year. I did quilt this one myself, I quilted oak, and maple leaves on the border, and around the wreath is just an outline stitch around. I have it hanging in our computer room. And some day wish to have it hanging in our living room soon :) Just need to get rid of the steer skulls.. LOL

I actually have to finish this wallhanging. I just to make a shash to us hold the quilt. I just have tacks hold it up now (and when it gets bumped or something - down comes the quilt) My plan is to make the shashing, and then using a long stick us it for holding the quilt on the wall :)

One of these days, Im going to make another watercolor wallhanging. Just have to find the perfect material.

Log Cabin Quilt top COMPLETED

If you have been reading the previous post - that I needed to buy some more material for the log cabin quilt I just needed to put on a border for, well its done! :)

I posted a picture :) I have to say, it doesnt do the quilt justice! And of course the picture taker (Brian) didnt notice that the bottom wasnt straight (rolling eyes).

Now Im going to get back to work on another log cabin quilt :)

Pink Log Cabin Block

I forget to post a picture of the pink log cabin blocks I have been working on with all the other projects going on.

Im not a fan of pink, but the color combo here is just awesome! Im really happy with this quilt.

Info on the block, its a 6 inch square block. With 4 light (white) logs, and 4 dark (pink). The middle square is a floral print that I just fell in love with - even when its pink.. LOL

I have 44 of these blocks finished, but I need to make a total of 80 blocks - (but I might change the layout of this, and use less blocks). Its very quick to stitch these blocks up, cause you use a chain method. You use a strip of the material - light or dark (which ever log you are sewing on next - which is 44 inches long), and you just continue to use the strip of material, and place the block onto the strip and sew it on. Then you have what ever amount of blocks you can fit on the strip. First you iron the log you put on open, and just trim the blocks to match the rest of that block's side, and then just add on your other logs. Very simple.

Today I need to finish the original log cabin quilt... just need to add one border, but I needed to buy more fabric just to make the border, and then ofcourse for the matching binding. I need to also wash the backing material today. Im also planning on working on the adopted log cabin blocks, I only need to make 8 more of those - I had to stop cause I ran out of material, and when I was at class on Thursday, I got the rest that I needed (which needs to be ironed and cut). Then I will work on the pink log cabin blocks.

Yesterday I did do some cross stitching, it was a nice break, but it was hard to focus on the cross stitching, cause I kept thinking about the other quilt projects going on, and watching tv.. LOL. I did get far on the Fire Fighter design Im working. I hope to have it done within the week. I need to frame it - I was thinking about mailing it to my brother for his birthday - but with having glass in the frame, Im alittle leary.

Well I better get to work, the day is a wasting.. LOL


New York Beauty

On Wednesday I came home to find an email from a friend (who I also took the storm at sea quilt class with). She asked if I would be interested in helping her with a paper piece project, since she hates paper piecing, and I LOVE paper piecing - reason I love it, is cause I have a straight line to follow.. lol I was honored to be asked, and I emailed her back and said I would like to help her out. I met her on Thursday during my log cabin class, she brought the pieces for a pattern design called New York Beauty. Its an arc, and it contains a total of 17 pieces per arc. And she needed 16 arc total.

Well I had the first arc completed before I left Laurie Jean's quilt studio (I just wanted to make sure I was doing it right) . Piece of cake! I came home after class, and started on it. I had nine completed before I went to bed last night. And I finished the rest of the six tonight. If you are not a quilter, and know paper piecing (or any kind of quilting) - after you are done sewing the
piece on, you need to trim the piece to a quarter of an inch, press the sewn on piece "open", and then sew the next piece on. Well, since there are 17 pieces of fabric to sew on.. you get 16 ups and downs from the machine per arc... well times that by 17 (# of arc). So thats 16 (trips to the machine to sew on the piece) X 17 (# of arc) = 272! I was up and down off the chair 272 times, cut the seam allowance 272 times, and pressed it open 272 times.. LOL And then - you have to trim the arc of the excess material - but that was only 17 times... LOL It took about 20 minutes per block, so it was a very quick process, around 5 1/2 hrs of work. I loved the colors that she has picked out.

But I really enjoyed it.. it was ALOT of fun.. I got to learn a new technique, which I might find myself doing some day. I scanned and added pictures of all the arcs I completed. Cant wait to give the arcs back to her :)


Having A Roastin'

I think this says is all.. with about 14 inches of snow on the ground, and more
expected today and tomorrow.


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