Patriotic Challenge - 06.16.11

Ok, I know I have been slacking on my updates involving the Patriotic Challenge - not sure anyone cares. But life is going on, and its been one of those, "hold on tight, its going to be a bumpy ride!" Took a little trip down last weekend to visit my family to get away from family stress a situation that has been going on around home. It was good to get away - hubby actually wanted to stay a month at my Mom's but we had to come home, as I had to get back to work, and he had to go back to doing what he needed to help out with his family's situation.

More so, I have been sewing to relieve "STRESS!". So here is my progress

I worked on cutting the 1/4" edge June 5th. Had to have something to while inlaw sitting.

I finished up the Star Blocks tonight, and

Just under an hour, I had the 4 patch blocks finished.

Then I went ahead and pinned the blocks together, as Im ready to make the rows of the quilt!!

Will have to find more time to work on the quilt top, as life is going to remain busy for awhile!

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