Gosh I wish I didn't have so far to drive to work... I drive 35 miles one way. And the price of gas is hiking up. All the fault of Mother Nature. With the hurricane Katrina, leaving the damage as almost a catergory of a tsunami. Life is going to get tougher. Why the common person has to suffer at hands of Mother Nature, right along with the government. It blows my mind. Iheard on the radio Monday, that the price of gas could go up another $.20 within the week.

While we were in Iron Mountain yesterday, I topped off the tank. It was $2.63, and Im sure that when I leave for work on Friday (and ofcourse this being Labor Day weekend), its going to be aleast $3.00 or more for a fricken gallon of gas!

Im sorry I have to vent on this subject. Yes I do have a gas hog, but I love my Explorer its all paid for, and Im sure its not ready to head to car heaven (It better not be!) Why trade in a car, only to make the payments, only to save on a little money at the gas pumps. I dont think, for myself, if I bought a gas saver car, it would save me that much money. Since I would be paying a loan on it.

I feel sorry for the disadvantage people that their whole paycheck goes right to the fact of getting them to work. Im fortunate to get mileage for driving the distance to work. I have coworkers that drive alittle less than I do to work, and they dont qualify for. My heart goes out to them.

So I guess I will end this.. I have to quote a friend that I read off her blog and I totally agree!
Some asshole is getting rich off this shit and needs his balls shoved up his ass!


WOOHOO.. we are


Today Brian and I went to Iron Mountain, and did some shopping. Since I have gotten this laptop, I have wanted to network the two computers together. Well as I type this blog out.
Brian is messeging me on Yahoo.. LOL

This is too cool! And we are on dial up, and so far it doesnt seem to have slowed the computers or the net down.

Thanks to Jennifer (a friend from high school) for letting me know what I needed to do this.

Ok, imagine...

It's 2:00 a.m. in the morning, and your sound asleep... you hear this howling .. are you dreaming.. you hear it again.. you wake up the person next to you... only to hear the howling of


Yes, we had coyotes in our yard last night, or quite close to it. It actually sounded like it was right behind our house. If you ever heard a coyote howling before, in the distance, well all I can say, it was loud last night! I had planned on getting up and seeing if I could see the coyotes, if they howled again. I laid in bed, waiting, and they never howled again. So I feel back to sleep.

Gosh, the joy of living in the Northwoods. Oh, and last night while we were returning from Iron River, we saw a porcupine strutting down our road.. oh boy, going to have to watch out for chewing on our wooden decorations again!


My prized cross stitching accessory...

My prized cross stitching accessory would be.. my computer (PC, and now the laptop) and the internet. The three things I do first when I get on the computer is, check my cross stitching emails, check the SanMan message board, and check ebay for any winnings or checking my favorite searches (floss, aida, etc..)

It holds all my freebie charts I have found on the internet, that I would like to stitch some day. (I know that is wishful thinking, but you never know when there is something you need to stitch, and actually have a pattern on the computer to use ) It keeps me intouch with all my cross stitching friends, and all the OLNS (Online Local Needle Shop) that I can come across to add to my ever growing stash. The computer is a great motivator (and enabler) when it comes time looking for patterns to stitch.

Just one look at someone else's finished projects, makes list just grows. It brings me great joy to be able to go on the computer, and feel great!


Our 3rd Anniversary!

Wow, this picture was taken 3 yrs ago!
Brian and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary today! Hard to believe its been that long already! We both slept in this morning, I got up about 10:30am, and he was up alittle before I was. We had made plans with Brian's brother to help him with replacing the brakes on my Explorer. That took them 4 hrs to get both sides done. I had to borrow my MIL's cars to run to the post office. I worked for awhile on my computer, transfering information off the computer to the laptop. Brian and I took a ride around, went downtown, and around. Tonight Brian I just took it easy, watched a DVD.

My sister called today, to wish us a happy anniversary. Her and her hubby celebrate their 1st anniversary on Sunday. Hard to believe its been a year for them also!


Surprised Fairy Visited Me

I came home from very stressful work day, and I find this brown envelope, waiting for me on the table.

It was sent via Royal mail, on the back of the envelope it says Cross Stitch Threads SanMan Comp. Prize. Im thinking, what did I win, cause I dont think I had won anything since I had won Jana's contest for Friends Come In All Flavors.

