Last finish of 2005

This is my last finish of 2005..

I designed this block. Called "Greetings From Long Lake" I designed it for a personal challenge that I had. I think it turned out adorable! Will be finished some how...;)

It is stitched on 14ct aida, and is 5 inches square.


Our new T.V.

For Christmas, my dad presented a check to Mom, Glen, Scott, Amy & I. It was money that was shared with us from Grandma and Grandpa Mathison. It was a tearful moment! Dad said that we can do anything with it, as long as it was in rememberance of Grandma and Grandpa. Since this was our first Christmas with out Grandma.. since I can remember, we spent Christmas Eve at Grandma & Grandpa Mathison's house.

Brian and I pondered what we wanted to get with the money. I kept thinking tv, tv, tv. Brian thought maybe a riding lawn mower, but I just couldnt think of it used for buying one.

Well we went to Walmart on Monday, and "looked", studied the models they had there.. and came away with a 32" flat screen HDTV tv! Since I was wanting to get a smaller entertainment center, we even used money to buy a new entertainment that the tv sits on. Its black, and I love it! It took me from 4pm, till about 10pm to have it all somewhat set up. Now I have to find a new home for the other entertainment center.

Brian even said that with the tv, he thinks of Grandma alot, and thinks of her laugh, and her visits. And I say the same! Thanks to Grandma, Grandpa, and Dad for allowing us to improve our goodies in the house.. and now to figure out what else to get. :)

Prize From Tree Decorating Contest

On Tuesday I received the prize from the Tree Decorating contest that was held on a cross stitching site ( http://www.moonflowerneedleart.com/html/gallery.html ) What a generous prize!

I won the Grand Prize
12" X 12" meditation color fabric from Picture This Plus
12 1/2" X 14" carnival color fabric from Picture This Plus
15" X 21" davinci color fabric from Picture This Plus
14" X 14" cherub color fabric from Picture This Plus
4" finishing form
Cabin In The Snow Doddle from Hob Nobb
Charts: Hearts Entwined, Flower Doddle, Star Doddle.


Home for Christmas

We left our home about 11am on Saturday & got down to Winchester about 2:30p, we picked up Mom, & the three of us went over to see Kaylee. She is just adorable! Lots of dark hair, & long fingers! We had a nice visit with Amy, Natalie, Julie - Amy's MIL, & of course Kaylee. Brian, my Mom & I met up with my Dad, Glen, Lisa, & Katie. Katie was just adorable in her dress. We had a nice dinner at a supper club in Butte des Mort, we went back to Glen and Lisa's house, & helped Mom wrap presents, & helped Lisa frost cookies. We watched "Elf", & the "Polar Express". Brian & I went back to my parent's house about 12:45, & were in bed not much later.

I got up late on Christmas morning, & I went over to help Lisa & Glen with Christmas breakfast. Well I wasn't much help in preparing, since they were almost done. I did help with Katie's diaper, & getting her dressed for Christmas. The rest of the family arrived around 9am. We had breakfast, & opened up our gifts. Lisa had my name, she got me an adorable fiber optic snowman display, a $30 gift card for Hobby Lobby, an gingerbread ornament, & some Bath & Body lotion & soap. Scott had Brian's name, Brian got the Dukes of Hazzard DVD, a Dukes of Hazzard shirt, 4 - five pound weights, 4pk of tank tops that he likes to wear. The funny part of Bri's gift was that it was wrapped in duct tape... LOL It looks really neat. It was a joy to watch Natalie & Conway open their gifts. All the kids got some really nice presents. The floor was filled with paper, bows, & ribbon. We had to leave around 12:30p, cause Glen & Lisa, had to go to her dad's place still.

