Weekend update

Gosh, where do the weekends go....

Yesterday I had to work at the quilt shop. It was a good time there. I picked out fabric I wanted to use for the table runner I need to design for the quilt shop hop that is going on at the beginning of May. I decided to go with a patriotic table runner.

I got home last night about 4:30pm and by 5:30, I was in bed. I was tired! Brian woke me up at 10pm, was wondering if I wanted to get up.. LOL So I did. I was kinda groogy, but it wasnt too much later, and I was WIDE awake. I actually seen it start to get light out in the morning.. I finally crawled into bed about 6:15 am this morning! I was back up about 10:30am.

So far today I have ran an errand, worked on 2 QSnap Hugger orders, and I worked on the table runner. So I thought I would show what I was working on.. I LOVE the colors, of course the picture does not do the colors justice!

Off to stitch!

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