Stewie - Green Bay Packer Photoshoot

Well, everyone must know that the Green Bay Packers are playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday - and well, this household bleeds Green & Yellow (well mostly red..LOL). Well, I just couldnt take it anymore.. so I rounded up some Packer items, and made Stewie sit for a bit while I got some good pictures of him, surrounded in Packers.


Elaine said...

LOL Aww Stewie you look wonderful in your Green Bay top and your Mama did such a great job on Auntie Elaines Pillowcase.
Go Packers!!

Cindy said...

Stewie you are so patient and just adorable. Maggie has her Packer bandana on and we're ready to WIN the SuperBowl. GO PACK GO

taylorsoutback said...

Your Stewie is just too much! What a good little guy - I should see what we can come up with for our 3 shelties...they are such house puppies though and even wearing their collars annoys them.

Looks like your house is ready for Sunday!!! We are too...
GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KimV said...

Yeah! Stewie ~ Packers rule and your too cute


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