Bri and I went back to my parents house, & I ended up taking a 2 hr nap. About 4pm, we left to go and visit Brian's brother Jimmy, his wife Lisa, who were at Jimmy's son's house for Christmas in Oshkosh. We only stayed about 30minutes cause my parents were waiting out in the van for us.. LOL We went to Haase's in Winneconne for Christmas evening dinner. They were the only place open for the evening in the area. It was busy, but not a busy busy. It was a nice time.. just my parents, Brian & I. The only bad thing about the whole evening is that the Packer's lost.. blah.
After dinner we went back to my parents house. I cross stitched for a few hours, while watching TV. I got to bed after midnight. And was up early, to visit with my parents before we left to go home. On the way home we stopped at Hobby Lobby, and I spent all but $.15 on the gift card, went over to Hancock Fabrics and got some fat quarters for a new quilt I'm going to be starting in January. Went over the Wal-Mart in Appleton. Man oh man! Dang was it busy! We were there to spend some money, and that we did. We walked out with a new 32" HDTV television, a new stand, & a few other odds & ends. We were home by 3:30p. We got the TV, and the stand set up... but it took forever (till about 10p) to get the satellite and VCR recognizing each other. But its all set up... will have to make the another blog .. since I need to take a picture of the set up we have now.. LOL.


Snowbound Finish

This is called Snowbound from Bent Creek. It was a very quick stitch.

I started it last night, thinking I would take it along this weekend to stitch while visiting family. Well with having plans change today, I finished it :)

Dang Roads

Well I should have listened to Brian, but the roads werent that bad when I left home, but as I got further from home... I really should had stayed home.

Well in the split second, my back end on the Explorer started to move, and I thought "Oh sh!t"

I ended up in the ditch... I did manage to drive some in the ditch, and I was making it great out of the ditch, till I hit the snow that had piled up from the snow plowing.

I had managed to bury the axles. I was stuck, couldnt go forward or in reverse. Got on the cell phone - barely had reception. Managed to call Brian, who got ahold of his brother Jimmy to come and pull me out.

In the mean time.. I watched the other traffic fly by me, some continued on, and some stopped. I dont think some of them realized how icy it was till they went to brake to see if I needed help. Brian and Jimmy arrived, and in the meantime, the county plow truck was coming thru, so the driver put down lots of salt for traction. Jimmy and Brian got the truck out of the ditch very quick. I think that they got me out faster than it took me to go into the ditch and get stuck.. LOL

Coming home, the 4wheel drive was stuck in low range, cause we are guessing that the snow was affecting the controls. So we had to drive 20 mph home all the way, cause of being in low range. It took about 45 minutes to drive 14 miles.

Since I was on the way to work, I called and said I wasnt coming cause there was something wrong with my 4wheel drive, and besides going in the ditch (which was very upsetting). Today is the resident Christmas party ~ but my supervisor said that I should just take it easy, and not worry about coming in.

So, next time, Im listening to Brian!


Natalie ~ Conway ~ Katie

This is about the best Christmas present I have gotten so far this year. I love pictures for my nieces and nephew! Arent they adorable! Now I need one of Kaylee Mae that was born earlier this week.

Natalie Elizabeth (left) ~ this is her 2 yr old picture. Such a little Cinderella.

Katie Marie (right) ~ dont you just want to pinch those cheeks! Watch out boys!

Conway (along with his half sister Alyssa) (right) ~ such a cutey! I love his laugh!

Cant wait to spend the weekend with them all this weekend for Christmas! :)



I won "Most Favorite" in the Tree Decorating contest that was held at http://www.moonflowerneedleart.com

Grand Prize winner Kim R. from WI
runners up - Debra & Dylan, IN & Vicky L, CT
Go to the Gallery page to see entries!!

If you would like to see the other competition ~ which are all beautiful! Take a look ~

The host of the contest is sending a prize, and I cant see what she is sending me.. mmm more stash!

Im quite honored for winning. My Mom just loves the pickle on the tree .:)


She is here!

Kaylee Mae is here! She was born 12/19/05 @ 1:58pm 8lbs 5oz 21" long. Full head of hair :) Proud Auntie Kim here! Cant wait to see her this weekend!

Oh I hate..

Wrapping.. LOL! I spent a good 1.5 hrs fighting with the paper, and the tape. They are not perfect, but there is paper covering it all.. LOL Have a few more to wrap, but I need to pick up more paper.. just one roll. Off to bed. Have the next 2 days off.. YEA!


Yellow Snow

Tomorrow @ work we are having "Our Weekend To Work Christmas Party" (for me its the day shift group) with a dish to pass, and a gift for the person that you drew a couple weeks ago. Im taking my "famous" Yellow Snow, with deer crap on the top. :).. LOL

Directions to make the Yellow Snow - taste just like dirt cake rather with vanilla ingredients than chocolate.

