Hello fishy! We are coming to waters near you!

We are getting a row boat!

In the past we have done our fishing from the shore.. well you cant always cast to the places you want beyond the weeds. Well Brian's brother Mark, and his gf Barb came over last night. And asked if we would be interested in a row boat. I was thinking yes before we even heard the details. Barb had connections on getting the boat, but they only wanted the motor off it. Well they asked us if we would be interested in the boat. And we have been looking for a small row boat for a while now. Well we went over last night to look at it. It will do the job!

Its coming with a trailer.. which we can haul behind my Explorer. Today we went to Walmart, I had to exchange the tv thingy I had bought last week. We picked up a trolling motor, trolling battery, and some other fishing related items. The only thing we couldnt get was the oars, cause they were being shipped, and should be there shortly.

Cant wait to get out on the water, and catch some northerns!

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