Stewie - 25 days old

My sister sent some pictures of our puppy - Stewie! He was born on May 2, 2010. He is a purebread Pug. You can see the picture of the rest of the clan - here

The plan is to bring Stewie home the weekend of June 12-13th. Brian's bday is June 12 - so I already got my birthday present for Brian.

Stewie was named after Stewie from Family Guy - and if you watch the show... whats the name of the dog... Brian. So.. Brian wanted to name the puppy Stewie. So, Stewie it is.


4H - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week

I really enjoyed putting this block together!! Reminds me of the days of 4H, when I was younger... a long, long time ago.

Block #21 – 4-H – Walworth County
Pattern is here - 4-H

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Aint that the pits...

Seems like I missed my FIFTH blogversary. Wow, lots has happens, since! How time has changed me.

If you are reading this... Thank you!


So, we went fishing....

... for the first time this year!

Machine Applique Class

On Friday last week, while at work, a coworker and I were talking about quilting. She said that she had signed up for a class @ Karen's Quilt Corner (in Eagle River, WI), but she couldn't go. So, some how all, of a sudden I had the supply list for the class.

The class was yesterday. Was a 10am - 3pm class, and boy did it fly by! We were taught 5 versions of machine applique techniques. I mostly already knew how to do fusible, so that was easy for me, but I have always been alittle shy around the actual machine applique of it all.

So.. 5 samples later, I was happy with all that went on during the class. But at times I felt like I was getting alittle too intimate with my Brother since I was so close to it - watching it stitch..LOL I did have some problems with the blanket stitch... switched out the needle. But I did play with the tension, and that help - ALOT.

Here are my samples -
Applique with interfacing - (Ahh - and I just noticed I didn't finish the butterfly with the antennas.. Opps)

Applique with satin stitching -

Blanket Stitch - I had to bring this home to finish it up on the stitching. Love how it turned out!! Going to finish it off, and display it in the bathroom. :)

Free Motion - I just went at it... and the teacher & other students were impressed. Sorry if I like to play outside the box..LOL And the little red dots were suppose to be berries... naww - looked like ladybugs to me!

And, Im going back tomorrow to Karen's.... awesome sale of Fat Quarters - 10 for $10!! SWEET!!!


Hen and Chicks - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week

Almost didn't get around to making this block tonight - but it wouldn't be Wednesday if I didn't get it done. So its done, and went together very fast! I love the bright colors in it. The original block was green with the HST & center, but I like it with the black better!

Block #20 – Hen and Chicks – Green County
Pattern is here - Hen and Chicks

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Flying Frontier - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week

Ahh.. its done! It wasnt the block that caused that "ahh", but it was the Brother. I swear I had to do alot of sweet talking to get the sewing machine to atleast stitch a decent line. I spent alot of time ripping out the loose stitch.

Block #19 – Flying Frontier – Green County
Pattern is here - Flying Frontier

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The Firefighter's Quilt

As many of you know, I come from a firefighting family. Its in our blood. So, I have been slowly collecting firefighting fabrics, over the years. And then it came time... to do something with it all.

I asked my SIL (who is a firefighter, & married to the Fire Chief {my brother}), if she would be interested in me making them a Firefighting quilt for their couch - since their living room is done in firefighting. Guess what her reply was!?!

I cut out the fabrics into 5" squares, and I did the tumbler cut again. And I L.O.V.E. the results!!!! I just finished up on the hand stitching of the binding today, and was soon outside dodging rain drops to get a few pics.

I pieced and quilted it with the Brother.

Cedar Bend Star - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week

Boy this block was whipped up in no time! It took less than an hour. The Brother was playing really nice today, and I'm happy with the results of the block! And if you know me.. I'm a sucker for patriotic type blocks. So, I love the colors in this block, no doubt!

Block #18 – Cedar Bend Star – Walworth County
Pattern is here - Cedar Bend Star

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Presenting..... our Puppy

Super excited!! Our Pug puppy was born this evening!! Cant wait to meet our little guy this weekend, and see the rest of the clan! Congrats to Mr & Mrs. Doodle, the proud Pug parents!!

One of these cuties is coming home to live with us, around the end of June.

Here are Princess with her puppies. 3 boys, 2 girls and 1 boy went to live in Heaven with Grandpa.


Growing a Christmas Tree...

...is hard work!

Its slowing growing (and getting stitched), but its starting to take form. This is an update on Cabin in The Woods. That dark blob you see is the truck and base of the Christmas tree. Seems like a lot of darker colors right now. Hopefully I will be stitching more greens.

Cabin has been taking a back seat to getting stitched on... been working on hand stitching a binding on a quilt... so its slowly growing. :)


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