1 large package of vanilla sandwich cookies - use a food processor to make really fine crumbs
2 packages of vanilla pudding
4 cups of milk
1 large tub of cool whip
1 package of chocolate covered raisins (deer poop)

Whip the pudding mix and milk, add cool whip together. In the container you wish to use to serve the Yellow Snow in, layer the crumbs and pudding mixture to the top, ending with the pudding on the top. Kinda plop the chocolate covered raisins on the top of the pudding to resemble a fresh batch of deer poop. Its lots of fun when you take it to the potlucks, the reaction it gets is alot of fun!.. and its yummy in the meantime. ENJOY!


Christmas Decorating Pictures

Here are some pictures that I took of the tree and the decorations that I have up. Nothing fancy.

Mitten Finish

Stitched for a contest, Mitten Color Contest for a cross stitch group Im in. Stitched it on preforated paper (wishing I would have used plastic instead). I finished it into an ornament. Which is hanging on the Christmas tree that I put up today!

Yeah, you read right. I put up the tree today, and decorated for Christmas and Winter. Got all my snowmen hanging around the house. I received a snowman ornament last night from a resident's family, and that little snowman gave me the motivation to get the tree up! So its up. I will try to take a picture of the tree and the decorations. But I gotta get to bed, gotta work this weekend.


Another Xstitch Finish

I saw this little design on a website today, and I dont think that the ink was dried on the paper yet, and I was stitching the design.

Its from The Cricket Collection ~ called "Cup of Cocoa Mitten" It was fun to stitch.. only took me 5hrs to stitch, from start to finish (with break inbetween of course!).


XS Finishes

I finished 2 more cross stitch designs.

The Christmas Tree one was a challenge. We were given a design of a Christmas tree, and we had to come up with our own design. I enjoyed doing it. Gave me a chance to brainstorm the design out. I stitched the "ornaments" with metallic floss, used beads for the lights or garland. I even stitched a pickle on the tree.. he he he.

Of course the scan of the design does not do it justice! Much better in person than on the screen.

So now I will enter it in the Christmas tree decorating contest on ILCS and with a website that is also hosting the contest ~

Think Winter is a design from Lizzie*Kate. I used some of the design. I added the snowflake charm as an added.

This is for a block swap, the theme is called Winter.

This is called Little Angel On The Clouds from Heart In Hand. I stitched it in a SAL exchanged. Vickie sent me all that I needed to stitch this little angel. I then send the finish project back to Vickie, and I get to keep the pattern, and whatever else was left over. :)

Something is wrong with me...

Im starting to hate shopping.. I dont know what it is, but its getting to me lately! Maybe its the Christmas season, or its the fact I dont know what to buy anymore. Brian and I went on Tuesday to Iron Mountain. I had a list of things I had to get, I got about 75% of the list - mainly DMC floss, and material for the USA quilt ~ oh yeah and the battery that I needed for my truck. I had on my list to buy Christmas gifts for our ppl that we have to exchange gifts for.

This morning I went to Iron River to stop by the quilt studio, I visited with Laurie Jean for a bit, and went on to McD's for lunch. I drove over to Crystal Falls to a variety store, since I was looking for beads for a Christmas tree Im making for a contest. Bought what I needed there. Went over to another store, and did make a dent in the Christmas shopping, bought some odds and ends that I needed. Drove back to Iron River, stopped @ Pamida to do some clothes shopping ~ I have 3 residents that I volunteered to shop for. I was able to get what I wanted for the residents. I looked around and found some more ideal presents for the exchanges. Then I went over to Wardo's and was looking for the snowflake buttons I need for a design I was working on. Didnt have them. But I found a shirt that Im getting for the staff exchange @ work. And I found a moose shirt for myself. So I had to treat myself.

So Im home now, and just relaxing. Im planning on cross stitching that tree I want to enter in a contest. Wish me luck, or the bed might find me soon.


WOOHOO Its finished!

I completed the U.S.A quilt - that is going to be a Christmas gift for my Mom, since I have found out that I have her name for Christmas exchange. This is going to be a perfect quilt!

