Oh well, life got in the way.

Well, it seems I need to clean off the cobwebs around this blog. Seems like I get to where I want to post a blog post, but then I never get around to it.

Oh well life is just passing me by. Its been a busy summer, mainly working and then coming home to only fall asleep from all the fresh air I had while sitting outside with the residents I work with at the nursing home. My hours have now changed from 10:30am - 7pm to 9am - 5pm. Yes I know, perfect banker hours! But its almost 6pm before I get home, and I'm starving. Make dinner has become a bore for me.. LOL I would rather just sit in my recliner, and well, fall asleep..LOL

I haven't even stitched in about 2 or 3 months.. I know its most likely the 3 months. Since the death of my 12 yr old niece and Mother inlaw breaking her neck. Ive been preoccupied. I wouldn't say that I'm having "issues" with what has happen, but I'm just enjoying life alittle more - no need to get things done that don't need to be done right this minute, know what I mean.

Yesterday, I cleaned in my sewing/stash/computer room, more for looking for my mojo, and the fact I promised my old computer desk to my sister, for her new business. I did get rid of a few things that were just taking up space. I was almost tempted to get rid of all my cross stitching stash. I just dont have the desire to stitch those "I need to have at this moment purchases". Which, honestly, take up space in our little house.

Then, there's all the fabric I have stashed here and there. Yes that too should get the boot.. but I feel as those I need to hang on to them.

I know, I'm starting to sound coo - coo..LOL Oh well, consider this a post, and will have to see where I go from here..

Umm maybe on the sewing machine to finish up on my Patriotic Challenge - that was supposed to get finished before July 4th. Oh well, life got in the way.

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