"A Kim Update"

Wow, scrolling down my blog - my blogoversary button caught my attention - it states that my blog is another year older in 6 days.


Six years since I have started this blog. According to my monthly total of posts, I have fallen off the posting wagon. Guilty. And I have Facebook to thank! Yes, that social network that sucks the time out of you, but keeps you connected. Even with your own cousins that you wouldn't just pick up the phone to call. Its amazing how before you could just say - you have email, rather now, its do you have Facebook?

Yesterday while out shopping, I was asked if I have been quilting much, and I truthfully told them no. I have lost my mojo for quilting. Yes I have projects that need finishing up, but I just haven't had that urge to jump out of my chair to march into the sewing room, and have at it. I think my major delay is I need to do some spring cleaning in my sewing room. I feel like its closing in on me. I need to find some time to just dig in, make a mess and sort out what I need to have, and what can go on to the next (yeah, and here I sit typing out this post saying I have no time..LOL).

But, then I can show that I have been busy with stitching. Its so nice to finish up on the row of stitching, and actually get to move up in the design. At this rate, I told my husband I might be finished with it in a couple years. LOL (I hope sooner) I wish I could average about a page a month, but its not always do-able.

Stewie is doing great!! He is such a great dog!! He loves to take walks, snuggle up on either hubby or I and sleep, loves to play with his toys. Even hogs the bed, and snores LOUD (which we love to hear, hehe). Hard to believe he will be a year old on May 2nd. We already got him a new crate that is wire, compared to the plastic crate he had. He rarely goes in the crate, but he does when he is barking at night, and doesn't listen. (Its not for punishment, we have found out if he is put in his crate, he doesn't bark the rest of the night.) And also, he is getting a A.J. Hawk #50 for his Bday. Yes he is a BIG Packer fan, just like his Mommy and Daddy!!

We (Stewie and I) are heading down to Milwaukee on May 15th for the Milwaukee PugFest. We are looking forward to meeting fellow pug fans. Stewie will get to meet his friend Mikey, and Mikey's soon to be little brother, Louie Stewart. Yep, you read that right, Stewie has a puppy named after him. How it came to be... I met Mikey's dad via YouTube, since his dad watched a video of Stewie with his Packer gear on. And that is where we got Stewie entered into the 2011 Packer Pup contest. So, I became friends with Mikey's Dad and Mom. Well, Mikey's Mom had posted was thinking of adding another Pug to the family and since my sister is looking for homes for her Pug puppies, I suggested to Mikey's Mom to contact my sister if they were interested. Well, the puppy's are Stewie's half siblings. So now, Stewie's half brother is going to go and live with Mikey. Well in honor of us helping Mikey's parents with getting a puppy, they decided to name their little guy's middle name after Stewie. TOO FRICKIN CUTE!!

Work for me has been going good. But the thought of even going SUCKS! I drive 70 miles round trip, and with the price of gas here at $4.00 a gallon makes the trip to work really hard. I have been looking for a job closer, but the pickings are slim.

Last month I updated my cell phone... I now have texting and web on my new phone!! Yes I have joined the 21st century! It was never really important to me to text or be on the web, but now it has.. LOL I have the new phone and features. I switched over to Straight Talk from Verizon. I'm liking the service so far, and actually find using my cell phone more.

Umm what else is there to share - ... oh yeah, Im so ready for SPRING. Enough said!!

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