Since this is my second storm at sea variation, it went quite fast. It took me less time to sew and work on, than the first - for some reason. Im so pleased with the results that Im thinking of making another one. Im so happy with it. All that is left to do is get the backing material for the quilt, and to have it quilted, and put the binding on. So it might not be till after Christmas till I have it quilted. But the quilt top is done :)

I went to Laurie Jean's to work on my quilt - since she has Motivational Monday's. I took advantage of it. All I had to do was put the borders on. I needed the space to measure out the quilt.. so its 62.5" X 84.5" (with the borders). When I first showed Laurie Jean and Carolyn (another quilting friend) they were in awe! They pointed out that they could see stars in it, come to find out (I thought they were talking about the little stars on the fabric) when you look at the quilt you can see star designs made up by the white in the quilt. We had a great time gabbing away, that the time went by really fast. I had to call Brian to let him know that I was going to be awhile, since I hadnt planned on staying long.

Laurie Jean really liked my quilt colors, and she asked if she could take a picture of it, once it was quilted. And have it displayed on her pattern!!! To replace the one that she has on it now. So what do you think my answer was... Yes of course!

Now what to start on next...


My aching hands

I have spent the past two days.. yes of course OFF days :) well, I spent them stitching something for my Dad and sewing on my Mom's quilt.

Since Sunday, I have put in about 2,1oo stitches into the cross stitch picture called "Firemans Hat and Flag" A.K.A. ~ BAP (Big A$$ Project) (I figured there are 31,840 stitches in the design... Oy!) So Im about 7% done. Im using a copy of the actual pattern that is in black and white. This design is the largest, most intense pattern I have ever worked on. Since the pattern is so detailed, I have been highlighting the stitches that I do, and when Im done as a reward to myself I take a black marker and shade in the completed box of 100 stitches. So I have a mixture of black and yellow on the chart.. LOL But the detail on the fabric is just AWESOME. The details really make the design "pop". I will have to take a picture of it the next time Im off, which is on Monday (which Im planning on going up to the Golden Needle Studio, and work more on my Mom's quilt, and help alittle around the shop for Laurie Jean, whatever needs to be done ~ need to talk about the webpage, and pick up my quilt that she was quilting for me :) )

The U.S.A quilt is turning out AWESOME! I have all the blocks finished! I finished the other 49 blocks tonight. I did begin to cut out the fabric last night for the block, but I was more interested in the stitching on the BAP (Big A$$ Project). I got 5 of the blocks put together and I love it! I was doubting using the one of the material that I had to go and find. But I really like it, and I think my Mom will like it too. She has seen the material, but she hasnt seen the quilt, since Im going to try to get it done for Christmas.

My sister Amy called this morning~ had a nice conversation with her.. I thought she was calling to say she was on the way to the hospital to have her baby, but nope, she was actually sitting the hospital parking lot, waiting for her hubby... LOL

The radio station in Iron River is 24 hr Christmas music .. OY! I need to schedule a time to get our tree up, and decorated. I have no Christmas get up and go decorate energy. I thought that this music would get me in the mood, but it hasnt yet. I wonder if I would regret not putting up a tree this year? .. I will see, its still early yet. In the past my tradition was to up it up over opening deer hunting weekend, but I had to work, and with my Grandma's funeral, my days just have kinda ran together, and here it is now Dec 2! Man oh man.

Well I should get to bed... and rest my hands.


Saturday ~ 11/26

Today I wanted to do something, and with so much to do.. I started out with doing the laundry, 5 loads later, I think Im done! Other than that, what else did I do today? Went to the post office to buy some stamps, and to send out some blocks that I stitched for other members of a cross stitch group Im involved with. Organized the DMC floss that I received for my birthday. I stashed most of them, since the floss bobbins were quite full yet. I started some pork baby back ribs that I bought last week. I made them in the roaster oven that Brian gave me for my birthday. They were yummy, when we did finally eat them :)

Went over and visited some with Brian's parents. Worked on the quilt blocks for my mom's quilt. Have 2 of the quilt blocks blocks (yes thats a repeat... LOL) finished (YEAH!). Twenty of the bigger block, and 30 of the smaller block. I just need to wash and cut the other block pieces. Need to measure the darker material, since I bought enough to make the border for the quilt. Then I will sew the 49 blocks together, then I can start piecing the quilt together.

And now, I think Im going to start a new project ~ cross stitching that is.. but what.. I have so much to work on.. that nothing at the moment is screaming at me... STITCH ME!

