Spend way too much time on ..


Anyone else (besides Vickie) and I play this addicting game!? We are either harvesting or plowing each other's fields, or picking fruit from the trees. We could spend hours playing, if life let us. I know my stitching has been suffering.... but I dont think my quilting has..LOL

If you are on Facebook, let me know and we can be neighbors. :)

And the name of the farm is so true.. he he


Renee said...

Of course I'm addicted to Farm Town too! :) I love it! heehee

Kim West said...

I am addicted to farm town too. I am on facebook - you can visit my blog for my facebook name.

Froggie said...

I need a t-shirt that says "Farmtown Addict". I'll be your friend and your neighbor. Search for me, Jhoni Copeland. You'll see that I went a little overboard on the flowers, but it's just so much fun.

Jade said...

I used to be a Farm Town addict too, but then I discovered Restaurant City. :) I don't visit FT as often as we used to, but we can still be neighbours, just find me at

It goes for the other fellow addicts too. ;)


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