Birthing the John Deere Quilt

My Sister is having a boy at the end of June... so it was a no brainer as to what theme the quilt would be -- John Deere of course. I wanted to do something "different". I had thought of using the Yellow Brick Road pattern (which I had already used when I made Owen's John Deere quilt). Thought of a Turning Twenty quilt pattern, but then I hit Google. I ended up finding a "charm pack" quilt design - "Baby Lattice Quilt" . Well I knew I had plenty of fat quarters to work with... so I just ended up cutting them up into 5" squares and went from there... so here is the process of 'birthing' the quilt.

Also -- since tomorrow is National Quilt Day, and I have to work, and since tonight was Friday Night Sew in ... I got busy!

The fat quarters & sashing fabric... before the iron & cut

The Iron, spray bottle, and Spotify! I <3 Spotify! Rocked it out to the Train & 90's music.

Fussy cutting.....

and fussy cutting.

Did some serious cutting here.

Here are the 50 - 5" blocks I needed.

BREAK TIME -- as you can see, apple & the Pepsi Max were enjoyed....LOL

Then it was on to cutting the sashing & the triangles

The pile of scraps. Love piles like this! (as long as they are not big enough to hoard for another project..LOL)

All set to get the sew on!

Sewing the rows together.

Ironing, and ironing, and ironing.....

All 10 rows are COMPLETE :)

From Row 1 to Row 10 in the pile.

Called it a night... all set to go again with sewing the sashing to making the rows. Looking forward to this step.

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shutterbug (Elaine) said...

Wow! You made a lot of progress for 1 day's work! Can't wait to see the completed piece. I bet even though you've quit for the night, you're itching to get back to it tomorrow. :) I'm always like that when I make a lot of progress on something.
Hugs, Elaine


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