Angel Block

This was stitched for a block swap. The theme is Angels. I found it on the internet, and thought it was quite cute. I actually had it finished for about 2 weeks, but forgot to post it in the blog. Too much going on lately, need to find my head yet. LOL


Season's Greetings Stitched

This is a design from Heart In Hand. Its comes from the Holiday Trimmings leaflet. Its stitched on 14ct fiddlers aida. Hope this gets me in the mood for Christmas.. LOL


Grandma's Funeral

We returned home from Winchester this evening. We went down yesterday morning for Grandma Mathison's funeral. Got to my parents house about noon, and visited. My mom and I had a hair appt @ 2:15. We went to the funeral home about 3:15pm, and had to wait till about 3:30p, for the funeral director to get there.

We had a nice picture display of Grandma which I worked on when we got there. We saw my Grandma, she looked BEAUTIFUL! She was in the same dress that is posted in a few post below. Alot of people came to the wake on Monday night. We went out to the Village Pub in Winneconne. There were 15 of us. The waitress's jaw dropped when I told her that there were 15 of us, and that we wanted to eat.. LOL Her response was, 15, with no reservations... LOL Yep! We had a great time!

This morning for Grandma's funeral we were there about an hour and a half before the service. There were alot of people for the service. Lots of family and friends. The service was beautiful!
When we saw Grandma one last time, our whole family stood around the casket, and Conway (with Scott's help) placed the same rose that he brought to Grandma the night she died, in the casket with her. We all said our goodbyes and walked out of the church, so that the casket could be closed, and we entered again for the service. At the graveside, we waited, and watched Grandma's casket and vault go down into the ground. We even saw Grandpa's vault ~ since the ground is very sandy, the ground caved some, and they had to make due, and Grandpa's vault was visible.

We had a luncheon after the service, and it was amazing the people that stayed, and had fellowship with us. The workers at the luncheon were very helpful, and giving of their time.

Brian and I came home this afternoon, I was tired, but managed to get home safe and sound.


~Grandma Mathison~

Leona E. Mathison, age 84 of Larsen, WI, died peacefully, Friday evening, November 18, 2005 at Care Partners Assisted Living in Winneconne, WI. She was born on March 6, 1921 in Neenah, WI the daughter of the late Frank and Ida (Schultz) Breaker. She married Russell G. Mathison on August 24, 1940 in Neenah, WI. They made their home and farmed in the Larsen area and then retired from farming in 1955 and moved into Winchester. Leona's husband preceded her in death on September 24, 1996.

Leona was a member of Grace Lutheran Church, Winchester, was a former Sunday school teacher and a member of the Martha Circle.

She is survived by two sons and one daughter-in-law; Wayne Mathison and Dean and Sharon Mathison all of Larsen, WI; six grandchildren, Sheryle Mathison, Carol and Gary Allard, all of Neenah, WI, Kim and Brian Ritchie of Long Lake, WI, Glen and Lisa Mathison, Scott Mathison and his friend Jenny Williams all of Larsen, WI, Amy and Gregg Wilke of Omro, WI, three great-grandchildren, Katie and Conway Mathison, of Larsen, WI and Natalie Wilke of Omro, WI. She is further survived by her brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law; Norris and Millie Mathison of Larsen, WI, Lyall Mathison of Waukesha, WI, June and Melvin Gorges of Appleton, WI, Gerald Davis of Neenah, WI, Virginia Mathison of Larsen, WI, Anita Sawall of Oshkosh, WI and a number of nieces and nephews. Along with her parents and husband, she was also preceded in death by one daughter in law, Shirley Mathison, three brothers and two sisters in law; Rueben and Nora Breaker, Roy and Melda Breaker, Earl Breaker, two sisters and brothers in law; Sadie and Harvey Schroeder and Nora and Irwin Zeinert.

Funeral services will be held on Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 11:00 a.m. at Grace Lutheran Church, Winchester, with Pastor Clarence Harms officiating. Burial will be in Grace Lutheran Cemetery, Winchester. Family and friends may call at Mueller Funeral Home, Winneconne, on Monday, from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. and at the church on Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. until the time of services.

Mueller Funeral Home
904 E. Main St. PO Box 250
Winneconne, WI 54986



Im actually 29...

