ARGH!!! Ok here I am!

Ok, I have been trying to get my other blog (upnorthlonglake) working again, well after several attempts to contact Blogger regarding the situation, I decided to just create a new username and go from there. So those that have bookmarked my blog, please update your urls. :) (Thanks)

Here is a link to my pervious blog http://upnorthlonglake.blogspot.com/

So, maybe the headache and the heartache that went with waiting for the other blog to come back is over.

Well, lots has happen in the 2 weeks that I havent been blogging. My sister called Friday night (4-15), and said, "Don't be mad, but I'm pregnant".. my reaction was.. I just laughed. Only a month and a half ago.. she had cervical cancer. The cancer was removed, and had not spread any further. Well this is going to be a miracle baby. Thats all I can say! Now also with my SIL (married to my brother) is pregnant (due around mid Oct). Christmas is going to be big this year! Looking forward to the weddings coming up in the near future. Two of Brian's brothers are getting married. One on May 28th, and June 10th. I cant wait! Party Time! The weather has been beautiful lately.. but its cooling down now :(. But thats Wisconsin weather for you! (or atleast us).. LOL I was out in the flowerbeds today.. working up the soil, pulling weeds, and having a ball! Cant wait to get the flowers planted.. which wont be for another more or so. Other than that.. working. Work has been fun lately.. actually able to get outside with the residents and enjoy the view of Big Twin. I started a wall hanging quilt with one of the residents, anxious to see how that turns out.

I have been cross stitching alot! Take a look at my recent finishes http://community.webshots.com/album/244160387LtlCor/2 Im currently stitching on a Tatty Teddy design, which will be adorable when I finish it :).

Well, I suppose, I should get back to stitching.. put in another hour of two. Going grocery shopping tomorrow.. WooHoo! I wish sometimes the groceries would do their own shopping.. LOL

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