I open the envelope, and on the pink Barbie stationary, it says: "Hi Kim Hope you like the surprise to go with Jana's chart. Have Fun A Stitching Buddy"

I just had tears in my eyes. The surprise was Six Strand Sweets, Ice Cream Sprinkles! Oh wow, I couldnt believe that someone would take their time and send an extra special surprise to me!

To WHO EVER YOU ARE! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It is so appreciated! And yes it was a total surprise! You are so blessed!


Our New Toy!!

Brian and I have been talking about getting a laptop. I had once had a laptop, before we were married. I sold it to a friend who was going on to college, and needed a laptop. I regretted that I had sold her the laptop. I actually sold the laptop for about what I paid for this laptop. So I got a great deal on it!

Its a HP Pavilion, 3200+ AMD Sampron ~ 1.8GHz Processor ~ 514 MB memory, 40 GB hard drive ~ DVD/CD-RW drive ~ 15.4" widescreen montior ~ it also came with a HP printer, and a HP carrying bag.

Oh how I love sitting in the living room now, watching tv, and typing away!

Now my cross stitching stuff sits in front of me.. how tempting to surf and stitch.. LOL

We celebrate our anniversary on this Wednesday. I had already bought him an external backpack for camping. Which we used last week, when we went camping.

Oh, this is going to be so much fun! Now I have to go and transfer all my sites on to here now :)


2 Finishes

Thought I would post a couple cross stitching projects
from this past week.

The one on the left is called Swirlygig, from Bent Creek. It was stitched for a block swap, and the theme is samplers. The one on the right is a motif that I found. I designed the lighthouse, since it was missing something in the right corner. It was also stitched for a block swap, and the theme is nautical.
If you would like to see more of my stitching, please click on this link -> http://community.webshots.com/user/kimm_76

What to do...

I have this weekend off. We are not going camping this weekend, cause our camping neighbors have plans for this evening. So Brian and I decided we would take the weekend off.

Now Im like bored.. LOL. I already went shopping this morning. No actually I think Im going to be organizing my stash (stash stands for all my cross stitching collection of patterns, supplies, etc.). I have to put patterns in clear sheet protectors, and place them in binders. And just see what I have to organize.

Last night we had a thunderstorm come thru the area, and for some reason I couldnt sleep. So I got up about 3am, and started stitching. I finished a sampler for a block swap Im involved with. And I watched How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. I loved that movie! Might have to watch it again, since I didnt have the tv up to loud, so I wouldnt keep Brian awake. But then, he didnt even know I was even up.. LOL

Well I suppose I should get going. And get organizing.


New Baby 2nd Cousin :)

I was just going thru my emails today, and I received an email from my cousin, Kristina. I knew she was due at the end of the month, but she also told me that she might not make it to the due date. Here is her email.


I just wanted to let everyone know that Hailey Ann has entered the world. She was born yesterday 8/18 at 3:33 pm. She is 7lbs 10oz and 21 inch long. We are both fine and were able to go home all ready today.


Nina & Hailey

Wow, amazing! Have the baby one day, be home the next! Cant wait to see Hailey Congrats to Mark, Kristina, and big sister, Danielle!

That is 1 of 4 babies being born to my Mom's side of the family this year! Kristina had Hailey, Kristen (cousin Travis' wife) is expecting in September, Lisa (my brother Glen's wife) is expecting a girl in October. My sister Amy is expecting a girl in December!


Tuck Pillow Prize

I got my tuck pillow prize. Oh wow @ the stuff I got.

I got 7 new pieces of material to make more tuck pillows with
Aida cloth
3 dish towels (that I can stitch on)
and a Green (my fav color) pen that has my name on.. LOL


Ok, guess what I learned

And I almost died laughing... Brian is afraid of bats. We were camping out at one of our favorite camping spots along the Pine River. We didnt get there till around 5pm, we went out looking for wood. Came back, and Mark and Brian went back to get the wood that Mark had cut down. Well Barb and I sat around the campfire till they got back. Once they were back, we were sitting just relaxing. All of a sudden.. Brian saw a bat. OMG did he freak out. Mark, Barb, and I laughed till our stomachs hurt.. LOL.

It seemed like it was pick on Brian night.. LOL. Brian kept hearing a sound, he was trying to see what it was with the flashlight. Mark has a C.B. radio in his truck, well Barb's daughter Mel, called. And I think Brian jumped up about 3 feet off the ground. He claims he almost swallowed his flashlight.. LOL

Later on in the evening... Brian got really goofy. And started making faces with the flashlight, shining in his face. Barb, I think almost died laughing.. LOL

We all sat around the campfire till about 12:30am, I went to bed. Brian and Mark sat around the campfire till I dont know when.. LOL I finally woke up @ 9:30am.. which I think is the longest I ever slept in (out camping). We broke camp, and were home by 11am.