Yes, today was my birthday :). And Im officially 29. My oh my, where have the years gone, which I think my parents are realizing that, more than I.. LOL (well I hope at least).

I had to work today. Had a nice day. Right before lunch, my coworker Linda came in, and gave me 3 hugs. One for the loss of my Grandma, one for my birthday, and one for just for being me.. LOL. And later (before lunch) she came in with a resident that plays the piano, and next there is a small cake, and the resident is playing Happy Birthday on the piano. It was really nice for them to do that. I had the Nacho BellGrande that I bought last night to eat today for lunch so it was a nice birthday lunch.

For supper, another coworker ordered a pizza for our dinner, and another one ordered a combo basket. So I had yummy bday dinner. I came home to find my bday presents from Brian on the table. I got a 8 qt Roaster Oven (which I have been eyeing myself :)), money, a birthday cake, and an apple cinnamon pie! And a beautiful birthday card, from Brian.

Also I had the excitement (last night) of openning some cards from some friends on a Yahoo group, ILCS.

Brian gave me permission to open my birthday cards last night, since I had to work all day today. It is so cool to open up those birthday cards, and have Brian watch, with a smile on his face. His response to this was... "...wow, you have alot of friends that care about you..." DUH! I dont go on the computer for nothing when I do.. I got on to check to see what is going on in everyone else's lives.

Thanks to you all for the cards and the following:

Linda ~ for the charms, and the 2 DMC floss
Nann ~ for the small kit, 3 DMC floss, and the DreamswithAngel Seafoam Pink floss (just lovely)
Shari ~ for the 2 DMC floss (and the something extra, that I had no idea was in the separate envelope)
Katrina ~ for the DMC Floss
Mylene ~ for the DMC Floss and SSS floss and the beautiful stitched "K" card.
Idza ~ for the 2 DMC floss
Eva ~ for the 2 DMC floss
Judith ~ for the beautiful stitched card, and the 2 DMC floss
Krystyl ~ for the DMC floss
Karin ~ for the 2 DMC floss
Marta ~ for the DMC floss
Vicky ~ for the DMC floss
Sandy ~ for the DMC floss
Cindy ~ for the 2 DMC floss

Thanks ladies! You really made my birthday!


My Grandma

Leona Esther (Breaker) Mathison ~ March 6, 1921 - November 18, 2005
(I took this picture of my Grandma almost a year ago)
My grandma died this evening. My family just had left to go and celebrate my Dad's 60 birthday (which is today), and she died 5 minutes later.

So glad that we took the time to travel down on Tuesday - Thursday to see her, and spend time with my family. Will be going down for the funeral, just need to find out when it will be.

To Grandma Mathison - thanks for the memories you brought to my life. We will miss you! Love you!

Dad is 60!

Oh wow, where has the time gone.. My dad turned 60 today! Hard to believe! This is an ad that we put in the Winneconne News for my dad's birthday.

Happy Birthday Dad!

When we were leaving on Thursday, Bri and I had to decorate the house alittle... LOL We hung a "60 is an amazing age" banner on the back door, and hung some banners in the dining room. And made a sign for the living room window.. couldnt miss it.. LOL

Oh geez, with dad's birthday today... here comes mine tomorrow!


U.S.A. Quilt Blocks

Ok Mom, cover your eyes.. cause these are 2 of the quilt blocks for your quilt.. .. no peeking now.

This block is actually quite larger in person than the one on the right, dont know why it looks the same in size.

*Jaw dropping*

When we left on Tuesday morning, it was just beginning to snow. Well it snowed TWELVE INCHES while we were gone!

Probably the best part of being gone these past 3 days is cause our neighbors (and we) had no power! From about 11am Wednesday till 2am Thursday they had no power. And just about an hour before we got home, it went out again! We were home about 10 minutes and it came back on. Good thing, cause our house was COLD! It got down to 32 degrees inside while we were gone.

Here are some pictures of the snow that we found when we got home. ~ umm someone wanna buy me a new digital camera that takes good pictures during the day?!?!.. LOL

Went home..

