Ding, Ding, We have a correct guess!!

Rebecca had the correct answer!!

Yes they are the recommended fibers for the Lizzie*Kate's Boo Club Double Flips! I had to switch out the fabric, as I went to prep, the fabric was too short.

I'm now using a piece of 32ct Vintage Antique Ivory Linen.

But... its been taking me forever to stitch up. No the frog is not visiting. Its the darn thread! I'm using the Mascara from WDW, and its breaking more times than it should! It was just awful! I'm using Thread Heaven (as I always do with hand dyed floss). I couldn't go more than 6 full stitches before something would happen. It was so weak, that I can just tug at it, and it breaks. It also breaks right where the needle touches the floss. I have tried smaller lengths, but it still did the same thing.

So, I did what I thought we be best. I sent an email to WDW last night, before bed. I had a response this morning. I will be getting a new skein in the mail, and I'm to send the bad skein back. How about that for customer service!!

Lucky enough I have another skein of Mascara - and I really should check to see if that is bad to. But this is how far I had gotten on the border on the Boo Club. And now I see the propose of those floss tags, I could use one now..LOL


Rebecca said...

Great start! (Mine's still sitting in the bag that it arrived in.) That's great that WDW has such wonderful customer service. Hope your new Mascara arrives soon.

Julie's Keepsakes said...

That's great that WDW is willing to work with you. Do you like those Q-snap covers? I don't have any and have thought about purchasing one, but I would like the pros on having it. Would you mind?

Sarah Lindfield said...

That's a shame about the mascara, I am using some at the moment but have had no problems (so far); great that you are getting a replacement though. Hope the stitching of the rest of it is a good experience cant wait to see it complete.

Debra said...

Good thinking Kim.
Debra in Indiana

Angela said...

Sorry to hear about the floss problems but it's nice to hear WDW has good customer service :) Great new start, this one is on my stitching list too.


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