Thanks, and a Quaker Seasons Update

Almost 7 days ago, I got the inspiration to work on the picture tribute, and according to YouTube.com, the For Dad... video has been viewed 492 times! Amazing! Thanks to all that took the time to watch the video, and share your kind words with me. They have meant so much to our family. Its great to have friends such as you!

Since my Dad passed, my Mom has been wanting to get another dog. It surprised me that she was ready for another Pug to join the house. It was something she has wanted to do for awhile. And Thursday I got the call that she was going to go and pick up a Pug puppy. Friday she came home with P.J. - (Prince James) He was born on Feb 1st. He joins Princess (also a Pug) at home. He is adjusting well with Prinny. And Mom is adjusting to having a puppy in the house. Here is a picture of PJ taken last night, while visiting at my brother's house. Isn't he adorable!!

Well, I had to take Quaker Seasons off the Qsnaps, so I thought I would snap a picture. I'm totally loving stitching on this design. I actually ran out of floss on the bottom middle motif. And wouldn't you believe it.. I didn't have another skein to use to stitch.

Can't wait - in three weeks, we will be making our way home from Branson, MO. It will be a sad time, as this was a trip that my Dad was excitedly looking forward too. But we will share our great memories with him.


Kathy said...

PJ is absolutely adorable. :)
Your stitching is beautiful. I love this pattern. I really like the colors you are using too.

Vicky L said...

The puppy is so cute. One of neighbors had a pug. He was adorable. Your stitching is looking great.

Natasha said...

PJ is SO adorable!! Super cute. Your WIP is coming along nicley..
Take Care

Peg said...

Such a cute puppy! Say shoot me an email as I am just a few miles from Branson and more than likely you will go past my city on your way there. Maybe we can meet while you are here.


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