Thanks to Facebook,

this blog gets neglected.

Ive come to that conclusion, and the fact I had no idea what to offer as a prize for the 1000th post - that I will put on this blog in a day or two, since this makes 998! - or the fact that...

Facebook sucks the time out of your day... well at least mine. He he

Cafe World, Farm Town, Bejeweled Blitz, and finding out everyone's status for the day. Its funny how someone you barely know or seen in years, you are getting to know them better thru Facebook.

BTW - the prize for the 1000th has been sight tested, and approved for giving.

So stay tuned!


One weekend + two quilt tops = DONE!


As you recall - I told you to stay tuned to what was coming of the charm packs I posted here.

Well, here are the results! I'm so tickled, on how they turned out!

This quilt top was the first of the two I put together - its for my niece Lindsey. "A Sweet Girl (actually called "baby" - but the girls aren't babies) quilt" top. The fabric is Eva, by basicgrey for Moda.

Im still playing with my camera - well I havent really even looked at the book yet - but the colors are off. So here is a close up of the blocks to show you the colors better.

This one for my niece Katie. The fabric is called Hushabye, by Tula Pink for Moda.

The Sweet Baby Girl Quilt is basically a tumbler quilt. The arrangement on both quilts had no specific order... where ever I thought the block was to lay is where it was laid..LOL I found the pattern on Moda Bake Shop - A Sweet Baby Quilt

Both quilt tops where made with 4 charm packs. Now I have to order the fabric for the binding - but I'm just going to find a solid for the back. And get to quilting it and binding - the next picture you will see of it will be with the new owners - in about 2 months - since these are Christmas gifts.


Lindsey's Sweet Girl Quilt with Eva Charm blocks

This is a WIP of the Eva - from Moda - charm pack I had pictured in a couple post below. ABSOLUTELY loving how its turning out!! I have 6 of the rows all sewn together. Tomorrow I will tackle the other 6 rows.

I even spent 45 minutes of constant ironing - ♥ to pandora.com for keeping me motivated!


BOO! Club finished.

Earlier today I put the last stitches in to Lizzie Kate's Boo Club!

I started earlier this year working on it, and Im happy to report its finished before Halloween. I just need to get the little buttons sewn on yet.

This afternoon Im going to play with these fabrics. Yippee!


Christmas gifts are...

are starting to arrive.

Too bad I gotta put them together.. Stay tuned to see what comes out of this picture!


1st Snowfall of '09

Just went outside and took some pictures of what it looks like around our yard. Your welcome to some, bring own shovel!


Final Alarm Ceremony

This past Saturday - we went to the Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial Park, in Wisconsin Rapids for the Final Alarm Ceremony. Our Dad was among 5 Line of Duty deaths that happened since last ceremony, in WI.

We arrived on a charter bus - with 33 of us!

The Final Alarm Ceremony was very well attended. It was a good ceremony - despite the rain (and being cold). It was a little emotional (I'm sure it would have been different if the weather was better).

My Mom requested that she could have a picture of Dad to hold during the ceremony. So the morning of I went to get an 8 X 10" picture, and I put it in a frame. I brought along a dozen roses. I (along with my sister's help.. Thanks Amy!) put a black ribbon on each rose. one for Mom, 4 for the children, and 7 for the grandchildren (yes one for the unborn baby). We left the picture up during the ceremony, under our Dad's name.

Our Mom received a folded American flag inside a flag case with a Maltese cross on the back, and a single rose.

We left the roses under our Dad's name - that will be forever etched on the wall of the memorial.

There are more pictures of our day here - Final Alarm Ceremony - 10/03/2009

Here is an article about the ceremony posted in the newspaper - Firefighters ceremony honors those lost in the line of duty

Next year, we will be in Emmitsburg, Maryland for the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial weekend.


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