25 Years Ago Today

I was in the first grade, and we had just moved to Winchester in February, and for some reason, we had the day off from school.

It was Friday, April, 27, when I had my first experience with a Tornado that was the closest to touch down in the area I grew up in. About 4 miles from where I was first raised, the tornado went thru the field behind the trailer park that we had just moved from. Since we were living in Winchester, our mobile home was empty. Just moments before the tornado past thru the field, my cousin witnessed the neighbors house crumble to pieces. My cousin along with my other cousin, and my aunt took shelter in the basement, of their home.

I know we were in my Dad's office, which was a cistern. I remember going down in the basement as there was a tornado warning, as we had heard over the tv, and then at the time had the radio. I cant remember if we lost power, but I do remember to this day what the sky looked like after we were given the all clear to leave the basement.

I remember seeing the destruction first hand. Seeing the house next to my Aunt and Uncle's, second story destroyed. I remember seeing the barn across the street from the trailer park were I grew up, gone. A mile away, down Oakwood, a home's roof gone. A barn totally gone... and the cows (from what I was told, were found scattered thru out the area). I remember seeing the house where one person lost their life, as they were heading downstairs to take cover. I remember the few other houses that were moved off their foundations.

And I remember going with my Dad as they set fire to a home that was destroyed by the tornado.

And here it is... 25 years later! I had seen it on the local news this morning, brought back memories.


Vicky L said...

It is amazing what we remember at a young age. My mom was 10 when there was a bad flood and her home was flooded. She remembers being on the roof with her sisters and brother and her mom waiting for help.

Meari said...

I was 5 or 6 when I saw my first tornado. Touched down in the barnyard... Took out the entire barn.


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