Happy Easter

I just wanted to say, Happy Easter to all my blogging friends, thanks for taking the time to stop by, and to those that leave a comment. THANK YOU!

Im off to bed, I had to work 11 hrs today, and Im dead tired. I stayed up too late. I fell in love with a movie, and I had watched it 3 times in the past two nights. I sent it off to a coworker today, and she was going to mail it back to Netflix from her house. Brian and I were talking, and well, I got a Easter present! I have Dan in Real Life coming tomorrow via mail (thank you eBay, and Brian!!)!! I get my OWN copy! Im going to wear it out!! I ♥ Steve Carell!! The music in this movie is making me want to go out and get the soundtrack!

Plan to be surprised.

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