There is a Black Cat and Spiders on my blog!!

With a half hour to spare, I was able to finish up on my monthly commitments for stitching. I worked on the Halloween Double flips from Lizzie Kate. Sunday night I stitched on the border, as I was too lazy to look for the previous chart to line up the next design.

Monday was spent stitching on 'Black Cat'.. all I had left to stitch was the "lack" in the black cat design. Tonight, I finished up on the "lack". Then I moved on to 'Spiders'. Was a super fast stitch! Of course you cant see the web, but you cant always see the webs either in real.


Thanks, and a Quaker Seasons Update

Almost 7 days ago, I got the inspiration to work on the picture tribute, and according to YouTube.com, the For Dad... video has been viewed 492 times! Amazing! Thanks to all that took the time to watch the video, and share your kind words with me. They have meant so much to our family. Its great to have friends such as you!

Since my Dad passed, my Mom has been wanting to get another dog. It surprised me that she was ready for another Pug to join the house. It was something she has wanted to do for awhile. And Thursday I got the call that she was going to go and pick up a Pug puppy. Friday she came home with P.J. - (Prince James) He was born on Feb 1st. He joins Princess (also a Pug) at home. He is adjusting well with Prinny. And Mom is adjusting to having a puppy in the house. Here is a picture of PJ taken last night, while visiting at my brother's house. Isn't he adorable!!

Well, I had to take Quaker Seasons off the Qsnaps, so I thought I would snap a picture. I'm totally loving stitching on this design. I actually ran out of floss on the bottom middle motif. And wouldn't you believe it.. I didn't have another skein to use to stitch.

Can't wait - in three weeks, we will be making our way home from Branson, MO. It will be a sad time, as this was a trip that my Dad was excitedly looking forward too. But we will share our great memories with him.


For Dad.... A Picture Tribute

The YouTube direct link to the video is - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrurozaSFFI

I have been wanting to make a picture tribute with pictures of my Dad. Well last night I was wide awake, and suddenly had the inspirations to do it.

Please sit back and I hope you enjoy the pictures. As much as this video has brought comfort, it shed tears along the way.

So, this is dedicated in the memory of my Dad. Miss you Dad, love you!


Quaker Seasons WIP

Here is Quaker Seasons - I absolutely enjoy stitching on this! Hate having the frog visiting so much! And its my own fault, always is..he he.

But here is my progress up till this afternoon.

Been thinking of taking this with me to Branson, my luck I will have it done by then. Leave April 16th.

My Round Robin is visiting

I just got my Round Robin back home. So far its been to Texas, South Carolina, Florida, Arkansas, and a trip down state in Wisconsin. It needs to fly off again, as I have put out a request to two more friends to stitch on it.. and then I will finish up on the last block that wasn't stitched.

So here is my Round Robin - its the Dear Diary inspirational words from the Dear Diary series from Little House Needleworks. I love how its turning out! And I hope to have it totally completed within the next few months.


A WIP Happy Dance!

So.. the half square triangles (HST) and 2 1/4" squares were cut. And I had a day off, and I wanted to make it productive. And I think I accomplished that!

Here is the finished quilt top of the Braided Starburst that I had mentioned in the post below. I had a BLAST making it, and once I figured out the arrangements of the blocks, it went super fast to put it together.

The pattern calls for 4 sections, but I figured out early that I wouldn't be able to make it work with the fabric I had. (Still cant figure out how you can get as many requested squares and HST out of a 1/2 yd of fabric.) So I'm making this into a wall hanging. I'm going to bind it in the same black fabric.

I'm very HAPPY I did go with the brown for this quilt top. LOVE the colors!

Psst - please excuse the trimmed threads, should have trimmed them again.. he he


How much can I ...

How much can I get done this weekend!?!

As I await the washing machine to finish washing my new fabrics I got this morning. I thought I would post an update.

Fabrics + washing machine = NEW QUILT -- well I got the idea from another quilting blogger, and I thought, oh man! I had seen her blog post, and I immediately fell in love! She was talking about using Triangle Paper for a new project, so I did alittle research and I read that it was a great product to use. And she shared a freebie quilt pattern that she fell in love with.. and SO DID I!! Braided Stardust And I thought OH MAN!! I knew the exact fabric I wanted to use!

I purchased the Brown (Spice) variation from the Shade Cascade fabrics from Blank Quilting. ( I had made the Shade Cascade quilt top last year.) I had to go and purchase more of the fabric as it only has 11" of each color across the bolt. I purchased 2 1/2 yards, so fingers crossed it will work. And I also purchased Black - Moda Marble for the black.

And of course, timing couldn't be wonderful - the Triangle Paper -1 3/4" was waiting in the mail box when we arrived home. This will be my first time using this paper, but from the looks of it.. it looks so easy! I have done paper piecing in the past, so I know how it goes.

And, on the cross stitching front - I also started a new design - its called Quaker Seasons from My Big Toe Designs. I had seen it on a WIP and Finish post on 123, and I just had to stitch it. So my pattern arrived in the mail on Wednesday - Thursday, I put my first stitch in to the fabric (I'm using Sassy's Creamy Cocoa - 28ct as the fabric with DMC floss). LOVE how its turning out so far.

Well I'm off to see if the fabric is done yet.


Ain't that the TRUTH!

It sure is... this cutey finish from Lizzie Kate is so true!

Here is "It's Expensive to be ME!" I finished it on a piece of 25 ct Potato lugana fabric, with the DMC floss. I stitched it over 1 with 1 thread.

Not sure how Im going to finish it.. just needed a small carry along project, just in case.


It all started...

It all started when I was waiting for something to be printed off the printer, and I happen to glance at the lonely sewing machine. Feeling sorry for the sewing machine (and myself, for neglect of use). I just happen to run my finger across the top to see how much dust had collected.

Then I saw the pile to the left... humm, scraps! The light bulb came on!

I took those scraps on the left, and made a sewing machine cover! It was so much fun, and with just a little changing of the directions... it came out GREAT!

I used the following directions for the sewing machine cover, which I Google and found online for free. I loved the fact that I had all the fabrics on hand. I just used the remaining strips from the Spools quilt I had finished earlier this year, and I just had to sew it up till I got the right amount of fabric that was requested for the pattern, and went from there.

I love doing projects like this.. and now my sewing machine better feel the love!! There now I have something I've always wanted to make, finished!


A Great day spent ...

Stitching of course!! Didn't spend much time on the computer today, but spent most of it with a needle in hand. After the housework was finished, and I felt the need to stitch, I dove right in!

Here is the progress of My Sewing Sampler -
Was able to get a few more blocks finished up.

Also, I finished up on Santa on the Christmas Double Flips WIP, from Lizzie Kate.

Humm another day off tomorrow, how shall I spend it?!



Well, I can say I have been stitching - but it doesn't seem to show that much.

Tonight I finished up on Cookies, from the Christmas Double Flips from Lizzie Kate. I had brought it with me this past weekend when I went down state to visit my Mom. I had forgotten the previous Stocking chart to match it up, so I just worked on the border till I had Prinny (aka Princess the Pug {my Mom's dog}) wanting my attention.

I also have been working on "It's Expensive to be ME!" also from Lizzie Kate. As you can see, I only have the ME! left to stitch, and it will be finished.

My stitching slaking can be blamed on the two new tv's we got in the past few days. I bought a new one for the bedroom (which we had planned to), and then Brian liked it so much, we got a new one for the bedroom living room (sorry Debra!.. he he). Gosh, those new tv's are scary! I was watching Jay Leno, and I could see the glitter that was on the ladies chest..LOL


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