Friday Night Sew In - Dec 10

Well, with the expected snow fall totals of 10 - 18inch coming in the near future.. I thought I would take it easy tonight. And have something ready to take to work with me tomorrow, so "if" I need to stay over night at work (I work at a nursing home, so there is a sleep area there), I will have something to work on.

So I thought I would work on the hand stitching of an "Angel Project" I have been working on. Now Im doing the slow process of the hand stitching of the binding down on the almost finished quilt.

So, here is what I worked on tonight - sorry you really cant see the quilt top, as I believe the person who this is for, reads this blog.


shutterbug (Elaine) said...

Hope you don't get snowed in at work tomorrow! I think I would rather have the snow than the mix we're going to get. Jerry has to work 3-11:30pm in Madison-you know, holiday mail! :p We're supposed to get rain, freezing rain, sleet (aren't they the same thing?)then changing to all snow in the afternoon. They still haven't been able to figure out how much we're supposed to get. Can't wait to see that 'Angel Project' finished. :)

Megan said...

Stoping in from FNSI. Great job on the binding, sometimes that is my favorite part! Safe travels this weekend. In my neck of the woods were are in a Blizzard Warning until Sunday afternoon, so hopefully more sewing time! :) Thanks for sharing!


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