Well, I can say I have been stitching - but it doesn't seem to show that much.

Tonight I finished up on Cookies, from the Christmas Double Flips from Lizzie Kate. I had brought it with me this past weekend when I went down state to visit my Mom. I had forgotten the previous Stocking chart to match it up, so I just worked on the border till I had Prinny (aka Princess the Pug {my Mom's dog}) wanting my attention.

I also have been working on "It's Expensive to be ME!" also from Lizzie Kate. As you can see, I only have the ME! left to stitch, and it will be finished.

My stitching slaking can be blamed on the two new tv's we got in the past few days. I bought a new one for the bedroom (which we had planned to), and then Brian liked it so much, we got a new one for the bedroom living room (sorry Debra!.. he he). Gosh, those new tv's are scary! I was watching Jay Leno, and I could see the glitter that was on the ladies chest..LOL


Irene said...

Your stitching looks great !

Debra said...

Stitching is looking good. You have two tv's for your bedroom? Or you bought two new tv's for two bedrooms. I am a bit confused.

Brenda Lou said...

Your stitching looks wonderful! Congrats on your new TVs. I'm thinking I'm going to have to break down and buy a new one for my bedroom, too :)


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