I'll Have What Their Having

Yep, I got it! Need no dr appt to prove it. Keep the bathroom clear at anytime. I may need to go ASAP to the second..LOL

Slept great, alarm clock went off.. and then it came like water. Called into work, told my Supervisor that I wasnt chancing it... told her my symptoms. Yep, I got it.

It was spreading around the nursing home like wildfire, and Im not surprised I got it. What your asking... I got the Norovirus. Like the part towards the end... Persons who work in nursing homes, take care of patients, or handle food should stay out of work until at least three days after symptoms end. And I *have* to work Friday.. LOL

Off to be sick....


Rachel said...

Oh no..I had it last year and it SUCKED!! I am so sorry to hear of anyone else fighting that...keep close to the bathroom!!!

KaLu said...

Sorry to hear you Caught "it" i hope you feel better and enjoy those blissful days at home =] i think you should spend the whole day stitching


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