Machine Applique Class

On Friday last week, while at work, a coworker and I were talking about quilting. She said that she had signed up for a class @ Karen's Quilt Corner (in Eagle River, WI), but she couldn't go. So, some how all, of a sudden I had the supply list for the class.

The class was yesterday. Was a 10am - 3pm class, and boy did it fly by! We were taught 5 versions of machine applique techniques. I mostly already knew how to do fusible, so that was easy for me, but I have always been alittle shy around the actual machine applique of it all.

So.. 5 samples later, I was happy with all that went on during the class. But at times I felt like I was getting alittle too intimate with my Brother since I was so close to it - watching it stitch..LOL I did have some problems with the blanket stitch... switched out the needle. But I did play with the tension, and that help - ALOT.

Here are my samples -
Applique with interfacing - (Ahh - and I just noticed I didn't finish the butterfly with the antennas.. Opps)

Applique with satin stitching -

Blanket Stitch - I had to bring this home to finish it up on the stitching. Love how it turned out!! Going to finish it off, and display it in the bathroom. :)

Free Motion - I just went at it... and the teacher & other students were impressed. Sorry if I like to play outside the box..LOL And the little red dots were suppose to be berries... naww - looked like ladybugs to me!

And, Im going back tomorrow to Karen's.... awesome sale of Fat Quarters - 10 for $10!! SWEET!!!

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