And the winner is....

With 42 comments produced 67 entries...

Thanks to hubby for selecting a name

from the Pincushion & Scrap/Thread catcher

Thanks to all that entered!! Its great to have you share this milestone with me!

Thanks to all that take the time to leave a comment!!!

Congrats to ELAINE!!


shutterbug said...

Thanks a bunch Kim! And tell Brian thanks too. :) I love this and was really hoping to win! I'm so excited!! Believe me, It will be put to good use. :)
Hugs, Elaine

Joy said...

Congratulations Elaine!! I wish it was me, but I am soooo happy for you!! :-) Enjoy!!!!

KaLu said...

Congrats to Elaine!
its a great prize!

Meari said...

Hey, I recognize that yellow cutter! :)

Congrats to Elaine.


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