We went down on Tuesday to see my Grandma Mathison. When we got there to see her, my uncle was there waiting for us to arrive. My Grandma is on her own ~ nothing more can be done for her :(. We wanted to see her before she dies. Im so happy I took the day off ~ I think Im entitled to be there for my family at this time of need, cause I sure needed it! She knew we were there, cause we would talk with her, and she would either moan or mumble something. We told her we loved her several times, and she responded back.

It so hard to see her like that, but its also was a nice closure to be there, be surrounded by family.

We spent alot of time with her. And Im so glad we did. We came back today (Thursday), and she is still with us... unmarkably!

Love you Grandma Mathison!


Time to grieve....

We received word that my Grandma Mathison doesnt have much time to live. So if you dont hear from me for a few days. We will be down @ my parents. Leaving in the morning.



I had totally planned on going down state today to see my grandma, probably for the last time. But as I told my mom on the phone last night, that I probably wont be able to sleep, well I guess I was right. I didnt sleep much at all. And besides it was raining out, so there was a constant drip-drip outside the window.

Last night I had told Brian's mom that we would be leaving about 6am, and she called about 7:15 to check up on us, to see if we were going down. I felt awful! I had such a headache all I wanted to do was sleep.

My Mom called about 8:15am, and I just told her that I didnt think we were going to go state, as I felt awful. She said that was fine, and that I could just come down when I had the next day off.

Well I slept till 2:15pm! I was so wiped out. Will have to go down on Wednesday I guess.


What a day!

Where I took my quilting class, the owner was hosting a open house for her quilting studio today. I told her that I could come by in the morning, and just be like a student in her class area, and work on my quilt that Im making for my mom.

Well I got there about 10am, and did alittle finishing up of last minute things that she didnt get around to doing. People were starting to come @ 10am, so we were busy getting things settled. I had managed to get my machine set up, and somewhat organized the quilt blocks that I was going to stitch on. Well I managed to get about 2 blocks done, cause I had so many onlookers admiring the Northwoods quilt that I just finished, and had there to "show off". Lots of ohhh, and ahhs from the ladies. I was really proud of the quilt, and since this is my first "big" quilt, I was happy to show it off.

I left the quilt to have Laurie Jean quilt for me, I cant wait to see what she ends up quilting on the quilt. :)

Came home from the open house, and Brian said that my dad had called, and it had to do with my Grandma Mathison, being in the hospital, and the outcome doesnt look good.

In the evening I had a djing gig. Well it was so easy, since I only played for about an hour. The surprise party was a flop. Not too many ppl stayed around for the music. I guess that most of them had gotten drunk the night before, and were more into going to a bar, than stay and mingle. So it took me more time to get everything ready and set up, and taken down and put back where I got it from, than the time I had to play. Easy money...:)

Came home from the gig around 8:30pm. My dad had called again and gave us an update about my Grandma, it doesnt look good. Im planning on going down tomorrow and see her.


Country Sampler Framed

Tonight I finished framing the Country Sampler. Cant wait to see the reaction on the face of the person who is receiving it :). It's a 11" X 14" black frame.



I finished Cinderella this evening :) Wanna guess who it is for?!?! Yeppers, its for Natalie. My mom had found the kit, and bought it, and thought she could stitch it up. And I thought, umm Mom, you better send it to me. So I received it in the mail about 3 weeks ago. And now I have it complete.

Of course the scan of the design, does not do it justice to how it looks in person.

This design was from a Janlynn kit. It was stitched on 14ct aida, and I used my own floss, since the kits floss was shredding so bad, when I started.


Farewell to my friends...

This morning when I got to work, a coworker told me that another coworker had died this morning. I was in shock. I couldnt believe it. Where I work, we have been struck by death in the past 2 weeks. In the past 2 weeks, we have had death affect us 6 times. We had another resident pass away this afternoon. Its amazing that we are coping as well as we are.

Good bye to my friends; Ken, George, Marion, John, Agnes, and April. Love to you all!

This what I woke up to... this morning.... S*N*O*W This is our first snow that really stuck, but it was gone later in the morning. Oh, the joys of this weather in Wisconsin.. LOL


Quilting Bear

Since I was working on my quilt, I thought I would stitch a quilting related design. Well this is what I came up with.. LOL

Quilting Bear, from 101 Bears with Personality, stitched on 14ct Aida. I did change the bow, from red to purple. Going to be finished into a tuck pillow.


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