Runs like a Deere...

Lately I have been seeing John Deere green & yellow.  About a month ago I finished up a John Deere quilt for my soon to arrive nephew (any day now). (Remember this post showing the birth of a quilt - here.)  I used the Baby Lattice quilt pattern on Moda Bake Shop.  Of course I dug into my stash of John Deere fabric and did alot of fussy cutting.  Here is the result

I gave the quilt at the baby shower for my sister.

So, while visiting with my Mom before the baby shower, my Mom came across the John Deere soft books.  Into the cart they went.  The plan was to get them done before the shower... ya right!  Well Im leaving in a few days to visit with my family, so I was able to get them finished.  I have to say -- I HATE printed fabrics like this.  The printing is so off, and to cut a straight line, you have to fussy cut the fabric, which of course makes it off, totally off.  The first book I made (Farm Sounds), was really bad with the crookedness of the fabric, but I made due.  Counting with John Deere went so smoothly.  I actually enjoyed putting it together.

I started and finished the Counting book this evening, and I got to thinking of making one of those ribbon blankets.  I have no ribbon, so I just used scraps!  All those little JD scraps I held onto worked out great!


Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog in search of someone else frusfrated with the counting book. (grr).

I adore this quilt you have made!!! My 2 year old nephew is wild about tractors!!! Mind, what are the dimensions of the squares please? What size did you make this quilt?

Kim said...

Im sorry Im slacking at checking out my blog. I found your comment just now. There was no reply email, so I will just post here.

I used the Baby Lattice quilt pattern from Moda Bake Shop -- the link is posted above in the blog post.


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