Later in the day, we went fishing. We were skunked. Hardly had any keepers. I did manage to catch 2 small perch, and a small bass. But it was fun just to be out there.. drowning worms :)


Pillow Tuck Contest

I belong to a cross stitch group on Yahoo (ILCS). A contest was held to create a Pillow Tuck. I stitched the design, and made the pillow. I won 1st place with the pillow. Just wanted to show off the pillow here.

Camping Again.. LOL

Well I had 2 days off, guess where I spent it! You guessed it! We camped again over where we camped during the weekend.

We did get over to Iron Mountain. Did some shopping, went out for lunch. We bought our external backpacks. I bought Brian his, for his anniversary present. They are really cool! I cant wait to get those filled with our camping stuff, and head out into the great northwoods!

When we got back, Mark, Barb, and Mel were heading out to camp, on the bank of "S" Creek, and "P" River. Since I wasnt totally finished packing (seems like our stuff is always packed, but I had to pack the food and some other stuff). We got to camp about 6pm. I set the tent up. And started in on working on the invites for my sis inlaw, Lisa's baby shower. I did get them done! WOOHOO! Now just have to get the stamps on them. Mel and I picked some blackberries and raspberries. We sat around the campfire, had dinner, brats and chips. We were in the tent about midnight, and it was just starting to rain. We slept awesome! We got up this morning, packed up camp (since we wont be out there anymore this week). We were home by 9am.


Another Camping Trip

Friday night, after I got home from work (9pm) we headed out to our camp. This time we camped about a mile away, but it takes about 3 miles to get there. It was a cold night! It got down to 48 degrees! We woke up, and we were freezing! We sat around the campfire to warm up! We always come home in the day time, so this time I took advantage, and picked some peas and yellow beans from the garden. We had the beans for lunch.. mmmm good!

In the late afternoon we headed over to a favorite lake of ours, that we loved fishing at last year. This lake is a walk in camping only lake. Well we went there to fish, and we kept on going, cause there were 4 cars in the parking lot. Our fishing spirits lost all its spunk. We did end up going about 3 miles down the road, and fished at another lake. It was a mile walk back to the lake. I have a feeling Im cursed at that lake. All the other times I have had the same bad luck there. We got to the lake at 2:30pm. I caught my first fish at 6:45! It was definately NOT a keeper as it was only about 2 inches long.. LOL We headed back in, and were to our camp about 9pm. We did stop at home on the way, and picked up some more blankets.

Sunday, we packed up camp and were home around 11am. We went out about 3pm, and were to a new lake that Brian and I have never been to before! It was beautiful! Its called the "J" Lake (full names are not given to hide the identity.. LOL). The panfish there are HUGE! Even though we only caught a few, we they were keepers! I even had a bass that was interested in my bait for a few minutes, well I made the mistake of getting out of my chair. And the bass swam away. Well it just swam a few feet away, to where I couldnt get at it. Barb ran to her tackle box, and pulled out her bass bait, didnt have the bait in the water 10 seconds.. she hooked "my" bass, which was 18.5 inches!!!! It was huge! I was soo excited that she caught it! Barb had a great day at this lake.

We definately are returning to this lake! I had a few strike on the bait, but no takers :( But I will get that big
one, one of these days!

BTW ~ the pictures are from the "J" Lake :)


Camping @ the "B" Lake

Along with our camping neighbors, Brian and I went camping over night, to a local lake. The weather was hot, and steamy! The fish were biting good, but they weren't much for keeping.

This is the sunset I woke up to this morning, when I got out of the tent..

It was soooo beautiful! BIG and red!

A picture of our campsite. We were only at this lake for one night, but we made use of our time. I was out fishing any chance I got. It was a walk-in campsite, we had to hike just over a .25 of a mile. Everything has to be carried in, so I have to pack lite.

A picture of our "camping neighbors" Mark and Barb. They are the ones that have gotten us out into the "great Northwoods". We have spent alot of time with them this past summer. We have several more trips in the planning stages, before the snow flies, and the kids go back to school.

Awww, ain't he cute.. This is how I found Brian this morning! Enjoying the nice fresh air.

Well, I guess he is useful for something, here Brian is helping the campfire stay lit. You should have been there to see how much wood we had on the pile, later in the evening.. LOL


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