Almost burnt the house down...

I have the Ultimate Table Top Lamp -- and while using it yesterday afternoon. The daylight bulb started flickering, and I looked up to find smoke coming from under the lampshade!!

I quickly turned off and unplugged the lamp. I found a burn mark on the base of the bulb.

Thank God I was right there with the light on, and caught it in time, or I dont want to think of what would have happen. Counting my blessings.

Here are some pictures of the bulb. I had phoned contacted Daylight to let them know of this happening. Was kinda shocked that they didnt want to take my info at first, till I asked if I could leave it with them. The rep did take my name, location & phone number. I also did send an email to the company with info of what happen, and the pictures of the bulb. My brother who is a Fire chief has already asked for the bulb if the company does not wish to have the bulb. He would share it with the fire investigation unit, he is involved with.


Natasha said...

thats pretty scary!! I often use my Ott Lamp at night and fall asleep with it on, just another thing to consider I guess when I stitch... Glad you were there to catch it. Wheewww

Lelia said...

Wow! that is incredible. I don't think I've ever heard of one of the bulbs doing that

Sue said...

OMG Kim! It is sad to think they are taking the regular bulbs off the market, and all we will be able to get are the daylight bulbs. We use them; I would think the company would be more than gracious to hear of this incident!!!!

I am happy you were there to catch it!


Sue said...

Kim, sorry, my blog addy is wrong! www.noahstitcher5.blogspot.com By the way, your Cabin in the Woods is looking magnificent!


Berly said...

Wow! Thanks for the info! I've got a couple of those bulbs in different lamps.


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