Cabin In The Woods - WIP - 04/15/11


Its been over 4 month since I last posted a progress of Cabin - look where I was here. 12/14/10 post

Well I cant say that I have been slacking off on my stitching cause I have actually have been stitching. And as of this afternoon, I have offically finished up a ROW (meaning 5 pages across the design) - of stitching. Yep, thats right, since Deb 14, I have put in all the stitches. 4 COMPLETE pages of stitching have been finished since the last update. I have pages 16 - 30 finished - and that makes this project HALF done (per pages - not stitching)!! I have put in roughly 67,550+/- stitches, granted pages 26 - 30 where only 5 stitches tall. So since this is half the pages finished, its not accurate with the half the numbers of stitches remaining.

So with that said.. I have roughly 101,550+/- stitches to put in the top part of the design. When finished I would have put in 169,050 (which I already know that total will be more as of all the frogging I have done already..LOL)

So, here are the pictures - pages 16 - 30 complete, and a close up of the door to the cabin. LOVE the detail! (Please excuse the wrinkles.)

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Meari said...

It looks great, Kim!


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