Spam comments

Im getting sick of receiving the post comments as spam. The last post I made I had 10 comments and 9 were of spam. So I have changed the settings to have me monitor the comments before I have to see them come thru as spam.

Other than that.. life is good, if anyone cares (other than the spammers).


Natasha said...

I agree it is SO annoying!!! I put a comment moderator on about 3 months ago. Blogger has a new featur that sperates spam from regular comments but only when you have the moderator on. Maybe in the next few months BLOGGER will be able to better raticate this problem.

BTW, Stewie is SO stinkin cute :)

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

That is so horrible Kim.
I know those spammers are horrible.

Love your quilts!


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